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Vicki Sigh = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

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BONZAI 天皇陛下万歳

Vicki Sigh is an authentic and native Azn despite being born and raised in America.

     Bow before their tiny and mishapen cock   8====D

The Victory sign is to let you know she is "Real" Azn or she's giving minimum requirements of how wide you need to be to feel some friction
Another artist that can do bad ass art when they're tracing with an app but can only give us this by hand

Vicki Sigh Victoria Tsai or Vicki Snow is just another no talent, uninspired girl on the internet, with delusions of grandeur that she can one day be a famous artist or Manga creator and makes her shekels by targeting 13-year-old boys, virgin males and dirty old men with Azn fetishes by getting them to believe that if they buy enough of her mundane, passionless, looks all the same, no style of her own and tries her damdest to be Sailor Moon's creator Naoko Takeuchi art on her Patreon at 25 bucks a pop she might, one day, show them her failure of a chest that includes a lack of tits.

Basically a mutt-breed Azn that's trying to sell herself off as being REAL Japanese, Vicki Sigh is another one of the Internets intellectual rejects that fancies herself as a philosopher, convinced that she has something meaningful to say because like so many girls that are undiagnosed with GOTIS and spreading their disease like an Obama sponsered African immigrant with ebola, Icky-Vicki has become convinced by her Sweaty palmed following that she is capable of making compelling and intelligent arguments when she still can not grasp the idea that soap gets you clean by making water wetter.

To put it mildly, Vicki Sigh is basically that Japanese Cosplaying fangirl that gets upset because she doesn't want to work but can't secure enough of a rich fanbase that's willing to support her through monetary tributes and presents so she Ragequits and moves on to starring in niche porn where she's sucking on dicks while dressed up as Squirrel Girl from Marvel Comics.

She Promotes Herself As A Feminist Leading The Charge Against The Oppressive Penis[edit]

Despite 99.99999% of her art consisting of overtly cute, sachrin sweet pictures of girls in short skirts reinforcing female gender specific roles such as making sammiches, getting off while taking a bath and pretty much her portraying them as nothing more than sex objects that are always ready and waiting for a good Fuck, Vicki considers herself a feminist because she did a couple of images of a fat, butch bitch with hairy arms

Much like anyone who is the least bit internet savvy, she has no real convictions or investment in any ideology or what she claims to promote and is only looking to see her name show up in as many possible Google searches as she can by pandering and claiming to belong to as many sub-cultures as she can. She's not just a pair of tits but rather a #Asian-American #Woman that's a #Artist, #Feminist and a #Nerdy #Gamer-Gurl that's also a #Diehard #AnimeFan that happens to be #OppressedInAmerica because she is a #Woman and was #NotBornWithAPenis so she's therefore a #SecondClassCitizen that has to be a #SheckelBeggingWhore to get by despite being a #StrongWoman and #BusinessWoman who is dedicated to #VoteChelsea2020 so #America can #TakeBackTheHouse.

All she is is just, despite her bantering and self promotion is just another mouth piece that has no real understanding or conviction in what she speaks but will say it anyways so long as it's cool and there are people there to tell her how deep she is after having spoken it.

This often leads her into some rather moronic thoughts and thinkings, such as when she tried to put a new spin on the age-old concept that there are no new ideas by sperm belching out her take with, "a lot of the emotional questions we struggle with every day have already been answered and experienced. The answers are already out there, as long as people have documented them. We just have to seek them out." That was met with the expected fanfare from her male fans tripping over themselves, trying to be the first to tell her how wise, mature and intelligent she is.

Like so many online monkeys behind a keyboard that believes that being an artist somehow, magically grants them an aptitude in philosophy - Vicki needs to learn the first lesson of being an intellectual and know when to keep her mouth shut.

Her Art[edit]

On average, Vicki Sigh is slightly more talented then the average Deviant Drone or online artist when she isn't playing with her hole and flicking her schlicking juices onto a piece of paper and slapping a $25 price tag on it.

When Vicki isn't whoring herself out by producing half-assed, second rate, masturbation fodder that is only done because she knows it will sell, she has actually shown a fair amount of talent and understanding in Art Theory, design, principles and practice. Pretty much like the The Slut that won't settle down and get married because she refuses to give away, for free, what she knows she can charge for Vicki would rather bottom feed and keep pushing out the same style image over and over rather than build her skills as an artist by producing more complicated art over the simple centered styled images of long legged bimbos bending over for Panty shots, Vicki Sigh Name Brand, corporate art style images because the first style image requires time to conceive, design and produce along with multiple drafts and attempts. Better yet, the first style image would cost her too much time, time that she would rather spend pumping out shit image after shit image because these she can count on for money.

Like so many big talking, egotistical fuckwits that sell themselves on the internet with big promises claiming that they're a mover and shaker and to expect big things from them when they say, Watch me and see how I change the world, Vicki has no real commitment in ever actually being a real artist like she claims. All art, to her, is a job like working as a burger flipper at McDonalds because if she did, she'd be putting more pride into her work and wouldn't be flooding the internets with every drawing she shit out much in the same way that a 4-year-old demands that every scribble they produce should be put up on the fridge for display.

Vicki Sigh The Philosophizer[edit]

Like most 12-year-olds that had what they thought was a brilliant idea and the first thing that they decided to do was plant their foot squarely in their mouth because they didn't want to look at their answer from a different position or way of thinking and see the flaws that will come into play from it, choosing rather to nix any further thinking. Their whole goal behind their quick mobilization of deciding to educate everyone to their genius plan, that will fix everything that is wrong with the world, is for no other reason then because they have an egocentric desire to be awarded the credit of having thought of it first.

Not one to invest 5 minutes of looking at a solution she has proposed, because that might lead to its rejection and Vicki is a problem solver that is devoted to finding the answers rather then killing them even before they're born by exposing them to critical thinking skills, Vicki believes that she has uncovered a cure to the Global Warming problem. It is Vicki's theory that we would all reduce our carbon footprint if we were to stop our use of Amazon's mail order and delivery services by being old-fashioned and just getting in our cars and going to the store to buy whatever items we need, no matter how trivial.

Vicki's point is that Amazon acts wastefully in that it won't wait until a truck is filled to capacity with orders before putting it on the road because Amazon wants to make early delivery times which directly leads to global warming by putting more trucks on the road.

She misses the point entirely that one of those trucks might represent upwards of 100 people or more and if that was everyone of those people getting in their cars to go to the store to buy what they needed instead of using a mail order service it would be immensely more expensive in a carbon sense. What might cost 1 gallon of fuel for every 5 or six miles using a mail order service would ultimately cost hundreds of gallons of fuel and release thousands of tons more carbon into the air if each and everyone of those people drove themselves to the store instead.

Much like a Drunk blonde that can only talk about how pretty she is, Vicki has been taught by the same horny ass, greasy faced virgin males that anything and everything she has to say is interesting with topics from her including the rigors of womanhood and condemning her sex because she has to bleed from her Vadge every 28 days to passing her after-birth when she decided to stretch out her penis sheath by having a kid.

A Vicki Sigh PSA For The Up And Cumming Whore[edit]


Vicki Sigh has made the claim that she is a college graduate and to some extent we can believe it because there is evidence of Advanced Art Theory in those few images that she is most likely intending to use in her portfolio as part of her resume. We speculate that if she is a college graduate it is either from an Art School or she majored in something like Communications so she could duck away from the hard pre-requisite course such as Logic, Advanced Writing Classes, Math, The Sciences or anything that requires critical thinking skills because like so many Online Artists pushing their Cause De Jour, Vicki doesn't seem to get the concept of hypocrisy or is able to define contradiction.

Vicki Sigh has taken it upon herself to make Viet Suel her cause because @FreePeople allegedly stole a lettering design he did in 2015 and are now making money from his creativity and imagination through theft, obviously forgetting that she is doing the exact same thing every time she sells an Overwatch sticker or postcard.

For her, and like so many with Liberal Sensibilities, Vicki believes that, because she is poor, intellectual laws should be her plaything and abrogated simply because she is Internet poor and using other people's designs and ideas to sell and profit from is her only source of income and the only way she can survive. On the other hand, when it comes to the Rich, Corporate American Robber Barons that compromise Big Business, the same laws should be enforced twice as hard because their goal is to steal from creators, take what isn't theirs with the sole intention, only being, their making money from someone elses ideas and hard work.

Like so many Art School heroes, Vicki has been raised on a healthy dose of being taught that corporations and money are evil soul devouring entities devised by Hell's own Demons for the sole purpose of corrupting man. Like so many sanctimonious, preachers of the Marxist plight of the heroic, noble worker versus the smoke belching, oppressing dragon that swoops down from the sky to steal and claim everything as theirs, it only lasts until they are the ones at the top and people start making money from the theft of their ideas.

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