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Zinnia Jones is actually a man IRL.

Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)

Rare image of Jones not pulling an awful duckface.

Zinnia Jones (Deadname: Zachary Antolak) is a drug addled blogger and camwhore failure. After dropping out of school with no qualifications whatsoever, Zinnia got lucky and found a job so easy even a literal retard like himself could do it: making youtube videos attacking religion. Being completely unemployable, Zinnia sponges off his mentally ill "wife".

Very feminine

Personal Life[edit]

Inbreeding begins

Spawned in 1989, Zinnia quickly displayed signs of faggotry. Unable to bear the shame of having created such a failure, Zinnia's biological father swiftly fled the family home. However, Zinnia's mother was fortunate; a selfless man stepped in to help raise Zinnia and show the boy how to integrate into society. Ungrateful for the sacrifices of others as usual, Zinnia maintains that acts such as encouraging him to take up sports were "abuse". Eventually time passed and puberty awoke Zinnia's overactive sex drive. Zinnia abandoned his education and his life in the Catholic church as he was consumed by the urges to crossdress and stick ever larger objects up his ass.

Angry that the church's teachings prohibited sodomy and now in need of an income, Zinnia started to look for a way to support himself. Luckily for Zinnia Youtube had been gripped by a fad for atheism and was handing out money to any retard who could record an anti-religious screed and upload it to their site. Incapable of leaving his ringpiece alone long enough to meet the hygiene requirements for burger flipping, Zinnia's career path was fixed. He started polluting the internet with blogs and videos. Unfortunately for Zinnia, Youtube was overflowing with loudmouthed mongoloids and his earnings were pitiful. Needing funds for his addictions to estrogen pills and horsedongs, Zinnia started a sexual relationship with his mentally ill wife: Heather. Despite his oddly newfound love for heterosexual sex Zinnia soon found himself lusting for buggery once again. Thus Zinnia recruited another tranny, Penny, to assist him in distending his anus.

Illusory Superiority[edit]

Hasn't even learned that you read books, not fuck them. Note duckface.

Despite having absolutely no qualifications whatsoever, Zinnia has a hugely inflated idea of his own abilities and likes to roleplay as a scholar. This consists of him vomiting out verbose blog posts supported with whatever cherry-picked studies he could find to support his preconceived ideas. As Zinnia obviously lacks any intellectual ability, has no analytical skills and completely ignores the requirement that scientific study much match the available evidence, his scribblings have all the value of used lavatory paper. Zinnia then tries to present his "work" to contradict actual academics and gets mad when they laugh him out of the room.

Unfortunately, some of Zinnia's writings are of medical nature. His fans are so stupid they take medical advice from completely unqualified drug addicts over the internet. So Zinnia has instructed them on where to obtain various tranny tablets bypassing the usual medical safeguards to ensure that people are not harmed. As most jurisdictions prohibit practising medicine without a license, it remains to be seen when Zinnia will end up getting regular poundings from Bubba.

Jones explaining ISIS compassion for gay people

Failed Camwhore[edit]

Over 6 years of HRT and he still just looks like a nerdy dude

Zinnia found making Youtube videos too much effort. As Zinnia fails to meet the requirements needed to work sweeping floors, the windowlicker decided to display his various perversions on the internets for money as Satana Kennedy. Much like his attempts to impersonate a woman or an intellectual, this too has been a miserable failure. Zinnia failed to grasp that very few people want to watch an ugly fat man give himself enemas and destroy his anus by shoving enormous objects into it. Zinnia pretends the damage from being constantly pumped full of horsecocks has caused to his intestines is Crohn's disease. Rumor has it that his anus no longer seals correctly resulting in him having a permanent odor of feces.

Despite abusing his body with every product Bad Dragon have ever made, Zinnia struggles to make enough cash to cover the electricity costs of producing these shows. Instead, Zinnia demanded his wife allow another tranny move into the family home, rent free. This lets Zinnia indulge his love of cocksucking and rectum stretching to his hearts content while his wife goes out to work to pay for it.

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