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Why So Exploitable

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OH EXPLOITABLE! Awesome new high quality version

Why So Exploitable? is a simple Dark Knight related meme in the Oh Exploitable 'panels' school of memetics, currently entertaining the tards at /b/.

OP's original instruction to leave the last panel without a caption was tl;dr resulting in...well, mixed results. However, since this simple meme involves at least some thought and firing up MS Paint, it's a glimmer of original content hope in 4chan's dark night of torrential shitposting.

If you need it spelling out for you, the point is to have Batman telling a shitty joke, or being generally gay, to which The Joker has nothing to 'say' in the final panel except for the look of contempt on his face, for Batman's 'joke'. Of course, there are plenty of retards who like to add text to the last panel. This is DOING IT WRONG.

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