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Zaiger420 userbox.png
Zaiger and Chris fund ED the only way they know how.
Zeigler faggot irl. NOW WE UNDERSTAND THE ANGER.
Recent picture. Change in appearance may be due to exposure to ED for several years.

Zaiger ( also known as Zaeg, Zaig3r, Zaiger420, Lolgo.png Zaiger419.99, Zaiggot, The Boss, and also simply Z) is an ED Sysop who surpasses even W.T. Snacks as the greatest and most infamous mod ever. He was elected sysop as a fat, pimply-faced 16-year-old with glasses who'd never wielded the banhammer before, and was never the same afterward... in more ways than simply just losing weight and acne.

He was on good terms with all the sysops, especially Yiri on IRC, where they had some fun with good old-fashioned cock slapping and other not gay types of horseplay. He was a fun guy who could most often be found in either a delirious, weed-fueled stupor, or in a drunken rage in #ed, hardchatting with the kiddies.

But while Zaiger has the uncanny ability to be completely lovable, he also picked fights with every single non-sysop user on the site. He was known as The Banhammer, feared by all non-sysops and hated by those who got on his bad side. He didn't play by the rules, but he damn sure got the job done.

Zaiger of course was never actually fired from ED. He simply posed as being fired so that he could go undercover, turn sides to anti-ED, and catch a sneaky vandal. Only Joseph Evers knew about this, and even Girlvinyl had no idea; she thought he'd been fired because all the people he banned had flooded her with complaints.

After the success of his secret mission to overthrow the tyrannical and hypocritical dictatorship that almost killed ED, Zaiger is now back on the staff at Encyclopedia Dramatica with his mighty banhammer intact and always ready at his side.

User Complaints

Drawings love Zaiger!
Zaiger420 blocked me because I posted {{Spammer}} on his talk page. He is continuously spamming my talk page with gore and today he blocked me and also posted disgusting pictures of pornography. He won't let me remove it from my own Talk page. I have read the ED policies now please unblock me.



My user page was vandalized by administrators when all I did was disagree with them. Zaiger420 was the main one. Please consider terminating his priviliges and permabanning the little faggot. Endureal and Zaiger420 have been vandelising my user page and these people are supposed to be sysops.


— User:Liquid Blue


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