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YouCaring (moar liek JewCaring amirite?) was a crowdfunding site that was mostly used by racist, sexist, feminist SJWs to scam mentally-deficient liberals into giving them large amounts of money under false pretenses. Aside from the typical E-begging scams like faking Cancer, faking AIDS and faking orgasms – YouCaring was also home to some truly unique fundraisers like the Asian bitch who lied about getting raped and numerous other lazy cunts who would literally just beg people to pay them "reparations" for being "women of colour".

In August, 2018, YouCaring finally shut down and deleted all campaigns from their site after being bought out by the fine folks over at GoFundMe.

I wonder how many people will die, be deported or face eviction as a result of their YouCaring links being deleted by @GoFundMe.


—Tony Choi Verified.png, pointing out that GoFundMe did the right thing Archive today-ico.png (archive)

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