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YTwatchdog (a.k.a. "The King of Lulz") is the Youtube prophet for great justice that regularly trolls other annoying YouTube cheaters in a sped up voice. He is also a prime example of awesome. Years ago when Watchdog first set paws (get it?! cause he's a dog!! LOL!!1!) on the Youtube battlefield of retarded camwhores, internet tough guys, and cheaters, he was looked upon as a prophet of lulz as exposing morons and common sense to the so called E-famous. When he exposes vloggers such as sxephil, Charlestrippy, Shane Dawson, and Shaycarl, butthurt is very imminent.


One thing he always had for him was his trademark l33t dog mask that he never took off, no matter how much he was threatened by retarded AtheneWins fans, but for some reason recently began to use his normal voice in his vlogs. And then out of the YouTube chaos, anonymous discovered something terrible...

WARNING: the following video may cause you to commit suicide.

Upon finding out this horrible, horrible development.

This video was posted under *[1] in 2007.

Fun Facts[edit]

Career lulz[edit]

Some amazing fan art of WatchDog

However, he got owned when he tried to attack Wylinoutbitch's methods of destroying YouTube, to the extent of making multiple videos trying to discredit him, as well as saying:

"We will get YTMND, GameFAQs, and EVERYONE to take you down!"

Wylinoutbitch however was not a Final Fantasy 7 hater and thus GameFAQs did not care. Wylinoutbitch also had a top-10 site on YTMND so it was unlikely they would retaliate either. Unfortunately, he also managed to assume the method of Wylinoutbitch's trickery incorrectly, which led to more lulz when Wylinoutbitch proved him wrong.

Result: Wylinoutbitch gets more popularity/hits/comments.

The ShaneDawsonTV Fiasco[edit]

Recently, the all-seeing eye of the YTwatchdog fell upon the domain of one ShaneDawsonTV, a YouTube celebrity with a legion of whining, grammaticaly impaired pre-adolescent cocksuckers overshadowed only by the fans of Smosh. With his superhuman faggotry senses tingling, the YTwatchdog bravely called out ShaneDawsonTV for his overwhelming sense of unwarranted self-importance and general money-grubbing antics. The floodgates of fail violently burst worth in a wave of butthurt comments from loyal fans of ShaneDawsonTV. Unable to accept a video that offered an opinion in direct opposition of their own, they proceeded to FLAG THE SHIT out of the video until YouTube removed it and temporarily prevented the YTwatchdog from uploading any more videos. This typical showing of epic fail by YouTube, however, also resulted in the epic win realization that every single one of ShaneDawsonTV's fans are assholes.

'The ShaneDawsonTV fails video'

YouTube Takes Action[edit]

When YouTube started getting butthurt when they get shown The Truth about how most of the people they promoted turned out to cheat on getting more views and comments. So YouTube does the most honorable thing and deleted OVER NINE THOUSAND About 20 of YTwatchdog's videos and all of the favorites he got on his videos.

YTwatchdog Freaking out over it

His latest video "Jessi Slaughter GTFO" has also been taken down, because You Tube was afraid of teh cyber police and got butthurt immediately.

However the video was reuploaded for great justice. Consequences will never be the same:

Down again

The end of a Lulzy Legacy (Or is it?)[edit]

Since May 30th, 2013, it has been rumored that the YTWatchdog has either given up on his escapades, disappeared off the Earth, or died off completely, as it has been one and a half years since we have heard ANYTHING from the masked dog-man as of this edit.

But then... On the prophetic day of Friday the 13th, when the drama horns blared once more, he has returned to answer the clarion call to fight the oppression once again.

Fan videos[edit]


Happy St. Paddy's Day! Don't drive drunk and if you go home with a bitch WRAP UR WHOPPER!!! I'M SRS!



I have popsicles :D






You're wrong, sir! It IS a big deal! And one day, you're gonna realize it. You're gonna wake up, look in the mirror, and yell, 'WHAT HAVE I DONE??'



I am from Iran! When I'm not running around in the desert, I am watching DANCETUUUUBE!!!



Oh my god, what am I doing? I'm home alone, wearing a dog mask, yelling, 'I LOVE PEEN!'






We have some ducks outside...they keep looking at me...STOP LOOKIKNG AT ME RRRRRR!!!!!






I don't wanna rape a fish ):






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