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150 Did you know
  • Yiffing Cunt Makerz was created for the lulz?
  • Fizzi is an example of trying too hard?
  • Cybarsecks Fucktair is the successor ofEpic Fail Guy?
  • Adolfberserker is a non-Grammar Nazi successor of an emo?
  • This article is epic win?
  • Hammy Havoc will shoot anybody who says the word 'Yu-Gi-Oh' on sight?
  • You love Yiffing Cunt Makerz?
  • Yifferz declared Jihad on this article?
  • Nobody likes Yu-Gay-Oh
  • "Frunk" is an equivalent of "Fuck"?
  • And that Fuck/Frunk/Drunk is the God-imitate leader of the 0-man-army The Fucktards?
  • Draco Straybyrn is the biggest troll EVAR?!?!?!
  • This is a TRAP!?
YCM screenshot; obviously the site is suitable for all ages.
YCMaker in his human form.
They don't.

Yugioh Card Maker[1], originally Yiffing Cunt Makers, mostly called YCM, Yifferz and Forums of Faggotry is a typical meeting place for spammers, pedophiles and some unidentified virtual creatures that are known for being homosexual and having their job as male camwhores. It is alleged that the site's owner, YCMaker, is a spambot. It is also alleged that this spambot is rich and beautiful. In addition, due to the large amount of 10 year-old idiots on this site, it needs to be raided NAO for great justice.

Tom Leykis does not like Yiffing Cunt Makers.


YCM was originally founded as Yiffing Cunt Makerz at least 100 years ago, an InvisionFree forum which included the prototype version of the cunt maker, which is known to be epic failure. Later, the forum evolved into a domain name and a waste of bandwidth. The site grew, including only 9000 members, proving the theory which ensures that a large army of idiotz are being raised to become furfags and cancer.

YCM's first logo.

Life Forms at the Yugioh Card Maker

There are many life forms at the Yugioh Card Maker forums, with a very little amount of them being normal humans. A survey was made last Thursday to prove that 98% of Yifferz' members have their IQ below 50. According to Wikipedia, the percentage is 99.9% now. The majority of members are either small kids, pedophiles or double-accounts of Pedobear.

They think this is funny.

Child N00bs

Nukn00bs' ages are usually from 8 to 10, and they are Pedobear's main target. They're mostly known for their MS Paint skills of DOOM, and their love for necrophilia. They are known for their stupidity and because of that, their posts appear in numerous sigs. Nukn00bs are leaded by their prime leader, Nukn00b, who has the name cover Nukyanusu, and they include: Junkiefan07, MyChemicalDisease and universityschoolcollegekindergarten222. One also cannot forget the buttfucker fag who edited himself in, barsam.

Mod Team

The Mod Team of YCM consists from different species made out of egoness, virtuality, frunking, crap helmets and homosexual virtual beings but not limited to that. The Mod Team is separated into different species:

Ignorant Mods

Vocal Remix, a Homosexual 13 year old boy making a statement.
The majority of Yifferz are faggots.
EFG, the number one fan of YCM.

Ignorantus Phailyus Modduses (moar like Ignorantus Phallus Modduses, AMIRITE?) are species which are part of the Phailyus Modduses group, which can be only found in YCM's mod team. Ignorantuses are mostly known for being ignorant mods who were sat up randomly by the spambot YCMaker. They include darkguy[insert-zeros-here], TotalAverageForThisYearsStudents, browarod (broad rod), Elemental Hero (Vocal Remix) and Danilus, who seems to be a pussy YCM hater who can't screw it up with his Phailyus Modduses powers. Vocal Remix may be also categorized under the Egosus Phailyus Modduses, but he's way too stupid and retarded for that group.

DJ Osiris in his Advice Dog Form.

"Loved" Mods

The virtual mod having fun with his boyfriend, Ste.

Luvedus Phailyus Modduses are species which are part of the Phailyus Modduses group, which can be only found in YCM's mod team. Luvedus species include frunks, which are equal to fucks (with the God-imitate Fuck as the leader in a 0-man-army), virtual creatures from another dimension and dreaming perverts. They also include a slime being, as The Slime Lord, and the reason is very obvious why Yifferz like him, it's because they eat slime after picking their noses.

Ego Mods

Egosus Phailyus Modduses are species which are part of the Phailyus Modduses group, which can be only found in YCM's mod team. They include Tardill93 , Dog Kaze, Crap Helmet (a crab-like Wilford Brimley) and JerryFreelance. Their main duty is simply to exist, and be fucking pointless. They exist simply for the sake of existing, and to give the Spambot YCMaker an excuse for not doing anything.

N00b Mods

N00bus Phailyus Modduses are species which are part of the Phailyus Modduses group. They consist of Um-bras, tea and JesusofLouse. They were fucking entered as a result of a big YCMaker malfunction, and they think that they can become An heroes like other species in their group, but are even too bad for that.

YCMus Randomus

Waisiemus Randomus are the random people of YCM. They're associated with spamming and asking to be friends in a thread which talks about communism, and sometimes in theories about how boob milk might produce energy that can be used instead of petrol. Other types of Waisiemus Randomus include Waisiemus Randomus Oldus, which are oldies but never out of being idiotic, proving how YCM can affect on what children learn today. Waisiemius Randomus Oldus include Garbage Addiction King (abbreviated GAK), Cyberidiotic Dragon (previously known as da-clown-of-smell), Wolfberserker (someone who can't spell), Clairex (emo self-centered bitch), Anarchy 07 (someone who'll make you yell), KA Fail (furry in hiding), Forgot My Pen (someone who is brainwashed by communism and Manyard Keenan's song lyrics) and Zebra Wearing Trench Coat which is self explanatory.

YCMaker's animal form. Yes, he is a furry. You may troll for great justice.

Website Features

What should be done to Sushi/Sanji/Haruno.

YCM's anti-plethora of possible activities is, to many of is under-schooled users, quite literally mind-boggling. There is the obvious Cunt Maker itself, which allows ego-hungry hentai-lovers like Dog Kaze to show off their "skillz", which everyone, except they, knows will never amount to anything. Recently, YCMaker, the spambot administrator, malfunctioned and accidentally made some updates to the cunt maker. This meant that the site was virtually unchanged from before.

Complimenting this waste of space is a forum, known as an epicentre for noobs everywhere. Here, the people of YCM can engage in seemingly endless conversations that have already been discussed six or seven times, such as why You-Gay-Boh is or is not an accurate parody name for fans of the atrocity known as "Yu-Gi-Oh".

One may also showcase the most pathetic side of their life in the "Custom Cards" section. One of the uber phailureness was turning characters from the slut show Hannah Montana into YUGIMANZ cards. Known issues after that were voices of blonde pornstar Hannah screaming at YCM: "WHERE Z MY MUDKIPZZZZZZZZZZ????" The Mudkipz were later found attached to the balls of a certain member named Draco Straybyrn, if such balls existed.

Then of course there is the Graphic Design section. A place that, despite having little relevance to the rest of the site at all, is oddly popular, and plagued by insolents like Sanji the Pervert. It was at one time thriving and evolving thanks to the remote skill of such members as Adolfberserker, Kizzi, Cybarsex Fucktair, Tkill, and Draco Straybyrn. This ended due to Draco's ban and the concurrent leaving or resign from design on YCM by the aforementioned members. Obvious YCM fag is obvious.

The gem in the crown called Other. Here members engage in discussion about which free amateur porn site is the best. It is also the home of the "YCM Awards", which allow members like Dog Kaze to swear at all those people who voted for DJ Buttsecks over him in the "Favourite Homosexual Moderator Award". The last awards (May 08) failed horribly and died.

To cap it off, there is reportedly an invisible "Moderator's Forum", where the moderators are able to find out the inner workings of the Spambot YCM. The most active topics in said forum include EIGHT about Draco Straybyrn, SIXTEEN about meeting places for their orgies, TWENTY SEVEN about cockmongling, and a measly four about picking other members to join their cockmongling circle. Of course, these stats are completely out of date and are totally fail. It has UBER ULTIMATE TOP security, and anyone betraying the cockmongling circle will be SHOOP'd.

Yiffer Drama

What you would get if you want a date on FuckSpace.

Kids and pedophiles at the Yiffing Cunt Maker have made several campaigns, wars, battles and sacrifices shit to keep the retard-O-meter to the maximum. Most of the shit was caused by Fuck (you wouldn't like to say that in public), Sartardius and the greatest troll EVAR (namely Draco Straybyrn). Disregard that, I suck cocks.


Sartardism was a critical troll hit to Cunt Maker. It was leaded by Sartardius, a bisexual who was running to be a part of the Phailyuses Moddusses group of yiffer-species, and another lad who believed he was God because he was an expert YUGIMANZ nerd. Some argue that it was rather a positive movement in order for Sartardius to publish his bisexuality for great justice, but that was the opinion of people who were later raped by Fuck and his mentors.

Fuck's Alleged Leave

After being thrown with stones, raped and humiliated to death, Fuck turned all of that into an alleged leave, to turn out like a pretty cool guy. As people rose against him, he used a secret ingredient to turn down the angry audiences, and left to make FuckSpace, a dating site for gays and fatties.

Teh Pr0n Images of DOOM!!

Read moar here

Recently, some trolls and spammers spammed up the whole pedo community with images of members' moms. This has caused a kick in the balls for Yifferz, and most of the members pointed their fingers towards Draco Straybyrn, another troll. They were pwned later by another secret ingredient and Yifferz now feel very painful after the outcome.

Website Problemz

Apart from the website's main problem, a place for child abuse, it also includes heavy load errors. This is normally caused by YCMaker's ignorance to bills. Seeing as how he's a spambot, he probably doesn't even know there ARE bills. CPU Quota Error, maximum load error and a lot more are caused by the shit server that YCM uses. Several scientists say that this might be caused by YCMaker's system. It has an overload of registered users, since usually spambots do not create Yiffing Cunt Makers. A good suggestion would be closing down YCM and never repeating that phailure again. Of course, a better server wouldn't hurt either.

Moar About Yifferz


Fizzi is the 10 year old YCM member who thinks of nothing other then hentai. His 3 year old child voice makes that easier to believe that he masturbates on yaoi. During his extremely short life he has spent most of his life on /h/ with many 30 year old virgins who dream of getting laid by Angelina Jolie. In all of his +8000 posts he could never achieve a single win. He is known for trying too hard and for failing.

Cybarsecks Fucktair

EVIDENCE that Cybarsex Fucktair is EFG's successor.

Hiding undercover as "Cyber Altair", he is TEH ULTIMATE FAMOUS MEMBER OF [email protected]!!11!!111!!! a faggot. He has a BIG dream to achieve the GFX (Gay & Faggotry Xtremeness) masta status. Since it is pointless like his existence, he has been asked why and he answered he was doing it for great justice. He now believes he's An Hero, thus he acts like his nature by being an asshole and asking for it.

Holy Member History of DOOM

Cybarsex Fucktair was originally called da-clown-of-smell and used to be shit that even yifferz and virtual homosexuals used to spit on. Naoadays, Cybarsex Fucktair converted from Cybaridiotic Druggon to Cybarsex Fucktair, for a moar uber gay naem. He's an Arab, and he proves his wide wisdom, intelligence and good "grammer" by adding apostrophes to plural "S". Many yifferz and uber-intelligentz believe that he is the successor of EFG.


Adolfberserker is a direct descendant of Adolf Hitler, a proud An Hero. Adolfberserker is a lover of loli and a known pedophile. He's also a hentai maniac and loves to see drawn boobs. He has a slut sister that he calls "hot" and allows other yifferz to fuck her every night. He also has an imaginary girlfriend that appears to answer instead of him sometimes on Yiffer Cunt Makers, and he has a secret paraphilia on cucumbers.


Undercover as the name "Frunk", he is the righteous fuck that helps yifferz get more homo by telling them that he's God. Apparently, Fuck was thrown with stones by the rare amount of +50 IQ Cunt Maker members, so the homo God-attempt decided to make it a leave to be even moar asking for it. Judging by the homosexual votes by yifferz, Frunk is the most LOVED yiffer mod EVAR. Notice the word "loved".

Retarded Quotes from Yiffing Cunt Makers

Today I am here to rant and complain.

Sad to see you're still sore about it Mare ?

Me and my friend are not n00bs we did not try to directly copy you.

We were two mates and we thought it would be cool to make a little banner (we weren't good but we tried). We look at you and Oldmaster two great members, higher posters, better cardmakers (Not true anymore) and better gfxers so we didn't steal we thought we just wanted to make a cool and funny banner. We thought you would be happy and think that you did a pretty cool thing, it wasn't even plagirism as we did not copy your work only the idea and we did not call it was our own.

I am VERY,VERY offended.

You might just think I am a dumb kid and will probably add this onto your YCM page of ED and laugh at me and call me names with your friends.

Not that I put this in the spam section cause I KNOW its spam. I'm probably gonna get banned but oh well...

Is their no place in this modern and sofisticated world for two boys too have fun without getting insulted, laughed at and flamed at by a bunch of cruel old members who's entire reason for all the suffering they are causing all this suffering is because of jelousy and hatred. All this has spawned from your evil thoughts, jelous of Frunk and other moderators. Hatred towards the younger members for many reasons, now I know why you were so mean.

This is Rahim an unhappy primary school child doing one of the things he finds fun, ever since I joined this site I expected Mare to ban me or tell me to leave but I felt happy that he was nice to be, but now all this happines has faded away as all you can do is be horrible to me.


—MyChemicalDisease, a member of YCM on Neoteric Epoch

The above quote was directed towards the creator of this page, Mare, who merely told MyChemicalDisease's friend to stop copying his idea.

people have been complaining that "noobs" should not be aloud to post. i cant belive people are complaining about the fact that they dont have amazingly good ogc. so your saying that just because there not expert card makers they should be banned. one idiot actually made an "Anti noob thread". yes they can be annoying (im a "noob" myself), but so can people with like 6 stars (no offence). now i know i wont get much support because most of you are stuck up snobs, but if you agree with me then copy and paste this into your thread and add your name. when space runs out just add another number.



—kencat1, YCM Forums of Faggotry: "save the noobs" protest

i want go home



—dallas, YCM Forums of Faggotry

If I'm not right I'm going to eat out of a bin for six weeks, 3 hours, 55 minutes and 2 seconds.... exactly.



—rscrash94, FrunkSpace for Faggots

guys what the heck i just got on i havent been on for three weeks and there is negs on me, i think someone stole my account what do i do?

PLZ HELP i never whanted negs i even made friends on here!!!!!!!! Sad

last time i only had 4 negs now it has 28 negs whats goin on????

rep spammmer ?????

what the heck

sorry some one help then i'll get this locked and earse everything what the hecks goin on??? iam i in a twighlight zone???? srry i never spammed before


—loren, YCM Forums of Faggotry

Spammers: How to deal with them

Hi everyone,

In the past few days, we have had some spam attacks in the form of stories and images. The mod team is dealing with them efficiently, and there is no need to worry about them. However, if you do come across an inappropriate thread report the topic to the moderators, do not post in the thread, and most importantly, do not make threads about such topics.

Thanks for your cooperation


—Watch out, they know how to deal with spammers now lul

Epic Failure

Jewtube Videos

The rest of his shit. Troll for great justice!


Chaoserver on the left, Misc. Body Builder/Butt Buddy on the right.

Trading cards on YCM was banned due to the excess amount of n00bs who fell victim to scams.

Notably, a group of internet scammers joined the site and created fake Card Trades, so they could steal their YUGIMANZ Cards. The members of this group, Chaoserver, Static, and Gist, cumulatively stole cards from over 13 members, including Moderators Vocal Remix and Dog Kaze. It was quite possibly one of the most epic win situations on said forum.

An Idiot's Attempt at Intelligence

There are a lot of members leaving YCM each day, and I don't think that is a good idea.

People are complaining about the fact that there are no interesting topics on YCM, or they don't like some members.

Here is my response to that: If there are no interesting topics, make one. If you don't like a member, then ignore that member.

Members that leave YCM aren't going to help it become a great forum, they are going to make it worse.

I'm not going to leave this forum because I care about it, and I want to help it in any way that I can.

The amount of stars or posts that you have isn't important. What is important is how much you contribute to the forum and help it out.

Sure, YCMaker wasn't doing anything about the forum for a while, but now he is. There have been new updates, and people are trying to make the forum a great place to be.

Stop leaving, step up to the plate, and return this forum to what it once was!

I'm so annoyed with the amount of people leaving.

There are no forums like this one. It has a great admin, great members, and incredibly nice people.

If you have a problem with someone or something on the forum, try to take care of that problem instead of just leaving. You are running away from your problems.

Sure, this is only an online forum, but a lot of members like it.

Changes have begun to be made.

There should be another super moderator, and there should be more members that contribute to the forum.


Star_Yiffer, YCM Forums of Faggotry

This is Star_Yiffer's attempt at interwebs suicide. He's running for SUPAH MODZ, in an attempt to evolvez into one of the Luvedus Phailyus Modduses. A non-fail member by the name of Draco Straybyrn saw this faggotry and proceded to interrape him. In addition, Draco Straybyrn held an Exodus of the site's few remaining intelligent members only days before. This chain of events is expected to lead to Epic Win and Delicious Cake. When Star_Yiffer discovered he had been interraped, he made this remark:

YCM is the second best forum on the internet



—Star_Yiffer, Invertremix on AIM.


Ban and Sekritz Gallery

Draco Straybyrn

Throughout its history, there have been a number of ridiculous bans on the Yiffing Cunt Maker Forums of Faggotry. Here we'll start with Draco Straybyrn. Draco Straybyrn wasn't exactly seen as "friendly" by most members, though he did have honest intentions. Once upon a time Vocal Remix (AKA Star_Yiffer) decided to make some random bullshit thread about BECOMING TEH UBAR. It was a valiant effort.. until Draco came in and shat upon him. This left YCMaker, the site's admin, butthurt and lonely. For this, he banned Draco (See first screenie).

Before his two-week ban was up, some SUPER MEGA PORN was being posted by a faggot named SD Dueler. Because the staff needed a Scapegoat, they chose... DRACO! His ban was increased to LOLPERMANENT, and there was no reason. (See third screenie.)

tl;dr Someone got banned for shit they didn't do, dramatized it, and was still b& after the real culprit admitted it was him. He really doesn't give a damn anyway. If the site wants to fail, then by all means it can.


During the drama and lulz being created by the porn incident, this brave soldier decided to give Draco the juicy gossip from the MODERATOR FORUM OF DOOM. Much drama was created, including a permaban, a password leak, and some faggotry on the mods' part. In the end, arelease statement was made. A while after when Draco read it, he made his own release statement. He, Jerry, and all involved in the (Lol) "EVIDENCE" the modfags had collected staged their entire involvement. This left the mods happy, and the site continues to thrive happily with the amount of members coming in.

SPOILER: He never leaked anything. Hahahaha trolled, bitches.

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