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He's over 300 years old.

Wizard may refer to:

Identifying A Wizard[edit]

Not a Real Wizard.
In order to make sure you are in deed dealing with a real wizard and not a jedi, cardboard display, carnie or someone in costume:
Not a Real Wizard.

  • You can first look for a "bald beard wig". Real wizards have to cover up their massive epic wizard beards with a stage prop simular to a bald wig except worn over the beard.
  • Secondly look for a "Familiar" which would be an animal compainion. If the person in question has a raven, owl, snake, cat, mudkip, rhino, dog or fish, chances are they are a real wizard.
  • You have just seen them cast Magic Missile. (likely at you)
  • If all else fails throw salt in person of questions eyes. Wizards cannot take the anti-magic properties of salt. If the person in question screams in pain followed by reddening of the eyes (also known as the "demon eyes") you know you have a wizard.

Baby Cakes on Wizards[edit]

Babycakes on Wizards and Spells

The best disgues is old and ugly.Unless you're already old and ugly...then you just act British.


People Who Are Not Wizards[edit]

If you see one of these, you must burn your computer and move house immediately

Becoming A Wizard[edit]

  • 1.Get a wand.
  • 2.Get a robe.
  • 3.????
  • 4.PROFIT!!!!
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