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Abd on his way to Mikemikev's house
Abd Ul-Rahman Lomax

...were I an attorney, and a pedophile were charged with a crime (pedophilia is not a crime!), I might defend one.


—Abd Ul-Rahman Lomax in his defence of Emil O. W. Kirkegaard

I was something like 20 when I first had sex... So I've been married seven times, and I'm currently not married. Only three of those marriages were legally registered, to make that clear.


Lomax, divorced 7 times yet offers his useless relationships advice on Quora

Abd Ul-Rahman Lomax real name: Dennis George Lomax (his online pseudonym: Abd) is a overweight, short (5 ft 6?) lowlife internet harasser who apparently suffers from internet addiction disorder and has claimed to have been using the internet since the 1980s. For over three decades he's trolled countless websites and has been picking fights with people behind the safety of his keyboard. This has led him to be permanently banned from Wikipedia, RationalWiki, Wikiversity, Meta-Wiki, several forums and also globally blocked on all Wikimedia Foundation wikis for his online aggressive mental-midget behaviour. Lomax is one of only about 30 users to have received a global block, for severity of his abuse such as threats, cyber-stalking and doxing. He now laughably claims to be suing all the wikis that banned him.

Lomax is the owner of Cold Fusion Community, a batshit insane "institute" (only he is a member) that promotes cold fusion pseudoscience. Coldfusioncommunity.net is however primarily used by Lomax to continue harassing people he met on wikis and forums by posting defamation about them, as well as documenting his ongoing feuds. Most disturbing is large sections of Coldfusioncommunity.net are written in legal defence of paedophiles and Emil O. W. Kirkegaard who sickeningly wrote on his blog a "compromise" for paedophiles is to drug and rape sleeping children. He has also written several articles on his website defending neo-nazi Mikemikev.

Lomax's toxic internet history of trolling[edit]

Internet antics[edit]

Lomax's toxic internet history consists of feuds and threatening legal action against countless people he has quarrelled with across the internet. After forums and wikis block him for harassment, he then uses his own blog to attack people by writing smears about them and then claims he is suing the wikis who blocked him, e.g. he claimed a year ago to be suing Rationalwiki and the Wikimedia Foundation, but his legal threats never actually materialise and are just another method he uses to try to bully and intimidate. Lomax is a banned Wikipedia user, later returning to fool around with sockpuppets.

Prior to being banned on Wikiversity and receiving a global ban by WMF, an admin noted Lomax was temporarily blocked no fewer than seven times:

Your long term activity at Wikiversity shows a persistent pattern of long term disruption that has been going on for the past SEVEN YEARS! This activity has also drawn a great deal of unwelcome contentious activity to our site that distracts the community from developing learning resources.



Lomax was misusing Wikiversity to further fight with other users:

These vendetta's that you are pursuing are a large part of the reason why you can no longer participate


A Wikiversity admin who banned Abd

Abd Ul-Rahman Lomax, doing what he does best - sitting on his fat ass harassing people on his keyboard

Lomax was banned from RationalWiki for causing disruption, then predictably threatened David Gerard with a lawsuit that never happened:

If I don't want RW to have an article on me, my recourse is with the RMF. I did email them, they ignored it (not surprising). Next step is a certified letter, a formal demand.

David Gerard only acts when he has cover. He is, after all, real-name and vulnerable to defamation suits.

And it appears that it will be coming to that.


After failing to take down his RationalWiki article by attacking RW sysops on his blog, as well as doxing them (including posting their street addresses), Lomax resorted to pointless sockpuppetry, including creating fake accounts such as the user "Debunking spiritualism".

The biggest bullshit lawsuit[edit]

In February 2018, Lomax claimed he is combined suing Rationalwiki, the Wikimedia Foundation, Oliver Smith, David Gerard, Joshua P. Schroeder, Wikipedia admin Guy Chapman and Wikiversity admin Michael Umbrecht:

This will not be a crank lawsuit, I’ve seen many. It will not be filed if it cannot be done to professional standards, with a reasonable likelihood of recovering damages. Responding to harassment is not harassment, unlike what you and others on RationalWiki have been claiming for years. It’s going to bite you and your friends in the ass


Suing because he got banned from a couple of wikis… Lomax's insane internet behaviour suggests he is an arsehole in real life and nonsurprisingly, he claims to have been divorced 'seven times.

Abd Watch[edit]

Lomax is banned from several forums, including Lenr-forum, for bickering with other users about cold fusion (his sperg obsession). In 2017, a poster (Zeus46) made an Abd Watch:

After I wrote a previous post, the notorious LENR outlaw, enemy of brevity, and self-proclaimed 'King of the Trolls' Abd ul-Rahman Lomax wrote two pompous articles where he felt the need to describe me as a "Troll" over 30 times. Well, praise from Caesar is praise indeed, but I respectfully decline this proffered "knighthood" as I am ultimately not worthy of place in his kingdom. Whilst we are somewhat similar in that we enjoy commenting on the foibles of others, I manage to do this without using offensive terms about people’s mental faculties, such as "idiot", or "senile".

Indeed, my relative lack of trolling prestige can actually be quantified: •Number of websites and/or shady cults Zeus46 is known to be banned from: 0

•Number of websites and/or shady cults Lomax is known to be banned from: 4*

As noted by this user, although Lomax out of psychological projection labels anyone he picks fights with a troll, he himself is the one banned all over the place for trolling.

Legal defence of paedophiles[edit]

Lomax has dedicated a lot of time to legally defend paedophiles on his website, while himself appears to have dodgy views on paedophilia and age of consent:

In a blog published on his personal website in 2012, Mr Kirkegaard wrote: “One can have sex with some rather young ones (say, any consenting child in puberty) without any moral problems, especially when one is young oneself.” That is a legal fact (but very badly stated). If the “child” is in “puberty,” it is not what a “pedophile” would want.

Considering puberty starts on average at 10-11 in girls and 12 in boys, Lomax is completely ignorant of the law. Nowhere is it legal to have sex with 10-12 year olds; in UK for example the age of consent is 16, while in America, 16-18 (depending on the US state).

In another disturbing comment, Lomax claims to be sexually attracted to early pubescents (10-12 year olds) is somehow "normal", when it is actually paedophilic and extremely abnormal:

Some who have attacked Kirkegaard and others for alleged “pedophilia” were really talking about hebephilia, which is more or less normal.



"All Muslims are pedophiles"[edit]

Lomax stopped blogging his support for Emil Kirkegaard after the latter posted on his Twitter that Muhammed is a pedophile and that all followers of Muhammed are also peadophiles; note that Lomax claims to be a practicing Muslim.

People of interest[edit]

John Vidale describing Lomax as a notorious troll



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