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This article is about liars in general. For other uses, see Jews.

Nevar forget
Yes you
"I am a pretty, pretty little girl."

AKA Bullshitter, is every person IRL and pretty much every person on the Internets. You may think you're talking to a sexy, sassy 16-year-old girl, but she's more likely an 80-year-old Chinese man in panties. You may think you can trust your e-pal with your darkest secrets, but thanks to Frienditto, your "buddy" is a lying thief.

Examples of lies:

I am not below average.



I have had secks!



I make great music, they call me the Queen of Oz!



Shout outs to OL Liars[edit]


Oh shit, it's a Pagan/Wiccan... are you surprised?

  • Michelle Mcrae
    • She lied to and hurt many people, and proves that you can't trust girls on the Internet. Even if they really are girls, and have a girl's voice, they can still be extremely ugly and heartless. Disregard that, there are no wimminz on thy internets
  • Kid Vegas
    • "He's a fucking liar. Now I have my own studio and I am the biggest growing porn star around. He doesn't own shit. Noone will fucking hire him. The only way he can get it up is if he takes Viagra."
  • Tainted Bill
    • "After about ten minutes, I remembered that we parked much closer to the stream. By the way, if Pete should tell you that, when I found her, I threw my arms around the car and said 'daddy loves you', he's a fucking liar."
A skeptic

Big Fat Whoppers[edit]

Some people make up such bullshit lies that they themselves believe them and will fight them till the end.
Typical Chinese Restaurant
Betty Marie Barmore, liar and criminal for identity fraud, and mother of Chrissie Barmore.
  • Computer Science
    • Furfag Dave Espino thinks you can code without knowing shit. Tl;dr.
  • blog archive
    • "Hi, I am an alien from Mars and I want to download PHP Editor. So I can make a homepage for my people. ps. Don’t tell it further, because I am in disguise."
  • Petition Spot
    • "oi dick head i am jesus! and i AM ALREADY DEAD!! fuckin scrotum faced pigmy! go get ass raped by afuckin llama!!!! hello"
  • The Purpose of Alt IDs
    • "I do not need to hide my ID. I am a Klingon!"
  • "I remember landing, and there was supposed to be some kind of welcoming ceremony, but we ended up dodging sniper fire instead."
  • Self Employed Singles
    • "What to say about me. Well, I've got a heart of gold, I'm incredibly funny and stunningly hansom. Additionally I'm kind to children, animals and the elderly. Unfortunately, I am fabulously wealthy."
  • Retired Writers Aliases
    • "I am a Marshmallow man. No, you cannot use me to make smores, and no, I'm not really here to destroy the world."
    • "Hey maybe we can go out some time. I am the same age as you. I drive a red Firebird. Hey I have to tell you, you are really really HOTT. I have brown hair and brown eyes, and I am really beautiful too."
    • "I am a demon from hell and i know all of your tricks, so shut your mouth and stop saying shit about my spelInINGSINg."
  • Copypasta
    • 9th grade: My first sexual experience that actually involved nudity. While we're fondling each other, she asks me if I like Diet Coke. Me: It's alright. Girl: Well, I LOVE it. How 'bout you go get me a bottle of it? I go downstairs and grab a 20 ounce bottle from the fridge. When I return, she says it's too cold. Girl: How 'bout warming it rubbing it on my cunt? So I began to rub her vigorously with the bottle. Soon enough, she asks me to shove it inside of her. She really enjoys it, and so do I because I KNOW that, with this girl, I'm defiantly going to get off. That's when it gets crazy. She rips out the bottle, opens it, and begins filling her cunt! with Diet Coke. I swear, she nearly empties the volume into her cunt!.I had seriously underestimated this cunt's liquid retention volume. Girl: YOU LIKE DIET COKE?!?!?!? OH YEAH OH YEAH DRINK IT FROM ME! I was noticeably freaked, but I did want to get off, and I didn't want my first load-blow to be into 18.7 fluid ounces of a 0-calorie beverage. I began to go down on her, until she said the exact wrong thing. Girl: OH YEAH, DRINK IT FROM ME! I'M THE KOOL-AID MAN! OH YEAH! OH YEAH! I don't know how she did it with 16-year-old voice, but she sounded exactly like the Kool-Aid man from the commercials. I glanced at the wall, half-expecting him to burst through and over me a fruity beverage. I was extremely turned-off. She could tell, too. As she sat up to see what was wrong, she twisted her body in such a way that Diet Coke shot out of her and all over my face, chest, and groin. And it was at that sticky, low-calorie moment that my parents chose to pull into the driveway.

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