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If you constantly laugh at unfunny things, you might be from another planet.

Things which are Unfunny are seriously lacking in the lulz department.

Literally, it means "not funny". In truth, however, something becomes actively Unfunny by trying to be funny and failing.

A congressional budget report, which just doesn't contain any attempt at humor to begin with, is also not funny, but it is not Unfunny.

It is not to be confused with "Unf"-unny, a common mating call of the North American Furfag.

It is usually the form of comedy of which ALL thin skins laugh at, without the exposure to the most offensive form of media in the Internet.


Further Examples of Unfunny in Video Form

Caution! The following videos are filled with hazardous levels of frunz.

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Some things that are unfunny:

What happens to unfunny people

Unfunny ED users

If you see an unfunny Encyclopedia Dramatica user, please insert {{unwelcome}} (or {{kittens}} in the case of extreme faggotry, put it anyway for epic lulz. Into their user page, link them to get banned faggot, and troll the living fuck outta the faggot for lulz ensued.

An example of a memefag trying to be funny

Can't sleep, horsegirl of the apocalypse will eat me because she got my girlfriend to model for my car after da reappeal, so Screw you guys, I'm going to put on a dress and makeup because thats what normal men do! It's not like I Wanna' Be That Guy, he looks like he's about to blow up! if he does, nobody canna cross it, luckily di bus can swim, but nobody would want to get on it because he's rude as hell, because he likes to do it Gay Style! But he should take into account the fact that People Die If They Are Killed, and you can also die because I kill you in yo sleep, WTH Gordon!?!? You're worse than Annoying Amos, who just makes me want to say to him Screw you guys, I'm going home! Because he keeps saying I ate the toilet thing even though I replied "I DIDN'T EAT THAT FUCKING SANDWICH OR THE TOILET THING EITHER", but at least you're Better Dead Than Red.




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