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The Worst Has Yet To Come

The Virtual Youtubers (or VTubers) fad is the last trend of digital media that has arrived from Japan. A new generation of virtual entertainers that has captured the hearts of Japanophiles around the world with innovative technology and high quality content.

Remember when some funny anon in /pol/ said that Trump will make anime real? Well, towards the end of 2016, something weird started to appear into JewTube community, something that changed how content is created there forever. Finally, you are able to interact with you loved animu waifu, she can answer to your tweets and she can play your favorite videogames too!

Welcome to the world of Virtual Youtubers (バーチャルYouTuber)!

Why Is This a Thing?[edit]

It's up to you, western man.

The bane of Youtube's existence (and by extension, Twitch's) are camwhores. Despite many decent and talented people trying to use an array of gimmicks to attract viewers and sponsorship, the fastest way to attract potential subscriptions for many youtubers is by to be female and flaunt their bodies. Nonetheless, when people gets fed up of their GOTIS and recognize they'll never see their actual exposed tits (much less anything else), they usually drink the commie kool-aid, dye their hair and start to do activism against the Toxic Masculinity of the Alt-Right. Why someone that is sane could watch and invest time in such trainwrecks (apart from enjoying the lulz)?

This is why many losers had taken the route of escapism and found in animu girls, the reassurance they will never find on 3DPD, because in real life, they know that roasties can just put them in jail by writing a tweet with the hashtag #MeToo.

On the other hand, The weeb market is sinking beyond salvation. It was in this moment of crisis that Japanese companies discovered (albeit too late) the success of vocaloids and the dumbasses that make anthropomorphic art of that software. One of the failures in business suits realized this and proposed "What if we make a Hatsune Miku's lookalike, but doing the same things PewDiePie does?"

And so, a solution for two of the most urgent contemporary problems were finally found.

Are you a Japanese woman? Do you have talent in voice acting and singing but unable to get a job? Are you a sad and insecure tiny dick herbivore man who's craving of attention and pity? Are you comfortable with weirdos making fanart of your character, depicting it in an array of revolting sexual fetishes? Are you okay with sad neets throwing tantrums and sending you death threats on your twitter account because of anything they consider it is a transgression?

Worry no more! Now You can feel what it is to be famous, without showing your face! Get your money swindled by opportunistic entertainment middlemen and be forever under the shadow of your character, just like Mari Iijima!

Here are the list of these Japanese nobodies who are making the rest of the youtube nobodies to tremble in fear.

Let's get started with the one that enabled the virulence of this disease.

Ai Kizuna[edit]

Hai Domo! I'm an interigento supaa a.i.

Her name Kizuna Ai (キズナアイ) means Love Connection, but it has a double meaning because Ai is the acronym of Artificial Intelligence.

Kizuna's gimmick is to pretend she is the First A.I. to become a "Virtual Youtuber". Unlike Tay, there are no chances to turn her into a proud member of the Hitlerjugend. Her videos present an array of interesting topics, such as her failures to be decent software, her lesbian delusions, her "cute" Engrish, her crippling depression, the fact that she's trapped in a white space without able to interact with other beings and mainly, her schemes to feed her greediness.

Albeit not being the first one to do this, she is the most successful and well known among the normalfags. Ai has more than one million subscribers in her channel, and she is the source of the memes done by Kym and Reddit.

In her initial run, Ai was banned by jewtube when she said that her whore clothes are in fact a hologram, so she's technically naked. That was caught by the phony algorithms of Google and her account was flagged. Her ban was lifted and she continued to prey on weebs with her fake bisexuality. Her strategies are the same ones used by a normal camwhore (livestreams, begging of likes, asking for subscriptions), but she doesn't need to pose naked as a resort for money and likes. Just an ASMR video and talking like a retard is enough. With such pathetic tricks, she was able to build an army of cronies who translate all of her videos for free.

The Japs in business suits recognized in her the spokeswoman they needed to promote their crap and that's why 85% of Kizuna's videos are her shilling crappy mobile games that only can be played in Japan. She even advertised a shitty anime on Japanese TV, she has her own LINE stamps and a TV Show. The desperation of weebs was evident when they bought paper bags with her face during the Comiket, prompting the promises of real plastic crap with her shape.

She later created a gaming channel where you can see her failing miserably at playing horror games and trying to curse. The only explanation of why could she have half million subscribers despite being such a shitty gamer is because of her "being" a kawaii anime character. Her MMD model is available, so feel free of creating low quality porn of her.


The video that made her famous worldwide, particularly the moment at 18:36
it's so cute when Jap girls try to curse in a language they don't understand
it's so cute when Jap girls try to speak in a language they don't understand
ASMR Binaural videos are the pornography of the thinking man.
Seeing a Japanese Virtual youtuber hitting rock bottom. The Future is Now.
The best way to promote a brand with Ai Channel is by allow Ai to sexually harass the brand's representative
Hai domo! Baacharu Yuchuuba Kizuna Ai Desu! About missing Pics
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The copycats[edit]

Once a fad took off, It's inevitable that competition and imitators appear. In this case each one more idiotic than the previous one. As with any Coca-cola, there will be a Pepsi, and with any AVGN, there will be a Nostalgia Critic. So these are the counterfeit Kizuna Ai.

There's a VTuber to suit your tastes
Luna Kaguya

From where do you think her genki persona comes from?
Bing Translation tool is worthless

Nobody can explain how Luna Kaguya (輝夜月) with so few videos, and all of them of a very mediocre quality is now the second most viewed among her category and competitors. The most accepted explanation is because a lot of weebs are masochists and she is, with a lack of better words, a shitposter on coke. Unlike Ai, who likes to feed the delusions of lonely weeaboos, Luna is very fond of laughing at you and your pathetic solitude. She also target other virtual youtubers with banter and by impersonating them, well.

With a very alluring design, Luna is the favorite of pixiv artists because she can give them the excuse of indulging on breast fetish and women not wearing underwear. Also she's liked by the japs as her voice resembles hamtaro being strangled.

Luna's fast rise to fame, forced Kizuna to do damage control when her retention views are not as close to Luna's and she challenged her to do a collaboration. It was so effective, that the mere mention of Luna skyrocketed the views of Ai's video. It's usual to find on Kizuna's twitter account several tweets trying to get Luna's attention, like an ex-girlfriend trying to be noticed by her past lover.

Luna's videos are perfect for people with short attention spans as all of them are under a 10 minutes lenght. Unfortunately, if you want to understand the full scope of her shitposting and bantz you need to know how to speak moonspeak at a very high level.

Mirai Akari and Moemi
Moemi and Akari, Doing it wrong, doing it right?

The brainchildren of Eilene (エイレーン), a poor Half-Japanese, Half-Chinese woman that was trying to breakthrough as an animator in an already saturated market. Mirai Akari and Moemi are the result of Eilene finally realizing that her funny comedy sketches about Ebola-chan and ISIS could not allow her to earn enough money to eat something better than the grass she picked out of the streets.

In the case of Moemi (萌美), she is the byproduct of Eilene's lack of skills on animation. But unlike her past ventures, Moemi at least have a voice actress rather than dialogues written with a text to speech awkward software. Still, Moemi's videos have the clickbait titles, forced memes and sexual jokes that plagued Eilene's prior material. To make the things more confusing Eilene later created Yomemi (ヨメミ), which is Moemi but as she were a mobile app.

Mirai Akari (ミライアカリ), on the other hand, was just Eilene jumping in the Kizuna Ai's bandwagon by using the reputation of her previous channel in order to start with inflated views. Eilene was dumb enough to ask for a bank loan to create Akari (not realizing there are people retarded enough to crowdfound it), which it's just an sluttier version of Kizuna Ai, to the point the most interesting point about Akari is the MMD porn videos created by fans. Because apparently the best way to create friendly and popular content is to release a model that wears a leather thong and can be used in animations of her being pounded by a pig.

This is the very reason why VR was created

The laughing dolphin Shiro (or Siro / シロ) is probably the less cringey of the Virtual Youtubers, if you don't consider that her voice actress used to make creepy incest binaural videos (that she put proudly in her resume) and she still uses that loli fetish voice to give "range" to her character. Shiro is the example of the rampant masochism in the Virtual Youtuber community as many pay money or spend a lot of time in a lottery to be in her VR sponsored livestreams just to be punched and yelled by her.

One of the reasons why the westerners outside the /jp/ echo chamber are not familiarized with her is because she tried like Kizuna to have her group of voluntary subtitlers, only to have her videos translated by Asians with a poor level of Engrish, which made her videos (unless you speak Japanese) a collection of cryptic mismatches along with walls of dolphin emojis. An unintelligible mess just like her autistic fans.

Depiction of Nekomasu's life before youtube stardom

The Virtual Nojaloli Fox girl Youtube Man (バーチャルのじゃロリ狐娘youtuberおじさん) also known as Nekomasu is the incarnation of /a/ and /r9k/ (if the latter was able to get a job). Just mentalize a man being so miserable with his life, that he ends working as an employee in a 7-Eleven, where he's berated or treated like shit constantly all day, every single day. So he just has two choices, escapism or death.

Then he chose, instead of hanging himself at Aokigahara and being found by Logan Paul, to become that little and cute anime girl he yearns about. Because that man doesn't have money to resort to cheap tricks like hiring an actress or to buy a device to mask his voice that he simply spill the beans and tell the tragedy of his life white posing like a little fox girl. Surprisingly, this moment of honesty earns Nekomasu lots of subscribers and a sponsorship from a videogame company. So much than he is now in the liberty of giving the finger to their previous employees and enjoy those donations from his fellow weebs.

Unlike several of the virtual youtubers, Nekomasu is aware that is just a fad and he is trying to enjoy it as far as it lasts. Unless this is also a gimmick to get pity money, Nekomasu is one of few ones you don't get upset by finding out he is a trap.

The life a of man with a horse mask it's not easy

One of the few men in this charade (not counting traps), Baacharu (ばあちゃる) was initially an attempt from Shiro's company to test the waters and see if they could earn some money of the Virtual Youtubers and he made videos for a steady time. He was sent to the glue factory once his views and subscribers could not take off.

But as if was a miracle, thanks to Luna shitposting and Kizuna fame, he was able to make a comeback, thanks to fan pressure. If you hate moe and can't stand old women (and old men) posing as middle schoolers, Baacharu is your choice. Unlike the rest of the furries trying to jump into the trend, his videos are genuinely not that autistic (when he's not the butt-monkey of Shiro.)

Yua Fujizaki
This image is more interesting that all of Yua's videos. No, seriously.

Imagine you have the backing of a serious Japanese talent company. Imagine your design being made by a very important artist, who draws you as a very endowed high schooler. Imagine you're voiced by a talented and somehow famous voice actress. Imagine that you're able to have a release event. Imagine you have the resources to put ads in several digital magazines advertising you. And still not being able to reach 100k subscriptions, have low viewer retention, being surpassed by virtual youtubers that started later than you do, post less videos and several with amateurish designs than yours (including a character that is a ripoff of a Tom of Finland gay cartoon).

That's the case of Yua Fujisaki (藤崎由愛) simply known as YUA. Yua is practically the village idiot of the virtual youtubers, the boundary all aspiring virtual youtubers must trespass in order to become famous. The punch line of the jokes made by both japs and dumbfuckstanis. The retarded and unpopular girl that shows uninvited to the cool kids party.

With boring content, like uninspiring and scripted videos, copying the same trick of other virtual youtubers, dumb memes and like of all people, an Spaniard trying to give her English classes, it's no surprise that YUA is the laughing stock of /jp/, futaba and even Reddit. The only thing in which YUA excels among the virtual youtubers is probably the porn Japanese artists draw of her. Because of her unreal body proportions and especially her massive udders, that she looks more like a Hentai character rather than a 16-years-old anime high schooler. Many aficionados of the Virtual Youtubers suggest that probably YUA would be more successful if she became the first virtual Porntuber instead.

Mito and Kaede. No exceptions
100% real High Schoolers

What is the best way to shill your shitty face rig app? By making desperate and unemployed VA to use it while you receive the money! That's the gimmick of Nijisanji, a Japanese company that is taking over the market of the virtual youtubers without doing pesky expenditures (such as buying body tracking devices, motion capture software, 3D modeling, sound recording or even salaries). With a program that can be run on a cellphone, they have infested the market with a plethora of characters ranking from plagiarism of children books' characters to stereotypes found on JAV. Nonetheless the first ones to appear and the most popular by far are the so-called "High-schooler group" (JK組) consisting of a menopausic woman LARPing as a young girl called Rin Shizuka (静凛), A recolor of Doki Doki Literature Club's Monika called Kaede Higuchi (樋口楓) and a sufferer of pica that streams from the laundry room of her house called Mito Tsukino (月ノ美兎). Tsukino is probably the one with the most autistic fandom in both sides of the Pacific Ocean. To the point to issue death threats to anyone (including other Nijisanji vtubers) who dares to mock their beloved manic pixie dream girl.

The Rest
Gotta catch'em all!

When this article was originally conceived, there were less than 20 Virtual youtubers beyond the ones mentioned previously. Now there are more than 400 and daily appear more and more. Many of them follow the tricks and clichés present on anime and manga or it's old people (mainly men) LARPing as lolis. There are virtual youtubers that are ninjas, zombies, skeletons, maids, centaurs, angels, idols, robots, plants, like the sky, their retardation is the limit.

  • Sora Tokino and Aoi Fuji : Two "real highschoolers" that mysteriously are a very talented singers with well designed MMD models. At least this is the case of Sora, because Aoi exposed herself as a corporate gimmick and set a crowfunding of 100k US dollars to become "beautiful". Still, The japs threw money at her anyways, and she reached her goal earlier than her intended deadline. Unlike Yua, these two delivered content that satisfied the tastes of their fandom and they were able to surpass her in matter of days.
  • Noracat: Obligatory anime catgirl that speaks with a text to speech program. As many suspected, "she" is just a middle age dude using facerig. The man was exposed during a glitch in "her" livestream. Suprisingly, many support "her", despite knowing the truth, probably because many of "her" supporters are trying the same escapist thing.
  • Michihiyoko and Alicia: Obligatory "Loli". In the case of Hiyoko, this old woman teaches how to create your own character but you cannot say the same of Alicia that was hyped too much with a slutty model, just to be discovered as a man the very moment "She" opened "her" mouth.
  • Gengen: He represents the LGBT inclusiveness. While looking like a character from Bara Hentai, he was created by a japanese fag. Despite not having content that gives away that, it is clearly that Gengen serves as a source of money and the masturbatory material of his creator.
  • KaguraMea:She is the pussy who fapped in her first video and from then on her video was full of shit, pee, and farts.She used to execute her audience and even trolled on chinese.But even so ching chongs still follow and love her like dogs.

To this very day, there are anime and videogame studios considering to switch to the virtual youtubers fad. Why do you have to bother to create cohesive plots and characters, when you just have to put a woman to talk behind an anime girl picture (that it doesn't need to be animated) to gather a loyal audience? Expect all of these people to be unemployed once Japanese system engineers and programmers develop an A.I. that can suck their dicks and do home chores.

Media Gallery of virtual failure[edit]

And despite she mocked you, you still subscribe to her, do you?
RIP Noracat. Too good to be true
Anime is not real
More upsetting that virtual youtubers being exposed, is normalfag youtubers trying to jump in the bandwagon
Luna's mockery of other Virtual youtubers, she refers to YUA as tits.
Smoke and Mirrors
Vtuber reacting in real time to shipping and fandom autism
The fans of virtual youtubers have higher levels of testosterone that these soyboys
VRChat is a mistake
Image Gallery About missing Pics
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Rule 34[edit]

Obligatory gallery About missing Pics
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How To Troll fans of Virtual Youtubers[edit]

Please visit us again.

As with any subset of weebs, the baacharufags are very protective of their waifus and susceptible to any kind of negative content. So they vocally express their discomfort about it in the form of paranoid tantrums, full of conspiratorial nonsense. One of the easiest ways to get multiple responses is by using one of the following tactics:

  • Ask them if they really believe AI and CG are advanced enough to post livestreams playing videogames.
  • Ask them to translate Japanese material with "Translate weebs"
  • Ask them when Funimation is going to release the official dub of Kizuna Ai videos.
  • Tell them that the best way to know about the virtual youtubers is from Kotaku, Anime News Network, Rocket News 24, Sankaku Complex, Lost Pause, Mother's Basement and The Anime Man.
  • Ask them when the first Black American (or Latin American) Virtual Youtuber is going to be released.
  • Ask when BaraKaren is going to release a new video.
  • State that Ami Yamato is the best of the virtual youtubers because she is a functional person and speak a language that almost 70% of the world can understand.
  • Declare A.I. Channel videos as the Neon Genesis Evangelion of this generation.
  • State that Kizuna Ai is the only Virtual Youtuber that matters and she's the PewDiePie of her category.
  • State the above, but instead declare YUA as the queen of Virtual Youtubers.
  • State the above, but instead declare Tsukino Mito as the main reason of why the VTubers decided to pursue that career, and also their main inspiration.
  • Pose the premise that virtual youtubers don't care about overseas fandom and the only moment they are important is when they throw money at them in the Superchat.
  • Pose the theory that Moemi is not a Virtual Youtuber, because she doesn't have a 3D model, that's why nobody makes fanart of her and thus, Yomemi is superior in all aspects. Bonus extra if you deliberately mistake Moemi with Yomemi. Try to do the same by using Nijisanji Vtubers instead of Moemi.
  • State that the Virtual Youtubers are nothing more that a gimmick for failed Japanese artists to kickstart their career using pity and crocodile tears.
  • Ask them when Eilene is going to deliver the story episodes of Mirai Akari or the 3D Model of Moemi.
  • Ask them why Eilene videos are not already reported for copyright infringement and plagiarism.
  • Engage on debates that going nowhere about What is a Virtual Youtuber. Expect being accused of being either a Kotaku writer, a poster from /v/ or the writer of this ED article.
  • Compare Tokino Sora to YUA, and state it will be a matter of time when Sora will be exposed as a company trying to get pity yens from lonely men.
  • Create questions in Akinator targeting the failures of Virtual Youtubers.
  • Request porn parodies of Vtubers on Iwara. Also regard those videos as superior than their real content.
  • Make subtitles of the virtual youtubers videos with lots of grammatical errors and Engrish and then ask for approval, Then claim there were "vandalized" by SEAs (South East Asians).
  • Inquire about why are they so overprotective of CG characters or 2D avatars voiced by failed Japanese voice actors, if by considering the roles reversed, they would not care about them.
  • Stop referring to fans of Shiro and Sora by their official names (Shirogumi and Soratomo) and instead refer to them as Shirofags and Sorafags.
  • Ask why the Virtual YouTubers of Nijisanji referred to themselves with such stupid moniker as "Virtual Livers"
  • Inquire about Mira Pink's lewds or the rest of Natsumi Moe's vocaroos roleplaying as a loli
  • Post porn of Tokino Sora, particularly Yuri porn of her with Mirai Akari.
  • Ask when Mirai Akari is going to post more bestiality porn.
  • Shitpost on the virtual youtuber threads with only posting about Eilene.
  • Shitpost on the virtual youtuber threads with only posting in Spanish (Anons of /jp/ are /pol/ hypocrites that demand posts written in 100% Perfect American English despite not speaking Japanese.)
  • Tell them that pure Virtual Youtuber they love so much, is not a middle schooler or even a woman at all, but a scam to swindle their money. Prove that by posting R34 of them of that moment when their faces were exposed on a livestream.
  • Ask Jabberwocky Malice on Twitter about her past as Venusangelic and particularly about her mother Margaret and her ex-husband Manaki.
    • Ask Malice when Margaret is going to debut as a vtuber as well.
  • Denounce the rampant corporatism of the virtual youtubers market and try to use the elitist mannerisms of /mu/ and Anthony Fantano at the moment of deriding vtubers endorsed by Dwango Kadokawa, Nijisanji, upd8, Hololive and Duo/Entum. State you're only interested on "genuine Vtubers" and how the Vtubers with endorsements are nothing less but in name JAV actresses.
  • Send them this article. This applies particularly to /jp/. They discovered an earlier draft of this article and they are deeply offended and hurt about it. As usual, they're acting in a defensive and passive-aggressive way and because of their Constructive criticism, this article was improved. Thanks for the Streisand Effect, /jp/!

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Those Dying Alone

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Their Methods

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