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WhatPort80's website arrangement really makes you wonder what you've been smoking.

Whatport80 was the beta of the site we all know too well. The wiki was designed to document and catalog internet memes and happenings and is dedicated to displaying them in an environment suitable for adults, children, the internet savvy, and internet noobs (and everybody in between). The site maintained an SFW attitude so that maybe you can show memes to your boss or mom and not get sacked or disowned by your family.

Sounds great, right? Yes, many ED users took it in and even adapted their precious articles for it. I mean, it was a great idea. Make a SFW site to trap newfags and gain advertising money for ED, so us neckbeards keep our site and don't even have to pay a cent!

Life would have been so simple, and nice, and full of frolicking ponies. Sorry, neckbeards, that's not how life works. After quickly discovering that her SFW project was doomed to fail if ED still existed, Girlvinyl decided to implement the Final Solution to the Fund-raising Question.

Without warning, the entireties of ED and Whatport80 were purged, their domains redirected to OhInternet, and a huge amount of the user-contributed SFW articles in WhatPort80 never made it into the final product. Awesome.

On the Origins of WhatPort80[edit]

Encyclopedia Dramatica - like all websites dedicated to trolling and drama - faced a deductive problem: (not anymore)

  1. ED is a wiki made by assholes.
  2. Fans of ED are assholes.
  3. Fans do not donate to ED because they are assholes.

In short ED was desperately short of cash and due to its infamous reputation (the reputation which made it so popular in the first place) no self-respecting site would advertise here. Thus, WhatPort80 was made.


On a Web server or Hypertext Transfer Protocol daemon, port 80 is the port that the server "listens to" or expects to receive from a Web client, assuming that the default was taken when the server was configured or set up. A port can be specified in the range from 0-65536 on the NCSA server. However, the server administrator configures the server so that only one port number can be recognized. By default, the port number for a Web server is 80. Experimental services may sometimes be run at port 8080...Zzzzzzzzzz.

Not the Same[edit]

How to produce a cash-generating hybrid that offends neither Jesus nor bears.

WhatPort80 is nothing like ED. Here are some quotes about Twilight to illustrate the point:


If you want to know just how horrible Twilight is, it's on par with Tara Gilesbie's masterpiece My Immortal, only with spellcheck and a sad attempt to disguise stolen ideas.




If you want to know just how horrible Twilight is, it's on par with Tara Gilesbie's masterpiece My Immortal, only with spellcheck and a sad attempt to disguise stolen ideas. Nigger.


Twilight Sex[edit]

I'm in my bedroom, feeling a bit lonely and horny ;-) Let's go wild online!


The WhatPort Wars[edit]

Yes, the below was actually from the original article.

Obviously for the remaining minutes of ED's life before it got pwnd by The Man, an endless supply of lulz will be generated by the attitude of hardcore ED users to WhatPort's crispy All-American freshness. You see, nothing shows the true spirit of rebellion than posting dongs all over Girlvinyl's userpage and calling her a money-grubbing slut. It's almost as good as listening to Star Wars fans arguing about who shot who first in the Cantina on Tatooine.

TwatFart80 is anti-semitic[edit]

TautPart80 is homophobic[edit]

What have they got against sucking cocks?

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