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United we stand.
Member Kai admitting his pedophelia.

YouTube Vigilantes (yTv, not to be confused with Youth TeleVision) are a group of middle-aged pedophiles who spend hours a day bitching and moaning about haters on YouTube, trying to dig up their private info so that the Youtube Street Team (led by Damien Estreich who deposed Argent009) can sweep in to perform street justice.

The Golden Three[edit]

Protect yourself.

Never forget the golden three. You insensitive fuck.

The Golden Three:
1. Invoke the law- This page tells you the law by state:

2. Find your local FBI office and file a complaint with a live person:

3. File a report with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): 


Krystal can't enjoy her sandwich because YTV is private

August 13, 2007, this group emptied out. See the section below under the header "YTV Pwned". This is a list of the people who were the original members before the group got hijacked by kid-fiddlers.

Krystal Can't Enjoy Her Sandwich because...



Upon joining the YtV, all members are provided with a statue that embodies the spirit of The Golden Three, along with an Inspector Gadget super-secret decoder ring.

All these accounts belong to one of the members.


About the only thing the YouTube Vigilantes actually do is elevate hypocrisy to an art form.


The only comments are all CircaRigel sockpuppets. lol

The YouTube Vigilantes claim to be against spam as well as hate. They show this by spamming hateful comments on the profile of anyone who dares question them or disagree with them. Or anyone who might have at some point said something they disagree with, whether or not that person was actually aware of the YTV.

The Promised Land[edit]

The YouTube Vigilantes claim to have left and gone to The Promised Land. Someone forgot to tell their sockpuppets.

We also don't mention how incredibly lame it is to call yourself a "YouTube" vigilante when the site you are on is LiveVideo. We assume that eventually they will figure it out and until then, we lol.

New Ruin: The VigilantOne Rebellion[edit]

Last Thursday the YouTube Vigilantes member known as "vigilantOne" went rogue. He replaced his standard YTV background (a purple peace sign with turtles and dolphins) with a much edgier Star Wars one to show that he meant serious business. He made a series of lulzy videos that accused members of YouTube, ED, and the YTYC of various things. The content of his videos can best be summarized as, "Neener, neener, neener, _____ is a _____!!!"

While the YTYC was doing their datamining on the identity of vigilantOne, a diversion video was put up. All signs were pointing to noscriptsV2, but the data had to be checked and double-checked before they went all the way live with that info.

(Irish282 had this video removed, but it's mirrored here.)
Proposed revision for the YTV logo

This angered vigilantOne, and he began producing videos at rate of one per day. He couldn't maintain this pace, and they declined further and further in quality to the point where his final one consisted of cucumbers and sausages. His faggotry was so embarrassing to the YTVigilantes, that they threatened to reveal his powerword unless he suicided immediately. He obliged.

Ashamed and disgusted over the actions of her former colleague, CircaRigel resigned from the YTV. She vowed to fight on alone, but to never wear the purple background again.

After seeing how little control the YTVigilantes had over their members, HonEDLolington decided it was time for a change. A corporate takeover was announced. All policing and pedo-hunting on YouTube would now be done by the YTYC, and the purple logo was absorbed until it could be revamped.

YTV Pwned[edit]

Sometime in August of 2007, the YouTube group forum for the YTV went through some puzzling changes. Members began bailing out in droves. Soon after that the group itself was deleted.

The only clue to what happened comes from this panicked bulletin posted by Irish282:


Some argue that this was no hack job at all, but merely an attempt by Irish282 to cover his tracks regarding his pedophiliac activities. In any event, it was noted that children rejoiced and danced and sang and flew kites next to chocolate rivers upon hearing about the demise of the YouTube Vigilantes.

YTV 2.0 - Facta Non Verba[edit]

Google Ads knows what you've been up to Todd

Towards the beginning of 2008, the group was reassembled into its current form, an eclectic mixture of middle-aged men and teenage boys. Spearheaded by the australian 50 year old emo tbd1000, the group now continues its campaign of harassing anyone that tries to stand in the way of grown men and teenage boys cybering each other. Here's a list of the current membership as it stands today:

Honorary Member:

Sockpuppet support:

The Mythology Socks

The Tarot Card Socks

Online Child Abuse
(erect PENIS censored out)


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