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Vox is a fake news website ran by leftists, which was formed in April 2014. Like Buzzfeed News, it relies on clickbait headlines to get people's attention. Their mortal enemies include Bernie Sanders, Republicans, Donald Trump, and progressive supporters. Their reading demographic are millennials, aged between 18-35.

Inciting Riots against Trump supporters[edit]

On June 3, 2016, during a Trump rally in San Jose, California, a writer for Vox Media, Emmett Rensin, said on Twitter that "if Donald Trump came to your town, start a riot." That's exactly what they fucking did. He even claimed property damage is not violence, when in any state, it is considered vandalism. He only got suspended for inciting riots, and nothing else happened.

The post-election pain[edit]

After Hillary lost to Trump in 2016, their writers acted as expected on both the website and social media, and tried to sugarcoat Hillary in their headlines, disregarding her excessive baggage she carried (shitty charisma, covering up her racist tendencies against blacks, being a warmonger, her being a neocon, etc. and etc.). Now they whine about just about everything Trump does in office.

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2017 Memorial Day "toxic masculinity" article[edit]

On Memorial Day 2017, they brilliantly posted an article about how "toxic masculinity" is a hot button "issue" in the Americunt military, namely the Marine Corps. Yes, because men are clearly the issue, right? To nobody's surprise, this caused a shitstorm.

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