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CodebreakerDX IRL
Mike's ballin' website.
A recent picture of Mikey on a graphic he made.

Also known as Mikey - some WWE fanboy 14 year old, fat fuck, newfag, who has one of the strangest love-hate relationships with Spax ever seen. He was a fan of Spax's game reviews early on, however, during Spax's video removal, he told Spax several tough facts, which made Spax RAGE like never before. This made Mikey grow a HUGE Ego, making him think that he has achieved Epic win. However, after he realized that no one gives a shit, and no one likes him, he decided to crawl back to Spax to have someone to BAAAAAW to, about his problems.

He uses spax3 to get videos removed about him failing on the internet. He uses bullshit trolling methods, like making unfunny jokes about people and then apologizing, saying "sorry i did it for the lulz." He blames his retarded WWE character M2J when he fucks up a friendship or does something stupid and unfunny. He also keeps people from talking shit about him by disabling rating and comments on pending approval. He thinks talking to bigal2k6 and some other faggots makes him a great legend but in the end nobody gave two fucks about him meeting them.

He gets butthurt everytime somebody blocks him, and when something really stupid happens he decides to leave the internet but will be back tomorrow.

His Dox[edit]

See Here, Mirror (Pastebin archives) Archive today-ico.png (archive) Archive today-ico.png (archive)

His Life[edit]

Michael Hagopian tends to live only In the safety of his home and seems to have a lot of time on his own hands, He does not go to regular schools but Instead he Is home schooled by his mommy but you can tell that his only learned that being an Internet dumbass and having a ego Is okay and that It will make you a better person too. He tends to eat his life away with 20 boxes of pizza and drinking his whole gallon of cola even though this makes no sense to make fun of because Mikey is so poor he can barely afford Pizza and Cola. Because he has nothing else better to do but eat, Eat, Eat! He then repeats his life style and that's the story. He was also awarded the fattest kid In the state of Michigan but never made the news because nobody cared or even knew who the fuck he was for awhile, Just some random fat kid that made the news. Mikey doesn't not a have one single girlfriend, Because his to god damn fat and ugly but he pretends that anime girls are, Does that count? Mikey hasn't been in school since the 1st grade and he doesn't plan on going anytime soon. He wants to attend wrestling school. In 2012 he went homeless because his parents clearly don't give a fuck and he lived on the street for 2 days. Mikey also lives off $100 a month he calls them "school checks" but he really gets them for disability. He has been fraudulently getting this check for almost a year now. Mikey isn't disabled, he's just fat

His Life Outside[edit]

Mikey clams he has a outside life where he plays tennis with other girls and football with his gay bother robbey he goes on walks for like 5 mins then drops to the ground from loss of breath and sometimes he goes to stores like gamestop to look at games and beg people to let him get games when he finds out he can he says he will sue them and come back later then goes home to fuck around on the internet and eat 20 boxes of pizza and drink a gallon of cola then

The Character M2J[edit]

Mikey created this gem back in mid-2008 after his ego got the better of him. He at first utilised the character to troll a small child on Youtube then hacked his email to cement his position as the coolest guy in town... which people soon realised.

Feuds And Dramas[edit]

TheChristG53/GeneratedG53, he is a wrestling fan like me, but he has way too many mental issues, plus, if anyone deserves a Encyclopedia Dramatica article its him, the section on me on Spax3's Encyclopedia Dramatica article is really uncalled for.




Kyokutan Wrestling Federation[edit]

Mikey now has an action figure wrestling company called KWF. Trust me, this is really gay. He calls his friends on Skype and he starts a 3 hour show of him playing with action figures and wrestling theme songs. Oh yeah and there is no video, it's an audio only show.
The logo he made to show you how autistic he is!

The Pictures Of Doom![edit]

External Links[edit]

YouTube Favicon.png WWEDX2006
YouTube Favicon.png CodebreakerDX
Twitter-favicon.png CodebreakerDX
Skype username: themizfan1995

  • AIM: MikeyWWEDX2007
  • Steam: [VGH] The Shield From Injustice
  • PlayStation 3: CodebreakerDX
  • Wii Friend Code: 3465-4594-7196-0057
LOLSuper Smash Bros. Brawl Friend Code: 4127-1552-6065

I have MSN but to avoid hacking, it's private. i only give it to people i trust.


— CodebreakerDX

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