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Venn diagram

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Venn Diagrams are the most useful way to prove anything. They are often used by e-lawyers to win a case, or by marketing executives in powerpoint presentations.


To prove your point[edit]

  1. Save this blank Venn Diagram to your hard drive:
    Edu venn diagram blank.gif

  2. Open in Photoshop and add your text; in this case we have proved that Encyclopedia Dramatica is both cool and informative:

  3. OPTIONAL: Add special effects. The more blending options you add, the more convincing you will be:

  4. Post as a comment. Upload your new Venn Diagram then post it as a comment. Example of a hilarious Venn diagram:
    VennDiagram jesus.gif

For Social Justice[edit]

Special snowflakes use complex Venn diagrams to define themselves and become the coolest kid on the tumblr.[1] Those who belong to an intersection of "marginalized" groups have mad creds in the social justice community collective.[2] The "socially just" individual seeks the sort of hierarchy where the losers are at the top and the actually great individuals are "only better unjustly"; that is, they have some sort of privilege, stole from others, etc.


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