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Pretty much ruins every game.

Anonymous is infamous for occupying the cold, heartless, cruel, bitch-trenches of the internets, but some evidence has shown that, on rare occassions, even /b/ has a heart.

Following suit of the classic You Laugh, You Lose threads, the spin-off You Bawww, You Lose features depressing images posted in order to invoke emotion from Anon. This differs from other subsets of YLYL because it requires slightly moar creativity to be effective, instead of just posting examples of retardation to incur the wrath of Anon or mass pr0n spamming to induce fapping.

Bawww threads are simply a collection of endless reposts and old copypasta.

Still, many agree that these threads are the example of the cancer, while others hold firm to the belief it is a nostalgic staple of /b/. On the third hand, though, some Anon think the purpose of the threads backfire, and instead find them to be a bigger source of lulz than the thread's original counterpart.

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Baww video gallery[edit]

You might need a little backstory to understand this one.

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