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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Who could've known raincoats would be so intimidating?

Imagine an average, young, autistic male who not only does shitty reviews of retro games, but also likes Sonic and Death Note. Now, imagine that same boy having access to the Internet (and a specific Internet cult) without parental restrictions, and you get something even worse: Ulrichthehedgehog (AKA Pastebinfavicon.png Connor McCoy).

Enter YouTube

Ulrichthehedgehog, putting on his best face
Ulrichthehedgehog. He came.

Ulrich has established himself to be a talented comedian and reviewer in the video medium. Some of his vlogs strike an uncanny resemblance to Chris-chan. And at times, he can bear similarity to Spax3. Ultimately, Ulrich's ability as a multi-faceted artist, vlogger, and reviewer make him something special.

<center>Ulrichthehedgehog gets a real hard-on for his fan girls</center>
<center>HE'S GOT A REVIEW FOR YOU! (pt 1)</center>
<center>HE'S GOT A REVIEW FOR YOU! (pt 2)</center>

Initial Trolling

A group of YouTube trolls took it upon themselves to make a harmless critique for Ulrichthehedgehog's Zapper review. Unexpectedly, the video sparked mild amounts of butthurt and drama to which Ulrich and his feral friends responded by berating the commentary.

YouTube Comments About missing Pics
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Enter deviantART

Connor about to get raped.
Ulrich's love interest.
Inquiring minds would like to know.
Connor putting the moves on SonicYaioFan000
Connor's new friend.
Check out my drawings [...] and you will be able to see the REAL Ulrichthehedgehog -- what I really look like when I'm not in my disguised form, what I look like in my TRUE FORM. And you'll also see some stuff about my girlfriend, Haley... who is not actually real but a drawing that I came up with.


—Ulrichthehedgehog, discussing his fursona and fictitious girlfriend.

With butthurt ensuing over the harsh criticisms Ulrich received, it was evident he and his friends were asking for it. Ulrichthehedgehog's and his rabid fans' responses to the trolling only developed curiosity. Who was Ulrich? What are his hobbies? And how the fuck could he be a hedgehog?

All of this and more was answered in his deviantART account. At first glance, you'd see that he is not only a typical Sonic recolorer, but a furry as well. If you were to go deeper, however, you'd find something much, much worse.

Be warned, once you step into Ulrich's deviantART account, there's no way out.

The Art in Question

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Second Trolling

After the discovery of Ulrichthehedgehog's appalling fetishes, a second video was made. Again, Ulrich's fans responded with more butthurt.


The original video on YouTube was taken down due to BAWWing and false-flagging.\

Overall Reaction to the Trolls

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His Fans Discover ED

One of Ulrich's highly devoted fans discovered this article, and attempted to "set the record straight" in regards to her favorite animal devouring devianTARD. Her revisions not only serve to demonstrate how fucking sick vorefags truly are, but the group of educated individuals Ulrich appeals to.

Most people like this young man, others think he's a gross ass, no good, lossy son of a bitch who should just cut his wrist and be an amo. Well. That's all becuss of vore. he's a 14 yr old voreaphobic, but, that doesn't mean we should diss him. Once u think about it, he's just like everyoneelse in this world. some people enjoy the squrrimming of live prey, others think it's gross. Next thing u know, people will start saying snakes should vore rats, or other food. Vore is just something that occures NATURALLY in nature, so get use to fucking seeing it. Vore is on tv, real life, and art. so just shut up.


—Cookiegirl, attempting to cast vore as a reasonable fetish. Unsurprisingly, she fails it.

Enter Pastor John White

This is where it lives.

After Ulrich's Pastebinfavicon.png dox were discovered, a concerned pastor stepped in to voice his opinion regarding Connor's most unholy behavior. The call led to his father, Bernard, who agreed with the pastor that his son is not right. In the end, Connor's father assured the minister he would look into things.

Play the recorded conversation

<video type="youtube" id="vPDKxVWLR9c" height="25" width="600" position="center" frame="true" />

Connor Succumbs


The day pastor John White called the McCoy family, a dialog between Connor and his distressed parents was brought to order. The discussion addressed Ulrichthehedgehog's perverted obsessions on deviantART, to which both of Connor's parents deliberated what to do with their naive son and his dangerous Internet usage. Not one to disappoint his fans, Connor issued a statement regarding recent events:


His e-pals, heart-wrenched by the news, left supportive and teary-eyed comments on his journal. They couldn't bear Ulrich leaving the Internet, and Ulrich couldn't bear leaving his e-fwends. Connor's fate was later revealed in an update on his journal:


Reactions to Connor's Announcement About missing Pics
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Goodnight, Sweet Prince

RIP Ulrichthehedgehog

February 14, 2009 to March 21, 2010

See Also

There's no hope, Connor's destined for failure now.

Other Notable Retards with Sonic Recolors

Deleted by Marlon

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