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YTYC, sorta a big deal

As we obey and trust Yahweh, we give praise to the name of God. Through faith and works, let us never stop praising Yahweh, Our Master. Amen.

Yahweh is the deity that dirty kikes worship, and they have somehow convinced Gentiles to worship as well (thus, Christfaggotry, the demon spawn of Judaism happened).

No wai!

Yahweh! As Youtube spreads across the internets like AIDS in a gay nightclub, it’s only natural that the odd meme pops up from time to time. One of the better memes involves Reverend Alecia love of the one true God, Yahweh.

Original Video

A non-believer gets the fear.


Also the forbidden, original power name of God. It is said that Jews go to hell if they say it. However, this is redundant because typical snivelling kikes live a life of taking your precious jewgold and raeping your daughter and will be spending eternity there either way.

Fail of a translation

Some dumbfucks decided that the hebrew letter equivalents of YHVH is pronounced Yahweh. It is not pronounced Yahweh. Or Jehovah for that matter, which is even a bigger fail of a translation, which isn't surprising, coming from the same people who claim that the earth was created last thursday. It's Yuh-VAH.

Capitalization of Yuh-VAH's pronouns

Believers feel a duty to capitalize any and all pronouns referring to Yuh-VAH in writing, ie, He, His, Him, all even in mid-sentence. But that is just a crappy tactic to con or coerce nonbelievers into Abrahamism before resorting to threats of hell. In fact, the only time the word "τάρταρος" ever appears in the New Testament it is a verb "to cast to the underworld" which Christians should know is actually Shä-ol.

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