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Police.gif The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Archive today-ico.png (archive) actually released a notice about this fraudster
Information icon.png This person of unimportance was arrested for Soliciting a Prostitute in March of 2015 [1], meaning he isn't getting any from his mail order wife

I know I'm an asshole ... proud of it!


—KMartinTV AKA LifeInATent 2: Electric Boogaloo

Kevin Martin (AKA WeatherManKevin AKA No one of importance) is an amateur meteorologist, internet tough guy, and assburger faggot and solicitor of prostitutes[2] that gets himself arrested [3] who graduated from the special day class at Norco High School in 2002. He is the brother of LifeInATent, the husband of MeganLeeHeart. Despite filming videos out of his basement with MSPaint graphics, he claims to make millions of dollars and has several aides working with him on his weather reports. He has also claimed to work for CNN and Fox News, even though no traces of this exist anywhere. Googling Kevin Martin will you bring you several websites promoting his "work" and the other half will be weather forums of Kevin trying to act like a legit weatherman but being laughed out of the internets about a basketball player of the same name.

Kevin and Brian both did own a weather website and called themselves the Weather Jerks (More like Weather Jerkoffs, amirite?) which consisted mostly of plagiarism, claims of earthquakes coming to California, predictions of hurricanes during Hurricane season and other assorted bullshit that nobody (besides a handful of Brian fanbois and thousands of purchased followers) took seriously. [4] [5] [6]

His "Business"

Kevin "owns" Southern California Weather Authority (LOL, baleeted), a Web 1.0 style site that serves to post photos of him. All weather related content is taken from TheWeatherSpace, ANOTHER ghetto website that features poorly written stories, and content rehashed from NASA. Kevin is employed as a meteorologist, meaning he is paid to rip images off of CNN's weather section. The majority of their income is made by begging for money on the internet. Although they claim to not accept advertisers, there are advertisements on the website.

Johnny Depp's "long-lost brother"

Twins separated at birth!

Excerpt from Kevin Martin-Depp bio:

The year was 1982, a horny Miss Martin strolled the streets looking for a man. A man that could satisfy her and put out the fire of her burning entrails. She headed for a known corner and saw this man-whore working the streets. High on coke, amphetamines and pot, with her genitalia throbbing for male contact she paid the man-whore for the services, with one special request: A creampie. The starving male prostitute had little choice but to comply with the desires of the large woman, after all she had the cash. After the job was done, she asked for his name, his answer John Christopher Depp, Sr.


While most people will call this to be bullshit, to Kevin Martin this is canon; he actually believes him to be family with the rich and famous. Not only does he cosplay as Johnny Depp, he also makes videos on jewtube, signs autographs, appears in public, creates failbook accounts with the name TwinJohnnyDepp (Even though the only thing they have in common is they both wear a hat and have mustaches), unwarranted self-importance at its finest. Egomania has no equal when it comes to this A-grade narcissist.

Taking Down ED

Expect major downtime due to lolsuit.

Last thursday, Kevin exvepienced much butthurt and soreness after dox were dropped and proceeded with legal action to attempt to take down ED. He and the impressive Legal Department from the threatened many lolsuits against ED, all while citing the internet law. As you can plainly see, they have had much effect.

ED's own e-Lawyers got in contact with them in an attempt to calm tempers and avoid many lawlsuits and visits with Honorary Ed Lolington, yet's Legal Department and Mr. Kevin Martin thoroughly refused to follow legal protocols and filling the proper butthurt report form. As is required by Law, ED's attorneys at lawls proceeded to disclose all information regarding the subject of taking down ED.

After several hours of negotiation, the Lawyers at and Mr Kevin Martin realized the only way was to follow the Internet Law and deliver the proper documentation to our e-lawyers, with the much desired butthurt report.

The grievances hearing took place, presided by his Honorary Ed Lolington. ED's Attorneys at Lalws provided irrefutable evidence that Mr. Martin and his legal team had broke the following laws among many:

  • The Australian's Law
  • Bloodlent's Law
  • The law of dox shock
  • Burk's Law
  • Law of the Fags
  • Grace Saunders Law
  • Law Of Unintended Consequences

Honorary Ed Lolington, in the presence of such overwhelming evidence, proceeded to rule in favor of the defendant, awarding over 9000 Internets in punitive damages.

To this day we await for the Appeal.

Taking Down ED 2: Electric Boogaloo

Run, run, run, or you'll be well done.

On March 19th, 2013, Kevin Martin made a comeback on his Facebook to threaten not only Encyclopedia Dramatica again with his meaningless threats, but their fundraising links as well. People laugh and mock his stupidity as a result.

Why insult fundraising links? It's the same thing LifeInATent and MeganLeeHeart does best: Stealing more money to resume their fraud, greed, and gluttony.



Taking Down Google and threatening to picket and ruin FaceBook if his demands not met

Bawwing in front of the Facebook building. The embarrassment was recorded live on July 15th, 2014.

It's War

If it's war they want, then it's war they're gonna get.


—Kevin Martin's declaration of war on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Seeing that the appealing process was taking too long and it was too painstaking, the conman twins decided it was time to ignore the Internet Law and move to more direct action, declaring war against ED. Our defense system moved from DEFCON 3 (Medium readiness in the event of lulz) to DEFCON 1 (Maximum readiness / imminent lulz). Our Editors, sysops, and the executive branch, were put on full alert. Honorary Ed Lollington immediately ordered for both parties to return to the negotiation table and KmartinTV to cease hostilities against the innocent people of Encyclopedia Dramatica or else to face the rage of one thousand overweight basement dwellers

After uploading this video, Anonymous hacked into his account and uploaded the video Anonymous - Message to KMartinTV to his channel. It was deleted thereafter, along with this video!
Re-uploaded for Graet Justice

War Declaration tl;dw Version

If by God you actually do knock on Kevin's door, he has a dildo aimed right at your ass, that when propelled will rip right into that pretty asshole of yours. Doesn't matter if you're wearing a layer of clothing on your butt, it will rip right through it like Bubba. No matter what gender (or age) you are, he has sexual things that will beat your ass to hell. If somehow you survived being sodomized by the dildo or Brian himself and enter through the front door, you will be greeted by two very fat poodles. They will most likely be starved to the brink of death, forcing them to rip you to shreds for food. There is a very high chance that he doesn't discriminate between an animal and a human being when looking for sex, so we suggest you attack Brian at night, where his dogs are too busy being in bed with him. If somehow you were lucky enough to survive being eaten alive and actually manage to come up the stairs (don't know why you would do that, Brian lives in the basement), you will have fallen into the most diabolical trap man has ever invented: The Titty Twister of Death. Just pray your manboobs don't rip off as it squeezes down on your nipples, twists them, lifts you up, and drops you down with enough force to make ReverendBurn cry! You will be lifted up and dropped down many times, so please make sure you're CP doesn't fall out of your pockets! You will be thrown down the stairs, and you will land in another dildo at the foot of the stairs. Gee, I wonder why Brian Martin has so many dildos lying around his house?

The 24h War and Cessation of Hostilities

One day after declaring war against ED, and after continuously refusing to obey the Internet Law, the IC ruled against Kevin Martin and demanded severe pwnage to be served. Subpoenas where sent to all those involved in the War against ED. Anon delivered one by hacking KmartinTV and leaving him the subpoena ordered by Honorary Ed Lollington.

Anon delivering Conman Kevin the Subpoena, as ordered by the Internet Court of Lawls

Soon after discovering this video, Kevin Martin, sweating profusely from forehead and anus, proceeded to delete fucking everything in a vain attempt to avoid further damage to his e-peen. But he soon discovered that once something it's on the Internet, it stays on the Internet. White flags are yet to be raised from the side of Kevin Martin but after such astronomical pwnage it's pretty clear he no longer posses a threat to anyone. Most likely he will dwindle into the dark side of the internets and dissapear. One can only wish.

WeatherManKevin's Butthurt Death Threats!

The Weather Police

Weather Police is a site that polices websites across the world and takes action if needed. Our target now is The Weather Channel for naming Winter Storms. We are also the Grammar Police.


—Kevin Martin openly displaying his asshattery.

Apparently, the thoughts of disguising himself as a new security task force about the weather is so important to Kevin Martin that he recently made a new website called the Weather Police (although, Weather Clowns would of been a more proper name, amirite?). By what idiotic terms are translated, these so-called police job is to terrorize and intimidate under-aged and amateur meteorologists for making rudimentary forecasts and reports about the weather occurring in their local area. Kevin perceived this as a way to give himself more spotlight by randomly targeting teenagers and anyone under his age who have an interests in weather to avoid fading into obscurity. Mainly though, the Weather Police have been following up on weather related pages on Facebook and have recently harassed a weather page called the Eastern PA Weather Authority into temporary taking itself down for breaking their self-made pseudolaws on their official website. The Weather Police had to take down their own official site after being laugh out of the Internet again. Luckily, someone, maybe MeepSheep, archive it for all to see before the deletion and the link can be found Archive today-ico.png here. Even so, his Facebook page, Southern California Weather Authority, and the Weather Police, are still trying to belittle another page that maintains California forecasting. Meanwhile, the Weather Police still keeps on trying to ruin other weather enthusiasts' experience in vain, so that Kevin may redeem himself as a senior meteorologist, not just in California, but around the world (while still making bombastic claims that the sun cause earthquake, now that is very scientific.). Upon failing to made an impression, the Weather Police give up the act and admitted that everything done for the lulz [7]. Deprived of gaining unwarranted attention and having their motive revealed, the Weather Police scoop so low as to deliberately e-begging people to share their page for the sole purpose of getting two million likes in order to achieve instant e-fame. [8] Getting 230 likes is apparently not enough for the so-called Weather Police [9]<s/>. So they decide to turn their attention to another weather related page on Facebook called WXeastern and try whatever it takes to get them to submitted to their emotional blackmail, going as far as to masquerading as an member of Anonymous <s>[10]. This only result in the Weather Police again being laugh at and told multiple times to get a life by the weather community. The weather community sane pleads is ignored and the Weather Police try to start their drama with Justin Berk, another weather related page, for the next day only to pussied out within an hour when WXeastern notify ED on the current drama and then went into damage control. Next following day, like what any con men would of done, the Weather Police delete themselves to save face and went back to lurking in the dark corners of the Internet.

Bullied by James Spann

In August 2014, Mr Martin released a scary graphic indicating a huge hurricane would hit somewhere between Flordia & Texas in 7-10 days. Renowned meteorologist James Spann called BS. Since then, Mr Martin has called James Spann an idiot. [11] Mr Martin is now alleging James Spann is bullying a depressed, autistic person. [12]

Arrested For Prostitution

Police arrest info of our favorite lolcow.
More arrest info on Kevin Martin.


Kevin deciding to tell YouTube Favicon.png MrRepzion He'll be appearing at Vidcon to kill him. Vidcon staff: take notice.

Some are my trolls accounts, others my professional business accounts which I use for my work ... Dumbasses ... I'll never be stopped ... I'm likely the best meteorologist to ever walk the fucking planet ... I don't have thousands of views to my work sites a day for nothing ... idiot fuckheads


—KMartinTV as TheMindOfKevin


A real life fake lolsuit with Kevin's name on it. Click here for more information.

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