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Milhouse is NOT a meme, and neither is this mediocre fucker.


Hugely popular meme originating from the /p/ board on 4Chan (Primarily used for the posting of photos), like all good memes, it started to die naturally. However thanks to the Vaginia Tech massacre, several /b/tards noticed a similarity to the abbreviation of Vtech to that of Vtec, and well you can only guess what happened from there.

For dubious and unknown reasons, Anonymous is not a great fan of the VTEC system in Sony cars, perhaps due to the fact that such engine / speed wankery is solely the domain of idiot,over-privileged children poorfags and their love of ricers (Japanese Muscle Cars. See The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift for further elaboration. On second thought, don't). Something the aforementioned Anonymous and his bedroom / TCP-IP habitat cannot condone. After all, the average 4Channer thinks of visiting Habbo as the equivalent of getting some sun and fresh air. Hence, if cars of any import are mentioned, the term "VTEC Just Kicked in, Yo!!111oneoneone" is posted, with accompanying image. RESULT.

An engine with VTEC. Zoomj!!

So what exactly IS VTEC?[edit]

VTEC is an abbreviation for Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control, which in essence is a combination electronic / mechanical doohickey thingummyjig that gives your yummy Sony the equivalent of multiple camshafts. As the engine moves into different RPM ranges (and if you actually even give a shit) , the engine's computer can activate alternate lobes on the camshaft and change the cam's timing. In this way, the engine gets the best features of low-speed and high-speed camshafts in the same engine. Isn't that just FANTASTIC? I mean, fuck the wheel and penicillin, this is what civilization is all about. Srsly, no wonder 4Channers ripped the fuck out of it. Way to go.

VTEC was succeeded by the imaginatively named iVTEC engine, where the i probably stands for the same shit it stands for in iPhone, iPod, iTunes, and iFuckedYourMomUpTheAss. But you already knew that.

I can think of worse things to have inside. A rectal thermometer up your ass, particularly.

Do YOU Own A Vtec?[edit]

You! No, you!! VTEC engines occur in many makes of car, and not just Sony and other Ricer runabouts either. Enthusiasts have been known to fit them into Fords, into Cadillacs, even into the odd mini or two, as they too wish to feel the full force of this meme, to know themselves exactly what it's like to realise VTEC JUST KICKED IN, YO!!

Once you've experienced this, make sure all of 4chan knows too. C'mon, do you think they want to be left out? Remember, they're not laughing at you, they're laughing WITH you. (And remember, the cool guys with the cooool cars get a free date with Cracky-Chan. ZOMGLOL!!!!!)

What it looks like when VTEC KICKS IN YO!!11![edit]

Notice drivers reaction to VTEC KICKING IN!1! He thinks Jesus will save him from the HUGE 60mph he reached! VROOOOO000MMM!!!


Another VTEC video. The speedometer has had its miles per hour removed, showing only km/h. They reach about 150mp/h for you faggots who can't read metric.

Gallery Just Kicked In Yo[edit]

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Trolling Guidance[edit]

VTEC owners are easily trolled on the tubes. Simply enter any Honda owners' forum and candidly mention the following:

My Volkswagen diesel produces more torque at tickover than your VTEC motor does at the redline

and await the lulz.

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