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Well actually you forgot Poland!



That's not a grand coalition.
You are not forgotten
Oh, that John Kerry...

You Forgot Poland is many things in one. It's a redundant statement from our glorious ex-president. It's the reason why W beat John Kerry in the 2004 election. It's a played-out meme on YTMND. And to some, it's a way of life.

Who could forget Poland?[edit]

Good question. With all the news and jokes about Poland, it seems hard to forget about that annoying little lump of land. But, believe it or not, way back in the time before ED, people didn't really hear about Poland every day. They would hear stuff about actual problems in places that matter.

The Origins[edit]

When we went in, there were three countries, Great Britain, Australia, and the United States. That's not a grand coalition. We can do better.


—John Kerry

Well actually you forgot Poland! And now there's thirty nations involved, standing side-by-side with our American troops. And I honor their sacrifices, and I don't appreciate it when a candidate for president denigrates the contributions of these brave soldiers.


—George Bush

On YTMND[edit]

Obviously graded by a Jew!
Now days, everybody wanna talk...

The disease started on October 1, 2004, when the user barbarian posted a simple site with a picture of W looking stupid as usual, and the infamous quote. If he knew what wrath he had brought on YTMND, he would have shot himself. It took the usual route of YTMND "fads", but shortly after, several YTMND users decided to turn it into a fucking cancer that would plague YTMND to this very day.

Forgot Poland Army[edit]

The Forgot Poland Army is a vicious pack of 13-year-old boys that practically run YTMND. Their tactics are the same as most YouTube partners, making a misleading title, telling people to VOAT %, and making horrible puns in the site title. But the sites themselves resemble Youtube Poop, using highly distorted sound, typical Fad sound clips, and horrible Photoshopping.

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