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ZombiUnicorn real name Natalie "Nati" Casanova, also known as Titty Streamer, Booby Streamer, and Beach Whale, is your average fat retarded camwhore and cold-hearted cunt, with the tits so close the lens she can't even play video games when literally the camwhore herself is more concerned about dyeing her hair than not dying in video games. Natalie likes to show off her hideous fake tits on cam meaning that Natalie has an absolutely abysmal Kill-Death ratio, that even casual scum would laugh at. She's unable to understand the concept that video games are generally immature activities aimed at younger audiences and as such put it upon themselves to put an end to online virtual lulz by attacking innocent children who just want to have fun through her short-lived scam: a feminist hitman bullying service called Bully Hunters.

YouTube Origins[edit]

Back in 2014, Nati decided to up her autism and organise an event to lure in all her underage fanboys, by organising a Minecraft convention, where they got an opportunity to look at her tits in real life in exchange for paying money to be there. If you wanted to see peak autism Archive today-ico.png click this link. It was so embarrassing that Kiwi Farms made a thread on it. And if you wanted to see how gay it really was, well...

You were warned


It gets even more whored up for ZombiUnicorn when she once posed online for Playboy. For butthurt reasons ZombiUnicorn went full femtard and demanded Playboy to delete fucking everything so she could start Bully Hunters. Unsurprisingly, in the wake of their founder's death, they cucked out and relented, potentially losing said photoshoot forever. Thanks to Archive, a trustworthy service to save deleted posts which ZombiUnicorn calls it a "alt-right weapon used for bullying", the Playboy images of ZombiUnicorn have been saved for the win. The video of her in Playboy was unfortunately not saved which is probably for the best.

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Bully Hunters[edit]

Moar info: Bully Hunters.
Bully Hunters trying too hard to be Anonymous-scary.

tl;dr, Bully Hunters is staged the whole time and it's exposed to be a feminist scam to buy her headphones by SteelSeries. The scam only lasted for a couple weeks, and the lulz became victorious.

ZombiUnicorn KDR.PNG

Archive today-ico.png KDR of .77 - Female elite gamers

ZombiUnicorn KDR 1 - 15.jpg

Dat 1kills - 15 deaths ratio. Being the female DarkSydePhil

The only time this bitch can win anything is if it's heavily scripted like when she sucked off the directors of FOX's Kicking And Screaming in exchange of landed up winning the season 1 first prize. Well done, bimbo. Your only achievement in life is being famous on a unpopular Survivor spin-off.

E3 2019 Jealousy[edit]

During E3 2019, ZombiUnicorn claims to be a body positive feminist gamer scamming young cucks for Twitch money and fighting against sexism and haters so she can be hypocritically be center of attention.

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After her "break", disavowing, crocodile tears, and victim card using intensifies.


Nati, attacking a strong independent woman for working out instead of sitting around playing video games all day.
Hi just here 2 say I play video games 4 a living, raise money for charity, spread joy & positivity. Also, you're a cunt.


—Nati showing right off the bat that she has absolutely no integrity.

You're actually a fucking moron. it's reality tv. no vag was thrown lmao you really are just a fucking insensitive cunt. bye bitch


—Nati whining about how people know her achievements are as fake as her ideals... and tits.

Wells since she's a cunt I'll say it how it is - no boobs and homely as fuck so you wont care anyway LUL


—Nati misusing the holy word to further fuel her unfunny drama.

Now run along lil cunt & stop wastin ur time. Literally nothin u could say will evr affect us. We'll b over here enjoyin our lives


—Nati telling her critics to get a life and stop wasting time on the internet despite not having one herself and doing the exact same thing but worse.

For more quotes go here.

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