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This is what WKD considers 'a good night out'

WKD is a cretinous, sheep-fucking Jew from New Zealand who tried to be ED's internet tough guy admin, but in real life he's like Tawker - ACNE and all.

He left ED after he discovered that the new admin, Yirimyah, wasn't as easy as the altar-boys he likes to have sadistic pedo secks with and declined to suck his festering, gangrenous member. He promptly quit ED 4 eva.

WKD is a fucking faggot[edit]

WKD was once brutally sodomized by feem on ED IRC after a playful kick went horribly wrong. He allegedly came thrice. What a fucking faggot! Since his first cock-induced incident of rectal prolapse, WKD has fervently been writing Hasselhoff/feem slash and has repeatedly attempted to have it published by an independent publisher. Unfortunately, this all came to naught due to WKD being a hunchbacked, sheep-raping autistic cocksucker.

Nowadays WKD spends his days flaming the weeaboos on 4chan, and posing as a 16 year old girl on internet teen chatrooms so he can get some more of the delicious cock, and with it AIDS. LOL, bugchasers.

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