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Woo Bum-kon.jpg
Woo Bum-Kon
Nationality: South Korean  MiniflagSKorea.png
Highscore Killed 56, injured 35
Top 50? 3rd
Style Single player
An Hero? Yes - explodes himself to death
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This page contains an hero.

Ever taken a nap on a lazy afternoon, only to be awoken by your girlfriend as she supposedly was swatting a fly that was on your chest Archive today-ico.png (archive)? And then done the right thing by going to work, only to come home punch your girlfriend and then take up all the arms and go on a killing spree? Oh and you worked as a cop, so you had access to all the best weapons. Woo Bum-kon has. This means that he is a cop that is okay in our book. Since he killed 57 gooks, including himself. Did we mention that his nickname was Power? Or how he was a legit marine?

Before the killings[edit]

Almost as soon as he finished indoctrination school, he joined Republic of Korea Marine Corps, aka Daehanminguk Haebyeongdae, where he learned how to best kill civilians. This means that this brave man, fought alongside brave Americans to liberate the Congs of their life, in the Vietnam War.

Once a Marine, forever a Marine.


http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Military_of_South_Korea#Marine_Corps, Motto of Korean Marine Corps

Then after graduating at the top of his class at the ROK Marines, he got hired by the National Police, before getting hired in Gungnye.

Lead up[edit]

Having an actual job sometimes require people to need to take a nap. Women don't understand that, so after Woo had successfully rescued kittens and what else coppers do, he had the need for a nap before going to work again. His girlfriend saw fit to awake him because she saw a fly on his chest (that wasn't bothering him because, you know, he was asleep). So being awoken and being a bit cranky, he just went to work. After having successfully arrested all the baddies, he went home to beat the shit out of his dumb as shit wife. As well as smashing the place up.

Artistic rendition of the house smashing

Then he went straight to armory. His weapons of choice:

  • 2 M2 carbines with 180 rounds
  • 7 Handgrenades

The Killings[edit]

First he went to the small town of Togok, that is near a Buddhist temple or a Nazi facility according to Google Maps, where he just started earning points by shooting randoms, including his dumb girlfriend who went to see what the fuck was going on.

Woo Bum-Kon Togok-ri.jpg
Archive today-ico.png Temple or Camp?

He then went to city of Gungnyu, where had had enough of phone operators and killed their sorry asses, so nobody could call for help.

Woo Bum Kon Killing Map.png

At one point Woo was getting thirsty, merciless killing will do so when you are playing on Survival. So he had a 16-year old get him a soda from a nearby store. When the kid brought him the soda, he killed him and his family. When he said no sugar, he meant no fucking sugar. After 8 hours of running from the law, they finally tracked him down. Only now he had taken a family hostage, whom he had scared, by telling them he was after a communist. So when the police finally got close, he an heroed explosive style by pulling a grenade.


  • Suh Chung-hwa - Interior Minister of South Korea resigned
  • An Eung-mo - National Police officer offered to resign
  • The Government paid money to all the families


High Score[edit]

Graded Score
Kill count: 58/20 Dam Son
Accuracy: 12/20 56 kills, 35 injured
Style: 10/20 COP!
Butthurt: 20/20
Bonus: 17/20 For smacking his bitch up
Total Score: 115/100 (S)
Let's Be Cops
See full ranking

Wanted Level

National Guard

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