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The original
The lesser known nigger Zidane

Zinedine Yazid Zidane (English translation: "the son of a terrorist whore") is a former French soccer player that played for both the French national team and for four European club teams, most recently Real Madrid. Zidane is a hothead with a quick temper -like an angry bull, he pummeled Marco Materazzi with incredible force. No one really knows the real reason why he did it but some say that all he wanted was Materazzi's candy (not of the man variety) but some other say that he just did it for the lulz, in that case who can really blame him?. Despite the headbutt incident, Zidane won the Golden Ball (haha). Forza Italia!!!

Incident details

About 100 minutes into the 2006 World Cup final against Italy, Zidane was sent off for pwning Marco Materazzi via headbutt . Video replays showed Materazzi holding Zidane and pulling his shirt lightly after Italy had captured the ball in an attack by the French team. Materazzi let go, and after a brief exchange of words (including "you fucking French fuck"), Zidane walked away from him. Then, the Italian appeared to be saying something - eyewitness reports by lipreaders have him saying "your mother was a nice fuck." Zidane turned around, took a few short steps, lowered his head and racked his skull against Materazzi, sending him to the ground. Play was halted and referee Horacio Elizondo shouted "Wop got wapped!" After the intervention of another official, Zidane was shown the red card and sent off.

Reactions to the incident

After the French national football team returned to Paris, President Jacques Chirac hailed Zidane as a national hero, a "virtuoso" and "a genius of world football." He added: "You are also a man of heart and conviction. That is why France admires and loves you."

The rest of the world chalked the incident up to Zidane being fucking French.

Zinedine at his best i.e. fail


According to some scienticians, due to the way the light reflected off of the grass, the Zidane headbutt looked different depending on where you were sitting. Below are some examples, via camera phone movies:

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