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Notorious troll


—Jonathan Bishop

I sometimes contribute here as an admin. Also is archived so fuck you

Minor 'Accomplishments'

Disregarding the list below, I've basically done various things in regards to the maintaining and updating of the archive section of our wiki that wouldn't fit into the subcategories you would see here.

Articles I created:


Categories I created:

Template I created:

  • Template:RWlink
  • Template:Evilunveiled - second version (first version was created by Deceptive) was co-created by myself and Cobalt. Added in all the articles manually from the category of the same name. I did all the hard work, where Cobalt just copy pasted some shit.

Users who got mad by my blazing skillz

Hipcrime cause i'm too nice

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Rainbowheart.gif LulzKiller
won the Vox Dramatica prize in February of 2017.

They've been recognized for their exceptional editing skills, and promise to display it proudly for times to come.

Toolbox I nicked off Deceptive

EDGov Template

is part of a series on
ED Government


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