Women do not their shower

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Women do not their shower will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

"OvEr tHeIr wItH WoMeN CaN FaP BeCaUsE ThEy dO NoT ThEiR ShOwEr"


—Xio, who found his Shift key's vagina while horny and typing this

"Women do not their shower" - WTF is this shit? It's a forced meme - learn'em while you can. Can be used as a generic response to any statement, no matter how redundant, or senseless it may be in said context. For example:

[10:38] <+Sowrcreem>     hey how do i rejister a chan?
[10:39] <@Shoopderwhoop> Because women do not their showers.
[10:39] <+Sowrcreem>     umm wat?
[10:39] <@Shoopderwhoop> That's how.
[10:39] <+Sowrcreem>     ok


The typo, and the first signs of confusion.
The raping of the original typo, leading to total mindfuck. You know you want to read the description...

Spawned during an argument and shown in purportedly lulzy (though clearly not) logs (see above).

Proper Use for Maximum Lulz[edit]

You're doing it right.
Oh no, no, very wrong, you couldn't be doing it any more badly...
  • When using this meme in actual chat, be sure to use it when it makes the least sense.
  • If a person questions you or does not understand, simply disregard it, and say "It's because women do not their showers"
  • Try not use it too much or people will view you as an unoriginal n00b, which they probably already do.
  • If using this IRL, you should probably stand there awkwardly for at least 30 seconds after vocalizing, as people are 99.99% likely to not know what the fuck you're talking about.


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