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Serious similarities...

Deviantart-favicon.png Whitelinxanimator500, (also known as Whitelinx500 or "Whitey" to her fantards.) spends the majority of her time being an attention whore with her tartlet friends, and stealing from other tartlets. But don't you worry gais "it's all a coincidence" as she's duped her rabid fantards into believing, trapping them in a permanent state of butthurt if you even so much as mention her history of butthurt art thievery. In turn making Whitelinexanimator500 call the waaaambulance and unleash her army of tartlet white knights on you.

However on the 4th of June, 2013, Whitelinxanimator was at it again when she uploaded a new "Artwork" which was soon noticed by another tartlet to have some similarities to one of their artworks, resulting in some serious lolcow drama.

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