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The Wish app is a poorfag's version of Alibaba which is already a poor man's flea market. It is commonly used by Mexicans and zipperheads to obtain plastic crap because they can't even afford plastic shit from Wally's, but somehow have a cellular device and an internet connection. Subsidized telephone service from taxpayers is the likely explanation for that; though scientists are still debating how these people afford such commodities.

It is also a big contributor to ad revenue to many applications and Youtube channels.

Following are the primary reasons you should stay the hell away from this app if you are an average cellphone user.

What A Bargain![edit]

Wish is known to work with only the cheapest sweatshops in Vietnam to bring you the cheapest fidget spinners possible. Legend says that this app once sold an item that wasn't broken to drive down the price, but that's only conspiracy talk.

If you are still a student in high school and commonly say "lit", "fam" and "bruh" while scarfing down Takis potato chips, you will most likely buy some nylon Fortnite jackets here because your mom thinks it's a bargain.

It Looks Really Cool Now![edit]

Even though many of its users cannot afford current-gen gaming consoles, some of them do. And due to them still being poor and having shit taste, many of them choose to put cheap, full body stickers on their consoles. Unbeknownst to such twats, this instantly lowers their gamer status to "not a gamer."

You may also buy these things for your outdated CounterStrike Source era laptop.

Main Competitors[edit]

  • Your basement
  • Landfills
  • Local traphouses
  • Dumpsters / Trash Cans
  • eBay
  • Flea Markets
  • That Hispanic guy that sells bootleg cigarillos to kids
  • K-Mart
  • Dollar General

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