You must have been abused as a child

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Don't feel bad for her; she was asking for it, wearing that tight sweater in front of Dad and all.
Probably you, because you don't agree with my political views.

An ancient, unfunny meme used by idiots to determine the source of fail in anyone who's fucked-up enough to disagree with them. The use of "You must have been abused as a child" and variants thereof indicates extreme butthurt in those who type it. This meme peaked in popularity during the mid-'70s and is still used by NORPs, lusers and other incarnations of faggotry.


HEY!! I got it!! THIS fellow was badly beaten and sexualy molested by his grandfather while The Rise and Fall of ziggy stardust was playing aloud.


—Ian, because somebody doesn't like David Bowie

Are you for real? I honestly think you should be placed in a museum to be observed and discussed. Groups of phychologists need to study your means of rationale, and somehow fathom how you "evolved" in the direction you did. You must have been abused as a child to end up this way...I'm so sorry for you.


—Chris, because somebody is concerned about global warming

Taildragrrrrr --- grrrr, ey ? Poor thing, you must have been abused as a child - you'll be fine.


—liseworks, because somebody isn't in love with Black Jesus

Please, you must have been abused as a child and well into your teenage years. Do you really need this much attention?


—HittMann98, being trolled by a lunatic

you are really weird but funny as... well i cant say the word i want to because its a "bad word"! i like ducks. you should put me in your next entry ,about what, i dont know, you just should! whats wrong with you, were you abused as a child? did your parents beat you? too many sweets? thank you


—Balooga, being unfunny

AAB: read all the stuff that you wrote, your remarks fulls of hatred and anger. Were you abused as a child ? Seems like you need some serious medication bud. Good luck to you !


—Mike, responding to a third-world psychopath

Boy, Glenn. I feel really sorry for people like you. What would you do without the internet? Wait in the park like a creepy old man until you overhear someone misuse a word or pronounce something wrong and then pounce on them? Were you abused as a child? Does something give you the need to act out like an internet troll? It’s pretty sad. But, you seem to be happy in that role. Enjoy!


—Kevin, responding to a fellow whiny fag

johnnyonthespot, Under 80? I don't think so. By the way, what is your IQ score? Why are you so cruel? Were you abused as a child and you're fighting back at the world by being arrogant and obnoxious?


—af, upset about some local bullshit

Well, Actually...[edit]

Strangely enough, if it turns out that the recipient really was abused as a child, the people arguing with them suddenly become very meek and apologetic.

On the other hand, real trolls will demand proof of said abuse. By this stage, everybody else will type in messages saying what a cruel heartless bastard this troll is (complete with angry emoticons), even though it's very likely that the person claiming to be traumatized because daddy used to stick umbrellas up their asses is a complete bullshitter, because people who genuinely have been abused do not brag about it on the internet.

Other Variations[edit]

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You much be psychotic

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