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Pepe's Bootleg Brother fucked the Weeaboo
Deviantart-favicon.png Xalainu is a woman transvestite child of 21 years old, born on the 9th of June 1994, who doesn't know when to grow the fuck up. She is located in Palatine, Transle-Illinois, United States. This woman is severe Weeaboo who also happens to not just be a blonde jew but also a lovely example of a mentally insane pedophile.

Let The Edge Begin[edit]

I can show you the pity...~ and you bet your sweet ass there is more where that shite came from.

"I don't care if I have haters. I honestly don't. But you know what hurts me? It hurts when you used to have a friend who suddenly decides to turn against you just because of one idiot's opinion or because of some really stupid reason. I had to go through that hurt. And I still hurt to this day. So now I want to apologize for everything, whether I did anything wrong or not.

To these two people:

Deviantart-favicon.png emofooker Deviantart-favicon.png daftsilverintheflesh

I'm sorry for my behaviors that I have done in the past. I'm sorry that I was such an idiot back then. I'm sorry for everything. And if you're reading this, please forgive me... I'm doing so much better than I have done back then. Again, I'm so sorry... Please forgive me..."

~ Xalainu in 2013.

Two years later... same shit still being written.

So after this, Xalainu reached the Emo "Nobody understands me" phase. Of course, she was writing stupid shit like this:

"All the more reason why I hate living under your roof. Because you NEVER respect my privacy. I am an adult. I'd like to have my privacy. And news flash: I'M GONNA GET MY OWN LAPTOP WHEN I SAVE UP ENOUGH MONEY!!! Why? Because I do NOT want anyone watching every single thing I do on the computer. If I want to have a personal conversation with a friend, LET ME. You have NO right to get yourself involved unless I ask you to. If I want my privacy respected, I would LIKE it respected. Imagine if I was reading over your shoulder when you are texting someone on your phone. Would you shoo me away? Of course you would. Don't deny it. And I HATE it when you ask me who I am talking to on the phone or online, because that's another form of trying to invade my privacy. Why am I angry? Because you don't seem to care about my rights as a human."

~ Xalainu whining about her shitty parents.

You can find this journal here: Can't wait for her white-boy family to see this.

Xalainu Loves To FUCK![edit]

Who loves big juicy green ogre dick? Xalainu loves big ogre dick!

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She even has a porn account. With her face on it. GG In case any of you desperate fucks want some of that pussy.

In case any of you desperate fucks want some of that pussy.

Fan Art[edit]

Here are some fan artwork pieces for the article!

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Journal Pity Land[edit]





Causing Shitstorms in Discord Servers[edit]

One very particular shitstorm that she decided to stir up was in a "Self Ship" server. According to the owner, she constantly bothered the fuck out of people to do voice calls with her or to watch shitty meme videos or just random videos in general that either made everyone else uncomfortable or angry as hell with her. She eventually got banned for the constant spam, even after being warned several times, and decided she would try to take to good ol' DeviantArt to slander the owner and the server for "being assholes".

But wait theres more! After being banned and slandering the fuck outta everyone, she decides to beg some random dude she didn't even know for a full hour to be a "mediator" between her and the server owner so she could be let back in. Turns out, the guy was a minor and immediately tried to hit on an adult in the server, getting him insta-banned. After that, she was banned again for doing the same shit.

There's actually a video on this.

Hooray for Causing Shit and Getting Banned!

The fact that she hasn't changed is hilarious


N/A - quote from someone who interacted with her

Her Fan Blog![edit]

By fan, I mean her blog of pure beauty! People who noticed how much of a spoilt brat she is made a lovely blog! How did she respond? With a pointless journal trying to lecture people on butthurt Somebody throw a fucking book in this girl's stupid face.

Here's the tumblr blog dedicated to smacking sense into dumb mmd bitches.

White Knights[edit]

Deviantart-favicon.png Persephone-Almana

Deviantart-favicon.png meteorit3

Deviantart-favicon.png Dolcinea Deactivated until new account.

Deviantart-favicon.png her-only-rhyme


Black Knights[edit]

The people placed upon Deviantart-favicon.png Xalainu's Profile:

Deviantart-favicon.png the-foxton the furry who is legitly wants to fuck Xalainu up the ass for simply adding herself in. aka the one who wants to fuck hoxton

Deviantart-favicon.png Chaos55t Aka: Madness. The pepe she wants to fuck and seems to be her on and off bitch.

Deviantart-favicon.png Dolcinea The "Intelligent" One.

Deviantart-favicon.png foxymoxxy

Deviantart-favicon.png princessskyler The 60 year-old looking wrinkly teenager.

Deviantart-favicon.png meteorit3 ded

petition staph encylopediadramatica[edit]

also tryed to start an petition to shut down ed even though she said it was wrong when other faggots did this

To this day she's still trying to take down the ED page, hunting down people she once argued with to accuse them of constantly editing it even though it's been several years since they last had contact with her.

The Account Tracker[edit]

This section will show you all of Xalainu's accounts:

Tumblr: http://cassidy-the-forest-violinist.tumblr.com/

Tumblr: http://the-apocalypse-kid.tumblr.com

Deviantart-favicon.png fruit--water Discovered and BAWLEETTEED.

Deviantart-favicon.png Key-Lime-Pies Discovered and BAWLEETTEED.

Deviantart-favicon.png the-cash-in-amethyst Discovered and BAWLEETTEED.

Deviantart-favicon.png xburningwarrior Inactive

Deviantart-favicon.png 0AfraidOfMonsters0 Inactive.

Deviantart-favicon.png Streaming-Heart Guess who's back!

Weasyl: Xalainu

YouTube ChannelNEW YouTube

Facebook Page

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juhuxluxu.vdzhuh

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