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At least they got the tagline right.
They called us and were excited about the imagery, the poetry, the experimentation with the documentary form. It's unmentionable...and then strangely, suddenly, in 2005, it becomes the talk of society. How exactly does that happen? How do we go from something being utterly hidden from view, and then suddenly we're consumed with it and so upset by it we need to pass a law?


—Charles Mudede - Who obviously isn't shocked by horse buttsecks.

The Film[edit]

After all, Bible-believers notwithstanding, if you eat and wear animals and agree that it’s O.K. to torture them in the name of science and beauty, what’s the big deal?


—When will the oppression cease?

Moar info: Mr. Hands.

Even PETA couldn't believe this shit.

This documentary (moar liek COCK-umentary amirite? NO, YOU ARE NOT RIGHT) is about the life of Kenneth Pinyan - better known as "Mr. Hands". The film itself was made with 2 of the men who drove Mr. Hands to the hospital when his ass began spitting blood.

The film is mainly about "dispelling" the arguments against bestiality in a way that would make TheAmazingAtheist proud - mainly that sex with animals is a beautiful loving thing (unlike those fuckards who dare to eat meat - except the cock) and that only Christians have a problem with this. Clearly anyone who can't see the beauty of a loving relationship between humans and non-humans is a closed-minded Nazi-worshiping bigot.

Unlike the internet, the film itself does not contain many explicit scenes, which is why even the animal-lovers were bitterly disappointed that there was nothing to fap to.

It was nominated for best picture at the Sundance Film Festival by a bunch of pretentious yuppie scumbags. In this movie, it is also shown that the horse had his cock cut off in retaliation for puncturing Mr. Hands's colon. And also to prevent more sick fucks from killing themselves by impaling their sphincters on delicious horse cock.

Some poor ignorant bastards have confused this movie with Equus and had a horrible, horrible surprise.

The Movie[edit]


You say dog-fucker like it's a bad thing.

Below is proof that not everyone in the U.S.A. are bible-bashing Christfags. Under normal circumstances this would be a good thing:

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