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Jan Eul describes his love for Der Fuehrer.

The Niggercat, Vidlii's Unofficial Mascot

VidLii is like YouTube but without the with A LOT MORE JEWS! VidLii was founded in the mid 90s and lately people have been realizing that YouTube has been making money based on a stolen product. After people have realized that Google has made money off of stolen code the site has become the haven for those who seek to leave YouTube after Google has ruined their platform over the years. been starting drama to expose VidLii for the shit website that it actually is, WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT?🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱. This website is designed for those who have very specific needs, like "I NEED OLD YOOTUB WEBSOIT WIT OLD VIDOO PLAYOR AND CHANOL LAYOLT". VidLii has 720p, 2006 youtube video player, 2009 youtube video player, Channel 1.0, Channel 2.0, Cosmic Panda channel, and themes (which is full of random trash and only 3 good themes). VidLii despite not having 1080p or as large as a community was supposedly going to be a much better platform than JewTube but was almost ruined by Ali who got offended over a photo of a cat named Niggers that led to a series of "false" bans, restrictive rules, and lack of decent content made VidLii into yet another alt website that is going downhill. Many smaller channels who are part of the YouTube commentary and poop communities, and those who left Vidme after it went bankrupt have already migrated to VidLii. They hoped to escape the persecution from higher-ups at Google, but found that they had joined a website that ended up being worse than YouTube in terms of freedom of speech and getting the banhammer. After all, can't get demonitized if you're banned, right? As of recently, VidLii's staff seems to have learned their lesson in banning people for no reason but however the damage was already done leaving behind a community of nonexistence and emptiness that at one point were begging for VidLii 2.0 to come out but stopped caring when several autism storms of drama had come to the website leaving many users to be extremely disappointed.

How VidLii was originally made[edit]

This fucking accurate pisstake got AN1MAT0RS banned from VidLii

The vidlii bible as told by AN1MAT0RS, one of the unfortunate banned members. Long ago in two thousand and autism, a former World War 2 veteran named Jan hath made a website called VidLii. It was a simple site at the time, with caring and valorous content. Sadly Jan’s attitude towards the community and the website hath changed once Ali had come 'round and manipulated Jan into thinking beyond VidLii wast all about the wage. After yond, Jan gave up being a nazi and hath decided that gent wouldst like to become a jew. As did Ali, a lot of people were furious about the attitude of the admins so those gents did start to make videos on jan and ali, those gents both later did resolve this by banishing most of the community to eternal damnation, and those gents did banish the community for the most mundane of reasons. Many people hath not been on the side of Jan and Ali by declaring yond these innocent people art toxic trolls and never deserved space on the website. During all of this, a storm wast brewing. A storm from encyclopedia dramatica. Those gents exposed Ali and Jan for their horrible berattle on the fusty community. Many people have tried to vandalise this lovely article to nay success. The hurlyburly of the admins and the community still rage on to the present day and it is quite possible yond it may never end SPOILER ALERT, IT ENDED BECAUSE ALI GOT FUCKING FIRED

How YouTube Stole VidLii's Idea[edit]

It's not called stealing, SpongeBob, its called being a GREEDY FILTHY KIKE.
The average Vidlii video

Just like most jews, they rip off other jews. Despite what most people think, VidLii actually came first. YouTube being first has become one of the biggest lies on earth since the holohoax. In 2005 Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim all realized that they can rip off VidLii in the same matter that Fagbook ripped off MySpace. These people would later develop a community dedicated to grabbing shekels from each other as well as the general online community as a whole. The three founders of YouTube decided to steal VidLii's layout because they know they can get away with it since they are above the law. But their shekel grabbing didn't stop there. The three soyboys decided to sell the website off to google because the YouTube owners were not grabbing the desired amount of shekels that they wanted. Under Google's rule, they decided that they can remove the plagiarized good aspects of the website and replace it with a model that fits the business model of a greedy filthy kike. Google would also prevent others from suing them due to their alliances with big corporations, Silicon Valley, and the ADL.

Back to the Past[edit]

Only 90s Kids Remember VidLii.

Old YouTube is almost like current VidLii in every way. Just like Zippcast, VidLii never to grew out of the old days of the internet making the site a haven for nostalgiatards. Unfortunately, the developers of VidLii decided to fellow suit and as a result they took the tide pods challenge just to pander to a bunch autistic tranny trendies. This challenge done by the VidLii developers would later come back to haunt them showing that their rose-tinted glasses can't save them from the cruel reality which is that VidLii will never replace YouTube as much as the user base wants it to. At first, it seemed like the developers of VidLii were going to be lucky by showing the whole wide world that the people on this planet refuse to comply to the sick low standards of modern day contemporary society, but later on people would go on the website seeing that the Windows XP screenshots can't entertain them forever. From the homepage to the layouts, VidLii is the definition of old school if your a fucking faggot. Due to the majority of VidLii's user base being nostalgiatards, many videos on the site are done with an unregistered hypercam to gave the feel of YouTube in the mid 2000s. There are many types of videos on VidLii. There are reuploads, there are dated memes, and there are videos done with Windows Movie Maker. Overall the website is full of unique, original, and lulzy content. Since its inception it is filled with no content worth watching. Your better off just going back to YouTube. LULZ U MISSED OUT!!!

A usual channel page on VidLii.
a typical vidlii comment

The Truth About John AKA Jan and VidLii[edit]

The Zodiac killer strikes again. This time in web form. Could the Zodiac killer be Jan?

Jan is revealed to be a closet Neo-Nazi lol

CraftingLord21, Vidlii's #1 News reporter talks about Ali's Censorship

VidLii is kill

VidLii is confirmed failure of a website

VidLii is Communism

VidLii is done

Another commentary about how VidLii is censoring users

VidLii is a disgrace

From Humble Beginnings[edit]

Some internet nobody with unwarranted self-importance thinks people care about him

One day a website came from nowhere, this website being ClipBits. This website was the first to fill dead air and it just happened to be created the same time YouTube began to increase censorship on the site so Jan saw the perfect opportunity to gain a user base. ClipBits was created by Jan who is rumored to be the Zodiac killer, Louis in disguise, a hardcore neo-nazi, and a Jew. Jan's major goal in life was to find people dissatisfied with the current political climate of YouTube and bait them into coming over his cool new website so he can make a quick buck out of his user base after backstabbing them. ClipBits would gain a decent community but would eventually die and later VidBit would rise from the ashes.

Eventually, it was discovered that the name VidBit was taken and he could not use it due to copyright issues so Jan changed its name to VidLii. Eventually VidLii would go from a viable YouTube alternative to an internet cesspit that is not worth visiting. There was very subtle hints that Jan was going to one day back-stab his user base due to his inability to moderate a website or his inability to get a decent person to moderate the site for him. When the community started to notice the changes, they revolted in high numbers generating tons of lulz.

VidLii Truth[edit]

A cuck gets butthurt over the ED vandals
ED vandalizes the VidLii wall causing massive lulz
thankfully you wont be seeing this message on every discussion tab anymore

After VidBit shut down, the head developer decided to rewrite their website, change the coding, and make the website a superior version of YouTube with many of the elements of old YouTube back. VidLii seemed like it was going to be a decent website at first due to how great the menus can be customized, but later it would become a shitty place that functions about as well as ZippCast does (remember TS errors? They're back—at least, in "can't load video" form), that participates in nothing but forced memes, circlejerking, and one or two screencap videos on XP for LULZ THE NOSTALGIA GOYS!. Seriously, Count the number of videos that aren't either that or commentary channels and you'll come back to me so empty-handed that even people without hands are currently holding more things. In addition to their shitty website, the userbase has their own Discord server which is filled with trivial drama, terrible users, and horrible admins. If you happen to join their server, it is best that you leave immediately.

The truth is YouTube sucks and VidLii is memery. Also the nigger was there too. The average user has an IQ about three points ahead of yours, and mostly makes Roblox videos because anything that's old must obviously be connected to Roblox in some way.

Lulz can be had if you pick your targets right. An example of how easily butt hurt VidLii users can be found in this video:

Example of just how old the memes are:

(No, this video is not ironic.)

VidLii admits that they care more about money than their own user base.

The April 2018 Community Purge aka The Prank of the Month[edit]

Ali tells VidLii's entire user base to fuck off.

Once Jan had finally finished reading the Communist Manifesto, VidLii decided to hire Ali in an effort to rid VidLii of "those mean bad trolls." Ali would later go on to cause tons of unneeded drama, disable registrations, leak IPs, purge over half the community for the dumbest of reasons, and act like a smug faggot while fighting what he saw as corruption. Ali began to force the rules that were on the website since day one but not enforced very well. The fact that these rules were not enforced gave VidLii the illusion that it was a viable alternative to YouTube to escape censorship when it really wasn't. After the userbase realized that VidLii is not about free speech, they left the site in droves seeing that the website had no purpose. This raised an important question in their head. If the website is not an alternative to YouTube, then what is it supposed to be? In addition to the lack of free speech, the website has none of the technological improvements that YouTube has which renders the website meaningless. Before Ali's reign, Jan would have to be the one to moderating his site but he would later get sick of his job. At first Jan tried to hire ppichi who would be known for being a SJW so ppichi would later get thrown out. Later Jan decided that he needed someone who was close by to moderate the site for him. Jan choose the admin we all know and love who was previously known for being a coder for the website. Based on what Jan saw on his resume, he would give aforementioned person full reign on the website hoping he would do his job better than him.

Ali makes VidLii great again.
Ali bans a user for sending him gore on discord
Ali sends a user gore on discord

At first people did not notice that Ali was admin, but then someone uploaded a "horrifing" racist mean picture to an art contest which would be the start of a long banning spree. The cat would later become one of the VidLii's communities inside jokes staring in numerous videos. Ali not wanting to deal with a toxic community decided to get his revenge by trolling the website. Ali would then go on a banning spree that would last a whole month. Ali purged popular VidLii users as well as people who made entertaining content. Darkscythe being the most notable case.

As a response to the first set of bans, the community started making meme videos poking fun at Ali or users leaving the website. Ali would go ban people for the most mundane trash even going as far to purge people based on stuff that they did that wasn't even on VidLii. CL21 along with his many alts is a notable example of one of the many unjust bans. All he did was upload a censored porn video that was nothing more than a meme video but it triggered Ali due to it's existence. This later led to WeirdAsCrapVideos getting banned for ban-evasion simply for having the same IP as CL21. WeirdAsCrapVideos would try to clarify that he and CL21 do not know each other outside of the internet and the reason for him having the same IP was due to CL21 making art for his channel months ago. As usual, Ali would not be capable of reasoning so he told WeirdAsCrapVideos to GTFO for something he had no control over.

Ali's moderating skills were so bad, it gave the community the impression that the website's developer Jan hates freedom of speech, does not care for past members of the VidLii community, hires SJWs and incompetent mods, and loves to attack people for making "drama videos." The free speech rules on VidLii while under Ali's reign were even worse than the rules on YouTube. Every bad thing on YouTube that people complain about is done 15 times worse under VidLii ran by Ali. During this era when you make a slight controversial video, Ali will outright ban you and he will never give you your channel back. On YouTube you will be given a ban or a copyright strike, but the user being banned will have a small chance to get their channel back. It become known to the community that the truth is that VidLii was never meant to replace YouTube and was only meant to be a place with a small community.

A user goes full panic mode trying to deny anyone who is criticizing VidLii
Ali's true form
Proof of the Admin's faggotry About missing Pics
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Spiderfan Defends Censorship[edit]


Spiderfan IRL.
Spiderfan getting attacked for uploading bad furry porn.

As usual some people want to crawl back into their safe spaces hoping that they never see the "mean trolls" again. VidLii was never known for being a place to speak freely, but a problem arises when people within the website are advertising the site as the better alternative to YouTube all while claiming that they will experience less censorship then the website they are escaping from. Since the community did not know that the rules of the website are stricter than YouTube's rules, someone was willing to show that the bans were justified and that the VidLii community is overreacting. They say that a sucker is born every minute and that man just so happens to be Spiderfan. Spiderfan is a man who is known for jacking off to scat and getting banned on sports forums for being a sperg. Spiderfan, who was on the website seeing drama getting started by the banned users, decided to bring out a video detailing his thoughts on the bans. When he first uploaded the video, it had 3 and a half stars, but went up to 5 stars when all the users who downvoted it got banned at least until the website owner fixed this "error". The people who gave the video 1 star for simply not liking it would later get banned for breaking VidLii's terms of service.

Spiderfan claims to do "reverse trolling."

Thanks to Spiderfan's poorly thought-out video, he would later show that he has no arguments against those who think Ali is unfit for a website like VidLii as well as revealing himself to having the same logic on trolling as Mr. Enter along with many of his Enterbots. After Spiderfan would get debunked by those with opposing views, he would later discover this very ED page where he would try to make nice edits to this page. After Spiderfan would get banned, he would later go back on Discord crying about how people are mean and that those who got banned deserved their bans. After a while, a user named 11pixels, who is assumed to be a little kid, would show up to start a retarded edit war. Just like Spiderfan, he repeatedly tried to make this article nicer, And went as far to vandalize userpages of people who didn't agree with him. However, unlike most vandals of ED he is unfamiliar with the site and assumed that ED was some kind of alternative to Wikipedia, not knowing that Encyclopedia Dramatica is a website known for shock value, its dark sarcastic tone, and documenting drama. After these two users were done vandalizing this page (and getting banned in the process), they would later prove that VidLii is anti-lulz, anti-ED, and anti-fun.

11pixels/blox in action
11pixels realised how edgy he was and went on to use the kittens template instead of the pain template
Trolling and being an edgy "4channer" is apparently OK if the admins are doing it.
Spiderfan shows off his fetish.
Spiderfan reassures TCT won't get banned by reminding people that he believes that those who have been banned are trolls.
Spiderfan backstabs his friends.
Somehow people get to VidLii just by looking for Rule 34.
Spiderfan can't fight his own battles
Jan laughs at the video Metro3ds made about Spiderfan
People circlejerk towards CL21's video.
How Ali sees vidlii users...
Meanwhile in Ali's basement...

A few days later after Spiderfan gets owned by ED, Spiderfan would later go into Mal's Unofficial VidLii Discord in order to have an honest debate with those against Alithezombie13. Spiderfan would then embarrass himself by acting retarded, having no points, bringing up no valid counter-arguments, and ignore everyone when the truth hurts him. To add further insult to people's intelligence, Spiderfan tries to deflect every argument that goes against his views by calling people trolls, bigots, cyberbullies, backstabbers, lairs, and anti-military. Half-way through the debate, he would try to bring Ali to the debate only for Ali to do nothing. Spiderfan would later get called a puppet by the members of the Discord for doing this. A while later, Spiderfan rolls into a fetal position crying himself into denial claiming that he has won the shouting match against his "trolls." These two recordings exist to provide a more in-depth look into what is going on within Spiderfan's mind as well as a video showing part of debate was made for the average view to see.

After Ali was banned, the truth that Spiderfan is a faggot become more known on VidLii. Spiderfan would continue to embarrass himself producing tons of lulz. He would later make a video to debunk CL21's video talking about Ali and the state of VidLii only to make himself look like an idiot. This video was one stared by most of all of VidLii's active users. All of Spiderfan's arguments boil down to him wanting VidLii to become his echo chamber, him crying about those mean 4chan trolls, or him having his fee fees hurt. Every time spiderfan gets into an argument he only makes himself look even dumber than the last time since he is incapable of letting go of the fact that the drama involving Ali is over. Spiderfan would later try to create sock accounts trying to upvote his comments only to get downvoted again. People would make multiple responses calling out Spiderfan some were poorly made like JReview's video while others had actual thought and wit put into them.

Good Night Spiderfan

Spiderfan would then later continue the fight that he started with his previous videos defending Alisson. CL21 accepted his "challenge" by making a video that Spiderfan can not refute because Spiderfan is just plain retarded. Spiderfan would later prove time and time again that he is unable to not put any effort in his videos because of stress. This was evident especially when the VidLii community discovered that he was using TTS instead of his usual voice. Spiderfan's current attitude made it was clear that he has gotten so tired of losing the argument that he gave up all means of putting effort in his videos. Spiderfan would get trolled time and time again with numerous people roasting him in the comments section or by making even more videos of Spiderfan's retarded actions. As long as the drama involving Spiderfan is still relevant, CL21 will likely make another response which will BTFO spiderfan once again. Spiderfan has currently since then given up making videos on VidLii after getting BTFO'd by the VidLii community.

Spiderfan faggotry:

Proof of spiderfan's faggotry About missing Pics
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Further Proof That VidLii Could Get Cucked Again[edit]



The VidLii Election[edit]

The VidLii Election page.
The admin election in a nutshell

It seemed like Ali's reign of terror would go on forever and that the site would go on a slow painful death but that did not happen. Jan would later fire Ali by selling him the source code so that Ali can make his own version of VidLii that is free from toxic users and will likely not go anywhere. After Ali was fired, Jan needed a replacement since he did not want to moderate again. Eventually Jan came to the conclusion to make an election where the winner would be given full control of the website along with the ability to create a moderating team. Two major candidates would fight for the throne, Mal and AM, but AM won in the end due to already being known as a moderator in the VidLii community. All the other candidates were people no one voted for. Ppichi along with an army of bots decided to be trolls and put the pedo iLoveanime721 into the lead hoping to reinstall degenerate marxism into the website again but these plans would ultimately fail. The result would be a landslide defeat for marxism as ppichi would fail to beat AM or break Mal who was second. AM become the new admin and he reversed every bad decision made by Ali during his reign.

The Second Saga of VidLii Autism[edit]

5 pages of channels that will not be missed

After AM won the elections things on VidLii got much better, but a new series of drama was brought by the VidLii administration team. It is debatable of whatever or not AM's admin team is making the right choice by getting rid of copyrighted content especially since VidLii is known for stealing videos from YouTube. On the plus side, VidLii will have zero copycat channels, less spam, less BFDI fags, no OSTs clogging the new video section, and VidLii will not get sued for having stolen content. On the down side, people can not listen to their favorite music on VidLii (compressed music ew fuck that), people can not share their favorite clips from favorite TV shows which raises a question how the hell would have Steamed Hams or many memes exist if YouTube ran like this since many memes need a source in order to get made, and it also means that new users can not upload whatever they want anymore all of which gives YouTube more traffic. As usual the VidLii community threw a hissy fit over the rules being enforced since 99% of VidLii's content is stolen videos from YouTube as well as being known for breaking the rules daily. Sudeurion was fired for doing his job, so good riddance.

Videos of this event on VidLii

Fair Use Autism About missing Pics
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Jan Makes His Best Friend Mod[edit]

This is the kind of people Jan likes to give admin powers to
The pros and cons of hiring Fattyman versus the pros and cons of hiring literally anyone else.

After AM and his teams had some issues with copyright drama, they eventually figured out that they were taking things too far. The mod team would try to weaken it's regulations on copyright after receiving much backlash but at the same time the team was getting sick moderating a website full of users that can never ever be satisfied or happy due to massive amounts of autism on the website. The mod team would fade out one by one starting with Sudeurion, then Mal, and then it was down to just AM after Formidable left for good. AM did his best to run the website on his own and for the most part, the VidLii community was happy with him. Unfortunately, AM's days as an admin were over as Jan wanted to give admin powers to someone else. Jan being the competent site owner that he is decided to take away AM's admin powers in order to transfer his powers to someone Jan knew in real life, a user that goes by the name KingFattyMan. Unlike most people who become admin, Fattyman had no real background information other than being an obvious troll. Fattyman would then go try to fuck with the VidLii users as much as he can mainly by spamming unfunny poop jokes to people. Fattyman loves scat like many other infamous users on this website. Fattyman was the kind of admin to brag about taking a shit on the computer. He would also spam people on discord about shitting on the users he sends PMs to. After KingFattyman changed the website's layout for no reason at all, he was removed from the position of admin bringing the website back to how it was when before the Admin election began as if the community's vote did not matter. Jan got much heat from the VidLii Community causing him to reveal that FattyMan was given powers solely because FattyMan was someone Jan knew in real life further proving Jan's ineptitude as a site owner. Jan would then apologize to the community and go back to moderating the website himself. All Jan would do from that point onward is only monitor the website for content that actually breaks laws and remove porn and a new golden age for the website was born or at least this would be the case if VidLii didn't piss people off before and also had content worth coming back for.

FattyMan Autism Links:

Edray Whines About VidLii Becoming a SJW Honeypot Despite Having no Mods (Edray Cucks Out)[edit]

Edray attempts to kill himself on Gab

As the community of VidLii grew, they started to "accept" more and more trannies and LGBT people into the community thus increasing the amount of Tumblr and Reddit people on the website. Like most scenarios where this happens it isn't noticeable at first but as time goes on the ones trying to subvert the entire website into communism end up showing their true colors. On this day where it is a proven fact that VidLii is in fact Reddit in Video form, the VidLii community decided to react horribly to a racist video put out by the user Edray1416. Instead of taking the video as a joke, the VidLii community decided to run an autistic SJW-esque hate mob towards Edray by doing whatever they can to get him off VidLii and unsurprisingly they succeeded.

Moar info: Bourg Productions.

A VidLii User Responds to VidLii's 4th Wave of Superautism[edit]

Unlike most users who are getting sick of the drama and the shit community on VidLii, one user finally speaks out the truth by telling people his thoughts about the website. Unfortunately, the stupid Minecraft and Roblox kids 1-stared his video for speaking the truth.


So hey guys its me numbnuts the numbiest nuts ever, I have the most numbiest nuts that I ever had in my life. So we are going to be talking about how retarded VidLii is, I mean its a piece of garbage nothing else there. It's just nothing interesting. It's just a bunch of stupid garbage. It's not even like old school YouTube. It just tries and tries and tries to be like the old school YouTube but it just isn't, alright. I mean this is terrible. As much as I try it is just not good. It's just the worst thing ever. I mean I just don't get it. Its just I don't see anything good here. 

It's the same garbage that I see every time like the old school videos or whatever of YouTube. It's just terrible. And then I see this guy named Edray1416 like who the fuck is that no one even knows who that is. Like what was his purpose. I don't get it! Shut it about him, no one cares gheez. Like I don't care? I can just shove 10,000 fat fags on my asshoe and all that shit and seriously its just stupid. I mean VidLii is terrible and its just no. Stop it okay stop it. Stop with everything its just not good. Yeah its just not good. It looks fun and all but it kinda isn't, what's the content here guyz? It's just dumb. Okay It's DUMB and it's terrible. 

The drama here is just stupid. It's like bunch of people like your brother fighting over some stupid retarded ass like who left the last dildo in the fridge and then what are you going to do with it. Suck up all the cum off of it or what?. I don't get it! And then there is a bunch of stupid weeaboo brony garbage I see spamming I mean just stuff. It's stupid. It's dumb. It's stupid and it's dumb. I am sick and tired of it. And It's stupid and I hate hate it and it's stupid. Yeah! It's Stupid. No one no one cares. And it's stupid I don't like it. After that I think I am done with this retarded video rant on this shitty existing YouTube rip-off whatever and people are just mean. They just give my video a 1-star. 

You guyz are mean and I hate all of you. And you should all go away. I only get 2 subscribers and people with shitty content get 50 hundred subscribers and I don't. It's stupid. Alright That's it for the video guyz just go away if you ever see me in real life just tell me to die. Alright I am going to masturbate until my dick bleeds, alright see you later guyz, Numbnuts out. 

VidLii's 5th wave of superautism?[edit]

Not so long ago, Another storm was brewing. VidLii users started popping up with the name "VidLiiTrollPolice" and other autistic shit, these special little snowflakes couldn't handle the fact that VidLii was filled with meanie trolls. and so, a fat bastard and his cock buddies decided to spam the website with multiple VidLiiTrollPolice accounts in order to try and stop these "trolls". the war still wages on to this day or at least was going to until the mods stepped in and banned these faggots for good... thank fuck for that

The owner encourages his faggot army to raid.

The VidLiiTrollPolice came back a couple months later after getting the banhammer by AM's team of failed moderators. This time these users came back during their grand master plan known as Operation 30th which ended up being a giant pile of nothing since most people stopped caring about VidLii a long time ago which meant that not many people were able to get enraged by these trolls. Since the website basically has no moderators and users, the VidLiiTrollPolice was able to get away with half-assed spam until the main spammer got bored and deleted his account.

MylarBalloonFan "Trolls" VidLii[edit]

BratzLover's Shitlist

MylarBalloonFan would become the most hated user on VidLii after spiderfan had finally left for good, but what made this even better was that this user had a known well documented history showcasing how bad of a user he is. MylarBalloonFan would start his VidLii career under the name BratzLover by comparing VidLii's community with Donald Trump. After his video was met with much negative press, BratzLover would later privatize his videos hoping that the mean trolls would not bother him. For awhile privatizing his videos kept him under the radar but he would once again make an appearance this time doing something completely degenerate. He would go out to make a shitlist of his least favorite users and then take a piss on the users that he hated. BratzLover would make more videos claiming that VidLii sucks ass which would give him plenty of views since VidLii users only know how to feed the trolls except this user isn't a troll at all but is actually genuine in his retarded behavior. BratzLover would go on to take the title of being the worst user after Spiderfan had left for good causing tons and tons of people getting outraged over this user. Random nobodies would later join in the fun by attempting to troll the website in order to make themselves the Clyde Cash of VidLii just by white knighting Mylar without actually liking him or actually being a fan of his terrible content.


Porn Spam Cases (yes, that's what you read)[edit]

Sometime after jan started to moderate the site again, some cases of porn spam started to happen (since jan is not always active on vidlii), the first one was a video of a weird hardcore porn, many people strangled the situation and quickly reported the videos to jan, sometime after, SWEGTA made another video about the vidlii moderation

however, 1 month later a guy known as bobbycorbin90 posted 4 videos of him fucking a latex doll (in one of them, the latex doll have a horribly ugly face and weirdly, in the end of the video he masturbates in front of the said face) 1 day later, bobbycorbin90 was banned

the last case was the weirdest one, one month later, another channel, Friendlykidvideos, posted a video called "johny johny yes papa kid frienly video", with a friendly thumbnail, however, the video was in fact a tuturial of how to increase the penis size

the uploader claimed to the people who commented the video that the video was actually kid friendly, anyway, he was banned like all the others above

so far, this was the last porn spam case on vilii

How to properly hate on VidLii in case the site goes straight to shit again (SPOILER ALERT: IT WAS ALWAYS SHIT)[edit]

The beans get spilt about how VidLii still exists[edit]

AyyItsWill, a user who hates the fuck out of the autistic VidLii community, spills the beans and gives his opinions on the site

AyyItsWill (Formerly: AN1MAT0RS, a former Eddsworld fan and former member of the VidLii community) spilled the beans about how VidLii still exists today, why it's still shit as well as giving his opinions about the site. he claims to have cucked out about making a video analysing the site despite the fact that he'd still be fucking the community over. here's the link!Ul03GSgT!qA_QmHCNpkeVHL1csMAYEFWxHBo_rkR42P3kvY1mCTk

Reasons to Use VidLii Over YouTube[edit]

VidLii being promoted on 4chan.
  • You haven't developed to the point where you care whether or not you're wasting your life away
  • You enjoy shitty websites
  • You want a hugbox of people who will defend you from da meeny falmer trollz
  • You prefer having a mediocre layout at best over a website with stable but bad functionality or community
  • You hate having an audience full of real people
  • You are too much of a pussy to switch over to BitChute or DTube
  • You love Mylar balloons
  • You want to die alone
  • You love Zippcast and how it was run
  • You prefer websites that were built off old and stolen assets from YouTube.
  • You're too pathetic to gain an audience on YouTube
  • You originally joined before Ali was an admin, being enough of a moron to think that it was a good website and then you immediately got fucked in the ass

How to Troll VidLii aka How to become Famous on VidLii Through Low Effort Vids[edit]

  • Post a video claiming that VidLii sucks.
  • Obsess over Mylar balloons
  • Spam on people's accounts
  • Attack active users on this website most of which would be other trolls
  • and if you get enough people on VidLii to get mad at you, you might end up being one of the more viewed channels on the website.

Members of VidLii[edit]

ErmeyPointingAngry.jpg STOP RIGHT THERE, FAGGOT!
ED does NOT need a huge list of absolute nobodies, nor does it give a shit about your petty forum feud with that bitch who doesn't agree with your Zutara OTP. Rather than spreading your butthurt vendetta over to this site, how about you read ED:101 and ED:A User's Guide to Article Building. And while you're at it, how about contributing to some actual drama you fucking idiot?
An accurate depiction of iloveanime721 the schizo after getting banned for the 10th fucking time

Like most websites they consist of good people who have a lot to contribute to the betterment of society. Unlike YouTube which is filled with cancerous people like Britney and Jamie Spears. VidLii is a fun website full of "creativity" and "fun". lol just kidding, the people in this list are utter cancer and their channels arent worth shit

The face of a retarded autist. (That specific retarded autist is a 10 year old named ThatSkynyrdKid70...we have failed as the human race)
The controversial image that started it all
Of course there's a weeb version of it
ThatSkynyrdKid70 admits that he baited the entire site and that he ran a troll account called SUPERDUDE43 just to fuck with people and piss them off before being interrupted by the pedophile iloveanime.
  • 11pixels - A spergy cunt who kept vandalizing the ED page with his sex master Spiderfan (but luckily they got banned and are both fucking each other in ban hell). When he's not vandalizing ED, he's out being a faggot and fucking a Lucario plushie. He also tells users to get a life, despite the fact he keeps spending his time being a faggot lulz killer and making pointless Discord servers that he abandons a week after making them. Thank god that faggot got permanently banned from ED.
  • AN1MAT0RS/AyyItsWill - Despite being an "Eddsworld ripoff and lacking originality", he enjoys this this page more than anyone else on VidLii. as well as trying to provide lulz worthy shit to the page. Recently, he has left VidLii because he found out that the community is actually full of spergy cunts with no personality. Somehow he managed to last more than 6 months on the site before he had enough of the community's bullshit.
  • CL21 - Reporter of announcements and shitty drama - Got banned by Ali for something he did on a completely different account, and it somehow warranted a mass banning of every account he owns on the site including 2 of his friends who helped him with his shared channel.
  • Cor955 - A boring let's player with no originality or talent. He is an even shittier let's player than TheVideoGamer64 who also freaks the fuck out when confronted about his 2-year tour as a cook in the Oklahoma Coast Guard. He has also managed to block almost every user on Vidlii including those who haven't even interacted with him.
  • NFKRZ - A semi-popular channel on YouTube that came to VidLii only to shitpost on it. He and his fanbase expanded the website temporarily by providing a huge influx of traffic. Likely the second lulziest thing to happen to the site since 2018's answer to Kristallnacht.
  • joshthejosher - A channel that makes reaction videos but without any substance or commentary whatsoever. He is also known for joshing people.
  • Pinkerton - A fellow Weezerfag, best known for his (stolen) masterpiece video "Osaka Breaking Chopsticks" on BitView, Telling anyone who disagrees with his opinion to fuck off and for being the only channel on Vidlii worth subscribing to.
  • KokoAnimations - This person thought that hosting an art contest based on OCs on VidLii was a good idea. Said contest's "shitting cat drawing" eventually became the catalyst of the 2018 Community Purge. Her animations and drawings are somehow worse than shadowleggy's, making the "reward" of this retarded contest even more shitty and worthless to begin with. Thankfully she quit after all the fucking drama was over.
  • JakeOnline - A child that makes cringeworthy content. He also tricked Spiderfan into deleting his video defending Ali. Proving that even someone who is under 12 can become a professional troll.
  • JanaFantasticShoes - An user that upload shoe fettish videos, this user is so weird that was target of jokes between the VidLii users, including Jan himself who also made jokes about it.
  • Mattwo - Some asshole who makes crappy Garry's Mod videos. He stopped trusting "YouTube alternatives" after what happened to Zippcast and decided to just stick with JewTube and the Internet Archive. He previously made accounts on VidBit, VidBitFuture and Vidme before he came to Vidlii just to to check it out but left after noticing it really wasn't any different from any other YouTube alternative. After hearing about Ali, who had previously changed Mattwo's password on Wenoo during their self-described petty feud on Zippcast, he came back to Vidlii just to tell the users "I told you so" and continue an old feud he had with Spiderfan after Zippcast was shut down. He later picked a fight with Sudeurion due to Sudeurion's complete ineptitude when it came to understanding how the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act and Berne Convetion work, as well as his own personal gripes about admins declaring what fair use is even though he thinks it's solely the job of the judges to decide.
  • Metro3ds2 - Makes shitposts and shitposts (but in 3D!) in his spare time. Kick-started Ali's crusade by uploading a shitpost video as part of an OC contest that KoKoAnimations and ShadowLeggy were judging. Said video created "Niggers" the cat.
  • NathanDarkson984 - A shitty "animator", Objectcuck and Deviantart basement dweller who jacks off to little girls and Sonic the Hedgehog because his imaginary girlfriend wont blow him. He actually deluded himself to the point he thinks his life has meaning and that he has anything to say which hasn't already been said by someone in a more thoughtful way, which is the saddest thing of all. And also, he doesn't understand the point of this site. He usually comments something among the lines of "2009", "nostalgia" and a spanish fuckboy's warcry, ":v". All in all, he is a good candidate for trolling. Fortunately that manchild faggot quit the site.
  • ShadowLeggy - Ali's "wife" and major stalking victim since 2010, she makes a living by animating shitty and boring Resident Evil parodies that take no effort to make. Rumors say she's married and the only reason Ali stalks her is in hopes of stealing her husband. Also known as a paranoid as fuck girl who will look up her name everyday and everywhere just to see if someone talks shit about her. Has been known to dox those who do.
  • Tonsils - Yet another lulzy channel that had content worth watching and loved to troll the living shit out of AT (a.k.a the nigger who records himself yelling in public). It has recently been confirmed by one of his friends that he became an hero a few minutes later in a skype call after posting a Suicide Note video in which he plays a song by the legendary Wesley Willis then bids farewell. So long Space Cowboy.
  • Moonman - The only channel besides Metro3ds2 that is worth watching proving that moonman's racist music is fun to listen to on any website.
  • JReviews/SomeCallMeJay - A little boy... or little girl? who is an Enterbot that makes Mr. Enter style content or poorly made commentaries on the VidLii community. Her original username JReviews is stolen form a not-so-popluar but still notable YouTuber that makes rants on video games. He is known for getting called a little girl by Edray1416 and ever since this event JReviews and Edray were rivals until Edray terminated his account. He has since terminated his account too, thank heavens for that. However, he will probably return to infect VidLii yet fucking again.
  • ThatSkynyrdKid70 - A 10 year old who claims to be 14 who was told to fuck off after he uploaded copyrighted content to the site and cried wolf about it, only to be warned again and having his partnership removed for shit talking because the mods are Jews. He's a complete narcissist who can't take criticism and constantly brags about how much he loves Metallishit, Tool and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Banned for impersonating other users (apparently) and recently unbanned for unknown reasons. Friends with the emo edgelord NathanDarkson. He likes to claim that he supposedly knows what Fair Use is, and blocks anyone who argues with him on discord. CEO and founder of the bullshit VideoDump site, which is ran on motherfucking BlogSpot of all things, and hasn't bothered to update it since it was made. He claims that he's working on a new actual version of video dump which will be hosted on, which still hasn't happened yet at all. He has admitted to stealing JC's CSS from his VidLii Reuploads site for the still non-existant Geocities version of VideoDump. He eventually revealed on Discord that all of the retarded shit he did was all just to bait the entire community of VidLii into one of the most massive trolls in VidLii history, and finally admitted after it having already been proved to begin with that he was the one behind the SUPERDUDE43 channel. He miraculously doesn't have an actual article on EncyclopediaDramatica yet (somehow.)
  • Trigex - A person who tried to make VidLii open source and was told to fuck off. (because making VidLii which doesn't function half the time and functions badly the other half open source is apparently a good idea but the owners and moderators are selfish little Jews and only care about their dirty, piss-stained shekels)
  • Zaphkiel024/TehFlimsey/Catalyse - A BFDI fag who has a fetish for self deprecation. Made a video of him saying "Ali" 418 fucking times and undid a revision with a picture of him wanting to have sex with a light switch from the BFDI article on this very site. Being an autist, he also enjoys making bullshit Windows mockups.

Notable Lolcows that use VidLii[edit]

  • Mr.A.T.AndreiThomas - A terrible channel that Jan repeatedly promoted until now. He was known for being a bully, hypocrite, and a troll on Zippcast and Vidme. He has also repeated his cunt-like behavior on VidLii. He has currently been unbanned. Fortunately, he deleted all of his videos and quit. Thank fuck he will no longer infect VidLii.
  • Edray1416 - A bald far-right nutjob cuntface with an unpleasant voice that makes poor quality content with low production values, Has a fetish for lard and plumbs and was once one of the most subbed channels. He has admitted to supporting segregation and is known for being VidLii's favorite punching bag. He left the website after failing to stand up to his own opinions making him a certified beta cuck that drinks soylent.
  • Troll Punisher Ninja Gear - A group of troll resistance group faggots who are against trolls and other nigger faggots. It is run by a bunch of fucking children who use IP tracking sites to scare people into sucking their tranny fannys. They are known for trolling other trolls. They are the main enemies of UTTP and the two have been engaged in an autistic flame war against each other since their inception.
  • The VidLii Troll Police - The infamous group, the YouTube Troll Police or UTTP, has come to VidLii to cause trouble by raiding the website with autistic content. Thankfully, the officers have been banned.
  • EmmyLovesPotatoChips - Someone who makes Chris Chan look like he has his shit together.
  • Aeromatic - The virgin tranny who wants to fuck every Azumanga Daioh character and tries to force homosexuality down people's throats also uses Vidlii.
  • Mylarballoonfan (A.K.A BratzLover) - The Mylar balloon loving nostalgiatard has come to VidLii to act like a retard once again. Once again he has pissed off members of the VidLii community by acting like a tard by blocking people who disagree with him. Once it was exposed that he was on VidLii, he quickly privatized everything hoping that no one would expose his bullshit.
  • ValisFantasmSoldier - A nigger known for attempting to rape children and making generic and boring let's play videos. Currently banned for being a fucking pedophile SJW cunt.
  • GirlaPH/SonicStrife - A attention whoring tranny tumblrina furfag that needs to go by her proper pronouns before looking her up. In the past this person pretended to be stalked by the KKK for virtue signaling points. Her alter ego, SonicStrife, is a diverse Klansman that has a fetish for tying people up. SonicStrife can only cum if he is in-visioning being tied up by the klan. He has hundreds of sock accounts either depicting various anime characters or members of his own klan, all of which have content of still images, girls being tied up, himself being tied up, or KKK recruitment videos.
  • iloveanime721 - A batshit insane autistic pedophile that used to make shitty let's plays, awful MS Paint drawings of little boys, and had a blog dedicated to his shotacon fetish. It's very likely that he has schizophrenia (or PTSD from getting buttfucked by Bubba when he went to jail for downloading illegal porn) as every time people ban him he brings up politics and blames the KKK, the government and the CIA for everything that happens to him (Similar to Terry Davis except ILA721 fears niggers because of their cocks instead of hating them). Currently permabanned once again for being a paedophile cunt, spamming the living shit out of the website with his awful drawings of underage children masturbating, uploading copyrighted content and abusing the flagging system. Good fucking riddance.
  • Spiderfan - VidLii's own Chris-Chan. He is known for making boring commentary videos with badly written and poorly thought out arguments. He has also admitted to having a scat fetish. He made a terrible poorly-edited video defending Ali's terrible moderating skills but deleted it when a series of dissatisfied users showed proof that he and Ali are both psychopaths. It was no surprise that every single comment these two made got downvoted and debunked to oblivion. It's a well-known fact that Spiderfan and Ali are both gay lovers and can't wait to meet so they can enjoy hot, sweet gay sex with each other. Tried to edit the article but was too stupid to use a different name, which means he's destined to live life with Ali's hand up his ass.

Parody/shitpost Accounts[edit]

These accounts are dedicated to those who shitposted or actually didn't take VidLii so seriously like everyone else

  • RayWilliamJohnson - One of the most popular channels on old YouTube. Now he is back on VidLii bringing quality content for the masses. One of the best channels on VidLii. He was banned for a day for bullshit reasons.
  • Bennybud - A troll who posted videos about how other people were trolls. Personified himself as Sonic and/or Goku. Ended off his legacy with an animation calling Jan a faggot.
  • Awesomgaymer - Some account ran by a YouTuber who most likely pretended to be autistic on VidLii.
  • VaporShav3Gam3r - another parody account who got into some short lived drama with Awesomgaymer, also ran by a YouTuber who pretended to be Autistic on VidLii.
  • AwesumKoolKid - some kid who came to VidLii just to call people "fat gays" and not upload anything.
  • JumpStarRecords - A troll channel that spams at other channels for being a troll channel calling their channels CANCER just to drive what's left of VidLii's community to insanity. He also white knights MylarBalloonFan only for lulz and also because MylarBalloonFan is the only one that gives a shit about his stolen shit music that he uploads on VidLii.
  • Thycon - A friend of JumpStarRecords that trolls raids other VidLii channels with him. It is likely that this user is also a sock of JumpStarRecords. He also white knights MylarBalloonFan ironically.

Current and Past Moderators/Admins[edit]

  • Jan - The owner of VidLii, has no idea how to run a community. If he's not throwing piss fits and banning people he hates, he's "hiring" others to do it for him (still waiting on that paycheck). Currently all mods and admins have been BTFO'd and Jan is the only one moderating the site. Fuck you Jan.
  • AM - A shitposter who thirsts for attention. After Ali's reign, he became the admin. Was removed when Jan removed all moderation.
  • ppichi - A moderator Jan hired to moderate the VidLii Discord server. She ended up banning people who disagreed with her, merging partners with regular users, deleting channels and censoring everyone who cursed. She was BTFO'd like every other mod was. Good riddance.
  • AliTheZombie13 / AlinhoAlisson - Was able to stay under the faggot radar for quite a while--but there's always a way to sniff them out. When a tween by the name of Metro3ds fucked with his waifu's friend's art contest, he threw a fit and banned anyone who pissed him off. This of course led to him getting doxxed and harassed to no end. Before his time as a pissbaby, he coded quite a few features that are still currently in use on VidLii today.
  • Malicious - A tryhard troll. Made his big break when he called Jan a nazi in a video and tagged as many people as he could in the comment section. When he's not picking on children online, he's probably deleting his channel (for real this time gois!!) Was at one point TWO POINTS a VidLii moderator before bitching off like he always does. Currently banned. Good riddance.
  • JonBot - Founder of Cosmic Media LLC. He is known for his incompetent work in a shitty alternative site that never got to the launch date. He was fired after finding an exploit and banning the then-admin, AM. Good riddance.
  • Formidable - The only mod to not quit or be BTFO'd by Jan before the Fattyman era. Generally uncontroversial and boring. Was removed when Jan removed all moderation.
  • Sudeurion - A faggot who probably edits his own ED articles. He got super mad when JonBot was (rightfully) banned and quit. He wants nothing more than popularity to satisfy his ego, which is the only reason he even decided to mod for VidLii.
  • Mr Fattyman - An IRL friend of Jan that he hired. He's known for having a scat fetish and hating weeaboos with a burning passion. In his prime, he vandalized the site and Discord server. Eventually was fired.

Spin-Off Sites of VidLii[edit]

Only severely autistic people care about VidClips.

Just like VidLii most of these will not be anything but a meme.

  • ZippCast - Created before Vidlii but still a huge inspiration for Vidlii and pretty much what Ali wanted Vidlii to be during his mod days. Several VidLii users in the community have joked about reviving it for the sake of nostalgia, but have not produced anything substantial.
  • BitView - Jan's second website. While VidLii emulates 2007 YouTube, BitView takes people further back and has more spics then ever. It's also twice as worse as vidlii and less functional
  • BeanTube - A super shitty video-sharing website which never existed as anything but a forced meme on VidLii, even back in 2016. BeanTube was run by the super reliable GuyverBean.
  • VidBlue - A Vidlii ripoff created by our beloved former nazi moderator, Ali. If you liked Ali's Hitler inspired moderation you'd have loved VidBlue, cancelled because Ali got doxxed and pussied out lol. Karma bitch!
  • VidClips - Autism in it's true form. Has recently been discovered to steal code.
  • CrapAsst - A failed parody of ZippCast, made as a joke.
  • VidBytez - Another shitty meme site that is nothing more than an inside joke like VidClips and Viewcast their is no actual progress on it.
  • JewTube - A site made created by Sudeurion as a joke to create the worst version of YouTube.
  • ViewCast - One of the VidLii communities' failed attempt to bring back Zippcast.
  • VidBitFuture - A website that was created while VidBit was shut down created by AM. This shitty website was made using vShare that was supposed to replace VidBit while it was down. There was apparently two versions of this website that were made during development. AM scrapped the original code in order to release it faster. The result was a website so bad that it became known to the VidLii community as the worst alternative to YouTube since Zippcast.
  • BitLii - A failed project that was made so that users can escape VidLii while it was under Ali's tyrannical rule.
  • Vanillo - A project created by AM and Sudeurion, has actual servers and a development team but is run by a jew.
  • LookView - A project which was based on the 2009 YouTube. However, it was soon renamed to Plasma (which wasn't a YT clone).
  • VideoDump - A shitty vidlii ripoff that's ran by the king of autism, ThatSkynyrdKid70, and it's hosted on Blogger. Pretty much another inside joke like VidBytez, VidClips and Viewcast, since the autistic 10-year-old that runs it hasn't done anything with it since the day it was made, and Pinkerton who was apparently supposed to be helping with this site and is also apparently the co-founder, doesn't seem to give two shits about it either.


Jan tells his userbase that he loves this ED page.

See Also[edit]

  • Dailymotion - What VidLii would look like without admins.
    This VidLoser doesn't understand the point of this site.
  • George Soros - Just like Soros, Jan looks Jewish at first but hides his Nazi fetish.
  • AnimatedJames - Spiderfan has the same fetish has this person.
  • BitView - Jan's other website. It is known for being a dumping ground for videos made by Mexicans. Jan also spends more time managing the community on this website than on VidLii since the community is less retarded thus making it easier to manage.
  • 4chan - Many users on VidLii come from 4Chan.
  • Verond - An even shitter alternative to YouTube. VidLii is not perfect, but Verond is way worse.
  • NeoGAF - The rules of this website during Ali's reign are similar to VidLii. The most important rule on AliTube is NO FUN ALLOWED!!
  • Deleting your YouTube Videos
  • Mr.A.T.AndreiThomas - Spiderfan's arch nemesis during their time on Zippcast.
  • ValisHD - A pedophile who uses VidLii. Another reason not to use this shitty site.
  • GoFags - VidLii is slowly becoming the home of these spergy bastards.
  • OSC fags - As well as these niggers.
  • Roblox - Half of the site is filled with underage Roblox players. That's probably the reason why there's so many pedophiles on VidLii.
  • Vloggerheads
  • Null - Ali is a lot like Joshua Conner Moon back when he was working on Infinity Never. Just like Joshua Conner Moon, he has leaked IPs while claiming that what he did was an accident, was hired to help with the site's coding, backstabbed the user base of the site, and tried to make their own version of the website they were working on after they were fired.
  • Vordrak - Much like Vordrak, Ali claims to be a free speech-loving conservative but is willing to attack the 1st Amendment if it offends him.
  • Eddsworld - Pretty much what AN1MAT0RS is except the creator of AN1MAT0RS isn't a dead knot, He doesn't seem to care though as he's doing other stuff now.
  • Zippcast - What Jan has turned his website into.
  • YouTube - The website that Jan wants to emulate. unfortunately, most of the members of VidLii came from youtube and made it even fucking worse
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