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ZippCast, (commonly referred to as ZippCrap), is a shitty YouTube clone presided over by a cadre of mentally retarded high-school students. The way the site itself looks is basically pre-Google Youtube. Its userbase would appear to consist solely of persons who have either become aggrieved in relation to JewTube's advertising, most being too stupid to learn how to install AdBlock, or who would rather look for problems with the site rather than accept the simple truth that YouTube is the superior of the two sites, in that they provide secure, reliable and comparatively fast servers... OMG YOU CAN ACTUALLY WATCH, UPLOAD AND SHARE VIDEOS, WOW! It's a video... sharing... website. ZippCast offers users the ability to post chain-messages on each other's profiles and subscribe to a bunch of people they can then beg to subscribe back, all features previously unavailable to them through YouTube. ZippCrap has the tradition of coming back from the dead every year, and then shutting down 3 months or so later.

Some reasons ZippCast users leave YouTube[edit]

The Script[edit]

ZippCrap claimed to have written their own script. This was a lie. As anybody who took the time to investigate could discover for themselves they utilize a script that they purchased; there are a number of other websites utilizing the very same script. Coincidence? Nope, this is the script they use.


ZippCast has a history of begging for donations. They would claim that they require something in the region of $1000 or moar per month in order to host a montage of you commentating over online Call of Duty play recorded using your shitty smartphone's camera... even though nobody will ever see it or, indeed ever care about you, your opinions or your decidedly lacklustre original content. Anyway, they persistently beg for inordinate amounts of cash claiming that they need it to buy faster, better servers.

This is clearly a lie as the site is hosted by GoDaddy, in reality they pay somewhere in the region of $10 per month for their servers which in all probability weren't even intended to host a video sharing site in the first place. What do they do with the rest of the donation money? Take a guess. The pathetic thing is that retards, most likely 13 year old boys, believe the horseshit and steal their mothers credit cards to donate all their jewgolds to these idiots who have no business running a website.


Zippcast you are doing very well.. Just 3 small and easy issues.. Firstly fix all your bugs within thus we ak... Make your security stronger by spending 1000 s of dollars by taking donations... Second your web site has become very slow. Please make at least as fast as daily motion or yahoo or rediff. Third faster your buffering by spending your money... With the se 3 simple steps your website can reach upto yout ube.. And last start the honors program now so eve ryone can earn 10 to 20 dollars a day and everyone could join... Best of luck :-)


— typical Zippcast fanboy

We now only owe 714.43 and tomorrow we will owe $1,264.43 thanks for the donation (you know who you are) we do not say peoples name because some people get upset.

Well we appreciate the help if more people can help that would be great.

Thanks alot


— ZippCast needs moniez

Pwned! The Death of Zippcast[edit]

Last Thursday ZippCast was hacked by Anonymous for great justice. The ZippCast community were devastated by this terrible occurrence, many sobbed uncontrollably into their keyboards as they discovered that their precious videos were no longer loading, and if they were, it was very slowly along with the rest of the site. The lulz didn't stop there however as Anon went in hard to pwn ZippCrap for the second time, resulting in the entire site and its ever so secure server ending up at the bottom of Shit Creek. In addition to the reaming of their security the departure of staff members resulted in the site failing sometime in late July of 2012. Nobody recalls the exact date because by that point pretty much everybody had left.

If you go to Zippcast's website ( you can clearly see that it's taken down, it shows an error page which is supposedly done by YouTube! Can't you see that they've even managed to hack down a website just so they can continue to be seemingly just an ordinary video-sharing website where ordinary people share their ordinary videos but instead they feel threatened that Zippcast might bypass them so they take it down just to continue their money-making profit! I know that if they read this they could get it back online, just for the propaganda so go check the link now and see this with your own eyes before it's back online!



Thank you Anon...

Front page following the attentions of Anon; who was kind enough to offer advice.

The Rebirth[edit]

Some time in early 2013, ZippCast came back up. The administrators being too stupid to know how to create MySQL backups has lead to all previous users being required to recreate their accounts. The site is still as slow as ever yet morons continue to cling on like leeches and hail it to be OMG THE GREATEST THING EVER SOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN YOUTUBE while they kiss the founders' asses because they're so super smart and deserve a prize for creating such a brilliant video sharing site. In reality, your videos are uploaded at a staggering ~30 kb/s regardless of your connection and you can get fucked by a horse if you think you're ever going to load any video or even a page in less than a minute. It's almost like using a Commie Youtube on a dial-up connection.

The site is not down, we have closed the firewall to do a backup in case of an event that was predicted to occur! We took this necessary step to stop a DOS attack on the server to prevent it from finishing backups. This is for everyone's safety as well as ours! This is not because of any hackers!


Fb-favicon.png ZippCastOfficial • 24th Feb. 2013

Zippcast's Glitches[edit]

The following will be an accumulating list of the glitches occurring at the new (2013) Zippcast. Keep in mind that JewTube never has any of these problems:

  • March 7, 2013: Videos are abruptly deleted from various users' accounts.


The Zippcast userbase is very easy to troll. All you have to do is say a bad thing about the site and Zippcast fanboys will pounce on you and call you a troll. They will then cry to the site staff and they will ban you for hurting their feelings.

Here are some ways you can pwn Zippcast:

  • Create multiple accounts and thumb down all the comments on their news bulletin, then rate it 1 star.

This is not hard at all. Just use a proxy and register with some random email address. They require email verification for everything except voting on comments and rating news bulletins. Once they see all of their comments thumbed down they will get spooked and think the site is getting hacked.

  • Make your avatar a penis.
  • Make your channel background furry porn.
  • Say something mean about the site.
  • Watch everyone cry about it.
  • Proxy up and upload cp
  • Upload a video explaining why YouTube is full of win and Zippcrap is shit
  • Watch it get deleted.
  • Get b&
  •  ???

If you do get banned, you will find that you will not be able to access the site due to a window popping up telling you "Go now", and you will then be sent to is gone by now). Bypassing this ban is not difficult. Just delete your Zippcast cookies and you will be able to access the site again. Zippcast, learn to IP ban.

Why You should join ZippCast[edit]

The Final Nail in the Coffin (Again)[edit]

Apparently, the site's now dead, now the site just takes you to a shitty social network thingy that one guy from the site made one day while he was fapping.

R.I.H. You won't be missed


The Rebirth (again)[edit]

ZippCrap has been ressurrected once again in March 2014, this time promising an incredibly revolutionary redesign, which is the same shit as before, with the exception of some dumb buttons and a crappy knockoff of YouTube's player. In the first 3 days of their rererererererelease, there's already reports about missing comments, videos and accounts.

The website almost doesn't work, but since the community is dumb, they try to throw in the excuse of the website being recently launched, forgetting that this is the 6th time they come back promising more bullshit.

Shutdown prediction: June 2014.


YouTube of a butthurt Deviantart-favicon.png ZippCast user

A typical ZippCast users reaction to this article (and his own)

The Prediction Was Right[edit]

"Shutdown prediction: June 2014." Well looky here folks, ED must be the next Niggadamus or some shit, cause the prediction date for ZippCrap being relaunched on the month of June was correct. June 26, 2014 is the date when the ZippCrap website closed down for what now again?

"The website will be shut down temporarily as we switch some of our servers over to a new area of our data center facility. This should take no more than 30 minutes."                        
                                                                                                                                    The Creator.

But what do we get with this "brand new server"? Pop-up ads... Yeah. I'm not kidding, whenever you go to the ZippCast website and click on anything, a pop-up add appears, over and over again. Creator of, you suck at updating your website. Enough said.

The Prediction Was Late[edit]

It was bound to happen sooner or later, in this case, later by 2 years, but it did happen. In a sudden move of butthurt, the admin just said "FUCK YOU ALL" to everyone for the God-knows-th time and said he was doing away with the website forever. The retard fanbase is now losing their shit and saying "ZippCast wasn't trustworthy and the admin is a lying douchebag??? I NEVER SAW THAT COMING!!!" No worries though, it'll be back next year for sure. Goddammit!

Gone Forever?[edit]

Seems that ZippCast might be dead for good this time. Their latest Facebook page was privatized, and now the ZippCast domain is deleted. Go figure.


ZippCast 5(?): Redempsurrection[edit]

Like a bad case of herpes, ZippCast is coming back once again according to their facebook. This time with a brand new modern look! Don't worry though, it won't shut down again. However the "coming this spring" page it linked to is gone now and leads to yet another blank page, so it could just be lies for a beta launch that will never come.


Zippcast 6: We're Still Not Dead[edit]

So it's back again cause no one could take the hint that no one wants it anymore, only this time it's not a YouTube ripoff, but rather a GoAnimate ripoff this time. Go figure.

Zippcast 7: The Ultra Redempsurrection[edit]

There was a failed reboot of ZippCrap at, but it went down very quickly. Presumably deleted because neocities didn't want butthurt fanboys and admins on their servers. Meanwhile the 6th era continues at

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