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Weev shows off his fully sick rhyming skills by rewording/ruining "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails.

Weev also authored the lyrics to both the Rob Levin metal tracks.

[13:04] weev: you let me ruinate you
[13:04] weev: you let me deface you
[13:04] weev: you let me penetrate you
[13:04] weev: you let me donginate you
[13:05] *** Super_Buick has joined #ed.
[13:05] weev: HELP ME
[13:05] weev: i broke apart your blogosphere
[13:05] weev: HELP ME
[13:05] weev: ive got no v14g|r4 to sell
[13:05] weev: HELP ME
[13:05] weev: the only thing that works for me
[13:05] weev: help me deface the blog of somebody else
[13:05] kardus: I can't help but move my waist :(
[13:05] weev: i want to XSS like a lolhat
[13:05] *** swedechef has joined #ed.
[13:05] weev: i want to feel your network from the inside
[13:05] weev: i want to XSS like a lolhat
[13:05] weev: your social networks been wronged
[13:05] weev: you're now closer to dongs
[13:06] *** w00t has joined #ed.
[13:06] *** Mode change "+v w00t" for channel #ed by mediacrat.
[13:06] weev: you can have my jizztapo
[13:06] weev: you can have the chickenfucker
[13:06] weev: you can remove my absence of lol
[13:06] weev: your shitty blog can take a fall

He also did Tool's Aenima on this post on the full-disclosure mailing list:

Fret for your nagios and
Fret for your network and
Fret for your servers and
Fret for your SOA and
Fret for your options and
Fret for your ajax and
Fret for your upstream and
Fret for your SAN.

It's a
Bullshit three ring circus sideshow of

here in this worthless hole we call the internet
the only way to fix it is to cause its drones to fret
any fucking time
any fucking day
learn to hack, we'll fucking troll it all away

some say an IOS worm will spread thru bgp
followed by IIS and openssh exploits
followed by netapps that are instantly emptied
followed by IPS signature engine overflows

some say the end is near
some say we'll see dongadeggon soon
i certainly hope we will
i sure could use something great to jack off to

stupid blogs, silly blogs, stupid blogs

one great big festering dotcom distraction
i've got a suggestion to keep you all occupied

learn to hack.
learn to hack.
learn to hack.

dongs are gonna fix it all soon.
dongs are comin' round to put it back the way it oughta be.