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Wikichan/A Collection Of Incest Confessions

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A Collection Of Incest Confessions was originally on Wikichan in 2008. It's being rehosted here.


The following stories could be found in a huge Incest confessions thread on /b/ that was created on 04/30/07. The main story from that thread can be found here.

Loving Brother

When I was 17 I would suck on my 12 year old sister's small tits and finger her, occasionally I'd also eat her bald little pussy, all late at night when our parents were asleep. Sometimes she'd climb on top of me and dry hump me while I was lying down.

Well, at first it was her idea, she'd sit on me, expose her panties to me when nobody was looking, straddle me and dry hump my crotch, etc. You know, nothing big. Then later it progressed to me playing with her nipples, and eventually my fingers found their way to her pussy. After that just about any time she and I were alone together fooling around, sometimes she started it, sometimes I did. Once while in a barn I was playing with her tits, (A cup, at 11 no less) and I started to suck on her dark little nipples, which got her so horny she grabbed my hand and moved it directly to her crotch. And that made me finger her hardcore. One night I pulled her pants completely off, and started licking her pussy, up and down the slit in little circular motions until I got to her clit, she started thrusting up into my face as she came. Then a later night I pulled down my pants and actually fucked her, you would not believe how tight and slick her little pussy was, apparently the boys in her age group weren't all that well endowed. but then, like every other night we did these dirty little things, I'd tuck her in, kiss her forehead, tell her I loved her, and wish her goodnight.

Me and my Niece

I bring up the stuff me and my niece do all the time. I just doubt that anyone believes it.

Me and her tend to just fool around a lot. When no one's looking I rub her ass/tits, she'll suck/nibble my neck, we spank asses, shit like that.

When ever we have real good opportunities, we'd get comfortable on the sofa and I'd start playing with her pussy. Usually I'd start first by having her on my lap, me rubbing her tits and getting her nipples hard. Then, I'd move my hand down her pants. She likes any method I use, but I get the best results playing the clit. She'd start rapping her legs around mine, clenching my legs/arms, grinding hard on my dick, etc.

I've always worried that I was taking advantage of her, especially cause she's so young (13) I also worry about how she's gonna feel about it later in life. Whenever I talk with her about it (which is a fair amount) she says the same thing.

1. I'm not taking advantage of her 2. She trusts me, more so than a lot of people she knows. 3. She's GREATLY enjoying how I touch her. 4. She knows she can say no to anything.

We've also tried on several occasions to stop that part of the relationship. I goes fine for a bit, then one of us reverts, then both. Though I've all but been given full written permission, I don't intend on fucking her for various reasons.

When we aren't doing naughty stuff, we're the closest of buddies. We talk about most anything. I try to help her with a lot of her problems (she tells me damn near everything). It's a very healthy uncle-niece relationship.

Only, I make her cum too. That's it really.

Another thing I forgot to say. The gap between us is ridiculous (I'm barely old enough to drink) That also makes me fell bad about it sometimes.

I'm still amazed by how she's handling it so...easily. A lot of times we treat it like some funny in-joke. It's baffling sometimes.

Teaching my younger cousin

When I was about 12, my cousin was about 9. She was staying the night at our house, and her clothes got dirty, so the only thing she was wearing was a bikini.

Well, me and her were sleeping in the living room, and I stripped down to my underwear, like I do every night, and she noticed I was hard.

"What's that?"

"My dick."

"Why is it sticking out like that?"

"It means that I have an erection, I am sexually aroused.'


"I have seen something sexy, and own my dick wants sex."

"What'd you see?"

"...are you serious?"

"Yeah, what'd you see?"

I stared at her, smile, and move in to kiss her forehead.

"You, stupid. You in that bikini, running around...bending over..."


"Yeah. And you know what you have to do when you give a man an erection, don't you?"


"You gotta fuck him. Come here."

She walked over, and we started making out. She had no idea what she was doing, so it was cute. I started to take off her top, and licked her nipples. She moaned a little, which only made them harder.

She started rubbing my dick, complementing on how warm it was.

I took her bottom off, and started licking her little pussy. She started screaming in moans, and I shut her up by turning around, and we 69'ed each other. She loved my cock. She kept sucking on it, and I told her how to do it (I had sucked some dick, I was the gay-whore in my group of friends, I sucked off every last one of my friends, and even one of my teachers to get an A on a test.)

Well, it came to the time to where I made her fuck me. I slowly put my tiny child-penis into her, and she started to cry. I told her to be quiet, and it'd all be over soon.

I pushed it all the way in, and she said it hurt and she wanted to stop. I told her no, and that we had to go on, or I'd die.

"No! Stop! I don't want to do this anymore!"

"Too bad. You made me hard, you're getting what you deserve."

I came inside her about 5 minutes later, and she rolled over and went to sleep, crying. I got up next to her, and kissed her cheek.

I apologized the next morning, and she promised never to bring it up again.

Now I'm 16, and she's 13. She's filled out, has long beautiful legs, and is growing quite the rack and the ass. I will grope her ass/tits every once in a while she is a sleep, and I want to fuck her again so bad.

I am going to tell her next she comes over, and I am going to see if she will fuck me again.

I hope so.

The picture attached is her now-a-days.

Damn she is sexy.

Perverted Brother

My sister is 2 years younger than I am.

She used to sleep in her underwear. She's cute, but a little chubby. I used to sneak into her room while she was sleeping and climb into bed with her and touch her pussy. The best time ever, she was sleeping very heavily, facedown. I climbed into bed behind her, gently spread her legs and slowly pulled her panties away from her behind. I kissed all over under her panties and slowly worked my tongue from her vagina back to her ass. eventually, I decided to ram my finger in her vagina, which of course, woke her up. I withdrew just as quickly and she said she had no idea what I was doing there. A few months later, she sprouted a ton of pubic hair and I used to feel down the front of her pants and finger her while she slept.

I also climbed on the roof, used mirrors under doors, hid in the closet/bathroom to watch her change and shower.

She's definitely caught me with a mirror under her door, on the roof, and touching her pussy. Despite the fact that I'm a sex driven pervert, we're still good friends, 5 years later.

Cousin Sex

When I was about eleven I was over at my cousins’ house. My cousin was bout 16 or so at the time. She wanted to play "house". She was the mommy and I was the daddy. My younger nephew played our son. My aunt and uncle weren't home so it was just us three. I knew what this meant, I just didn't realize how far she wanted to go. First we played like a family. After about 10 minutes of this she told our son to go to bed in his room. This left us two. She said it was late we had to go to bed too.

We got into her parents bed and told me I had to kiss her. I remember feeling her teeth with my tongue. She told me to lie on my back and she started kissing me. She put her tongue in my mouth, it felt good. She started to rub my dick through my pants. At first I pulled away but she kept reaching down and rubbing me. I stopped resisting. She managed to undo my pants and took out my dick and slowly started masturbating me. I'd played with myself before, but this felt really good. She pulled my hand towards her pussy, I could feel her panties were kinda of damp. I put my hand inside. She had hair down there and she was really wet.

She told me to put my fingers inside her. I banged her but she wanted me to play with her clit. Shit I didn't know what that was let alone know what I was doing. After couple minutes she told me to lay on my back again. She went down and started to kiss the tip on my dick. She then started slowly sucking on the head. after a couple minutes of this she lay on her back, she had already taken off her panties.

The whole time she telling me that was what mommies and daddies did. She told me to rub my tip on her slit. I didn't know what to think but just did it. I remember she moaned a little bit. She told me not to put it in, just rub the hole with it. She pulled up her shirt and started pinching her nipples. Her breasts were already kinda big. After a couple of minutes she started squirming, moaned louder and then stopped. From what I know now was probably her cumming. Next she started masturbating me. She looked up at me while she did it. I felt embarrassed and looked away. I felt my dick getting harder and I finally came all over the sheets. The whole time my younger cousin was in his room. She told me not to tell anyone not even my younger cousin. I saw her a couple years later. I was about 16 and she was in her twenties. We pretended like nothing ever happened. Sometimes I wonder if it was a dream. I doesn't feel like it really happened.

Action in the treehouse

Back when I was around the age of 8 I used to visit my grandfather's house and play with my cousin who was 12. Well one day we were up in the tree house and she told me to un button my pants. Not knowing anything I just listened. She told me we were going to play a game, and that it was a secret one so I couldn't tell anyone about it. So as I got my pants undone she grabbed my little dick and started to stroke it and lick it. In a few seconds I experienced my first ever erection. She then kept sucking it and before I knew it both her and I were completely naked. She lay down on her back and told me to get on top of her with my dick at her face. When I did this she told me to start licking her pussy. So I started licking, not knowing what to do. She then went to town on my little dick and I opened up her pussy and began to lick the inside. After a few minutes of that she told me to get up and to put my dick into her pussy. She said it would be okay because I couldn't cum yet. So I did what she said. We began fucking like crazy. As I was fucking her I would stroke one nipple and lick the other with my tongue. She began to moan softly and I was feeling really good. And after a few more minutes of that, I got a ticklish feeling in my dick, which I found out to be an orgasm, and she came all over my crotch. After that day we would fuck any chance we could get. One time when I was around 13 she even let me cum in her pussy. Now I'm in my 20's and she is as well. She has moved to another state and I haven't seen her in years. But man am I glad that I got to do that.

Daddy Dog

I'm a male, my cousin is female.

When we were younger, we used to play "house". Somehow I ended up telling her if a mommy dog ran out of milk, the puppy would then drink milk from daddy dog. I don't know where this thought of mine came from, but I told her I could show her. I was around 8 and she was 6 or so. Basically we did stuff like this until she moved far far away. Three and a half years ago (I'm 18 now) I visited her and I ended up fingering her, sucking her tits and she sucked my cock. Neither of us came though. She's gonna be in town on Tuesday. I'm debating whether or not to make a move.

It's not just a sex thing...I actually recently realized I'm in love with her. Not in just a family "Oh hey, you're my cousin so I love you" way either.

Educational Mother

I was about 10 at the time. I was having trouble sleeping one night, and for some reason I was lying in bed trying to work up the courage to ask my mom if I could see her vagina. She had given me some of my dad's old hustler magazines, and told me to ask if I wanted to see hers.

After a while of lying in bed with my heart in my throat trying to build up the courage to ask, I got out of bed and went in to the kitchen where my mom was writing out bills. I asked her "can I see your wrong spot?" which was what I called it back then. She told me "you're getting curious, aren't you?" and told me to go to the bathroom and wait for her.

I went in, waited for her, and she came in. I’m not sure what she said, but she took off her pants and panties, sat on the counter by the sink, and let me look at her. I remember she told me men usually call it 'pussy'. I remember I was about as far away from her as I could be in the bathroom, standing by the toilet while she was closer to the door. she asked me "is your thing sticking up" and I said yeah. She asked "will you let me see it?" and I said yeah and took off my pants for her.

I think I asked her exactly how a man and woman had sex. she said she'd show me, and went and got a plastic penis. I remember she switched places with me, so I was closer to the door, and she was near the toilet/bath tub. she put her foot on the edge of the bath tub and her other foot stayed on the ground. She put the plastic penis inside of her, and I asked her "how does it fit inside you?" and she told me "it just does". she showed me how sex happened like that.

I needed to pee, so she stopped, let me by the toilet and I used the bathroom. She told me she wished I could shoot white stuff out, which I thought was weird because after I played with myself, and went to the bathroom, my pee was always clear so I thought she was talking about that.

After that, I can't remember what happened, but we went to the living room, and my mom showed me a video and plugged up an electric massager that she had shown me how to use on myself to make me feel good. The video had 2 women having sex, and I remember asking my mom how 2 women could have sex if they didn't have a penis and she said "I don't know" but the video went on and one of the women was wearing a plastic penis. We sat besides each other and watched; my mom used the massager on herself a little bit and handed it to me. I was too aroused at the time and I could only use it on myself for a short time before it felt really good and got too sensitive. I asked my mom why it got so sensitive after a while and she said "I don't know". I handed the massager back to my mom and she used it again.

Shortly after giving the massager back to my mother, things wound down and we went to sleep in our separate beds. There never was any touching going on between us :(

More than roommates

My older sister and I shared room until I was 15. I remember one night I felt like fapping so I went into the bathroom. When I came out my sister asked me what I was doing. I blew her off and told I was just taking a crap. It was hot so I had my shirt off. I got into bed and went to sleep. I woke up a little bit later. We had a ceiling fan in our room so I couldn't hear much but the fan. But I could swear I heard my sister moaning quietly. I figured it was the fan and rolled back over. "Hey", I heard her voice right next to me. You don’t have to go into the bathroom to do that. You can do it in here. I wont say anything." Holy shit she knew what I was doing. " I do in hear with you all the time. I'll let you watch if you let me. Aw man I felt so weird but excited at the same time. What the hell is wrong with her. "I'll show you" she said. She turned on a small night light next to her bed. She sat up and pulled her shorts over and started fingering herself. She smiled at me. I turned away.

What the fuck, this is my sister. Don’t be embarrassed. "Show me" she said. "Huh, no" I said! "C'mon I showed you." I figured fuck it. So I started to pull my shorts down. She kept fingering her pussy. As I started to pull them down she came over and said stop. She turned off the night-light and came back over. She pulled my shorts down and slowly grabbed my cock it was already hard . I felt so dirty we had never done anything like this before. She slowly jacked me off. I could see her silhouette in the dark room. "You want me to suck it" she asked. I didn't know what to say. I just stood there and nodded. She took my cock in her mouth and started playing with my balls. I felt like cumming in her mouth so bad. She looked up at me and asked if I liked it. I nodded again. She stopped and stood up. "Why did you stop?" I asked. She pulled down her PJ shorts and lied on my bed. She grabbed her tits and asked "Do you want to fuck me?" I couldn't believe I had such a hard on for her. "Yes" I said quietly. Fuck our parents were in the next room.

"Come here" she said. She pulled me over by my cock and spread her legs. I was ready to ram it in her. By now I didn't give a fuck who's sister she was. "Stop not like this." She said. She rolled over and put her ass in the air. "Fuck me doggystyle" she said. I stood behind her and tried to guide my cock in. I just couldn't find it. She grabbed it, "right here." OMG, like warm apple pie. It slid right in. She was so tight. I slowly started pumping. "Don’t cum in me" she said. Fuck, my bed made so much noise, and our parents, dammit. She put her face into my pillows and moaned. Every time she moaned I wanted to cum. "Don't cum in me" she said again. I started fucking her hard, my balls slapped against her clit with each thrust. She started cumming, her pussy squeezed my cock tight. I have to cum, I said. Don’t do it she said. Fuck it. I couldn't stand it anymore. I grabbed her hair and blew my load into her tight pussy as hard as I could. She reached back and dug her nails into my leg. It hurt but felt so good. I slowly pulled out my cock. My cock slowly went down. I turned the night light back on. I could see my cum dripping out of my sisters pussy. Seeing this made me hard again. I rolled her over and started pumping her again. My sister wrapped her legs around me. I reached down and grabbed her tits. She came again. But it was too much for me, my cock couldn't take it anymore.

"Aw fuck what did I do? Your going to get pregnant." I began to freak out. She kissed my chest and told me to relax. "Mom has me on the pill." All I heard was "pill". That was enough for me.

The next year my parents built an addition to our house and I got my own room. That didn't stop my sister from having slumber parties with me in my room. She'd make a bowl of popcorn and say we were watching movies in my room. There's something special about cumming in your sister. It's a bond closer than I've ever known. You know its wrong but that’s what makes it feel so good.


It was when we were vacationing in Southern Greece. I suppose there was something about the area, a certain feel, which compelled me to do what I did. I look back on it now as the best decision I've made in my entire life.

We were busy looking at the earth and water at the beach, when my sister said she needed to go to the bathroom. For some reason, she took me along as well. My parents obviously didn't seem to mind, and fortunately didn't notice when she pulled me into the female part of the public bathroom.

BTW, my sister has dark skin (she's always tanning, and constantly shines with coconut oil), and some piercings on her eyebrow. I have lighter skin, and had a thin rat tail at the time. I guess I was making a fashion statement or something. I also have a pretty ripped body, and was wearing an open red shirt at the time. I guess she had been looking and admiring. I also had some tight black speedos on, and they really flattered my cock.

She immediately bent over inside the empty bathroom, poking her perfectly formed ass towards me. She pulled her bikini bottom down, and using two fingers from each hand slowly parted her vaginal lips, giggling as her vagina opened wide. I honestly couldn't think of anything to say. It was pretty wide, not unlike a huge pit we had seen sight-seeing that day.

She eventually said something as she peered back at me, smiling.

"I need to suck your cock and drink your cum"

Taken aback by this, I replied, "cock and cum... you'll find plenty of both down here" while gesturing towards my speedos, which were tightening as my cock expanded.

She laughed. "You're a sexy man". I decided to pull down my speedos, and my cock bent up into a horizontal position, already hard.

Her eyes bulged. "This is madness."

I stopped. What was I to do. I looked around the public bathroom, at the numbers written on the walls, at an advertisement for life insurance. The woman in the ad seemed to be almost nodding to me. I turned back around, and put my hand on my cock. I looked down, and noticed she still had her pussy wide open. I stared into the abyss. The bottomless pit.

"Madness?" I said softly, while edging towards her.

"THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!" I roared, and I rammed my cock into her.

It was good.

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