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Early banner. (since 31 July 2019 or before, formerly is a pedophile forum created by chaosscizzors. The levels of sickfuckery are so high there that it even uses a loli's kooch as its favicon. They also host a booru-style imageboard called ATFBooru and a CYOA-esque wiki called AllTheFallen Stories.


ATFBooru logo by Noonstar. Note: Their version doesn't have a black bar covering loli privates.
AllTheFallen Stories logo.

"All The Fallen" began as a Smash Brothers clan that chaosscizzors was a part of in February 2009:

i have my own clan actually, but it's full of fail so why not i guess lol. i still like the name "all the fallen" though.

chaosscizzors, Smashboards

In December 2010, chaosscizzors registered and created after becoming disillusioned with the state of affairs at another lolicon forum, LoliconRUs, but chaosscizzors eventually went AWOL, and his friends abandoned the site.

In August 2011, chaosscizzors repurposed the empty site as a place to stash his lolicon collection:

In a nutshell, this site is going to be where i dump all the lolicon artist folders i have and will in the future accumulate. If you are under 18 years of age i suggest you turn back as the majority of what i post here is pornographic in nature. Keep in mind that not all of these pictures are lolicon, but about 95% of them are anyway.


In November 2011, chaosscizzors transformed the site back into a forum, although the site still contained a booru.

Sometime in 2014, Thomas Atkinson ("Dark_matter"), also the host of, replaced Jim Flaten, "Jckf," as AllTheFallen's host, transporting AllTheFallen from Norway to the USA, a dumb move for anyone hosting lolicons. Unsurprisingly (to anyone with a brain, at least), HostGator suspended AllTheFallen's account, causing pedos everywhere to whine. Afterwards, kitsuna became AllTheFallen's host.

In 2015, chaosscizzors neglected to renew's registration and the domain expired, leading to Atkinson taking control of the site once again, and we really do mean "once again": Atkinson was arrested in June for CP, and Trusdell became AllTheFallen's host, so Atkinson likely won't get a third shot at running AllTheFallen. In July, the AllTheFallen community tried to shore up support for Atkinson's case, but by October, Atkinson made known his plans to plead guilty.

In August 2015, AllTheFallen switched from MyBB to vBulletin, and then from vBulletin to Invision Power Board.

In November 2015, someone reported AllTheFallen's stash of animated lolicon porn to their host Hetzner Online, causing Hetzner Online to tell AllTheFallen to get the fuck off of their server ooh, defensive! hehe, fine, made the decision to get up and leave for a new host.

In April 2016 admins IP blocked a gallery moderator for "battering" a user, which wasn’t even true, so he created his own lolicon forum called Chiisai [1] together with chaosscizzors, who started disagreeing with ATF's staff a while back.

Encyclopedia Dramatica Saga[edit]

In November 2015, Encyclopedia Dramatica sysop Junius began making AllTheFallen-related articles. First came an article on chaosscizzors, then an article on Emily's Daddy, and finally an article on the site itself. On November 25th, touma discovered ED's article on the site after viewing and being mildly surprised by ED's article on pedophilia. Reaction varied. Some accepted it, some joked, and others whined about inaccuracies

Actually, some did edit the article, but only to guard themselves and prevent embarrassment. Nekogami in particular went out of his way to "dig up dirt" on junius, the least anonymous of ED's sysops. He or someone else among them succeeded (no surprise).

Meanwhile, junius copied the ED-related entries from the forum's shoutbox archive and posted posted them to ED, causing the AllTheFallen administration to rob new users of their access to the shoutbox. That poked junius' curiosity, who decided to raise the post count of a Bugmenot account in order to probe the new post count restrictions for the shoutbox. This in turn allowed the AllTheFallen administration to make contact with and threaten (warn?) junius, although sending a message to a Bugmenot account is like tossing a letter into a public square and hoping that the right person picks it up. Also, for a "peaceful" community, they don't seem to shy away from threats or aggression. Nevertheless, junius received the message, but made it an open affair. junius and Sinom were then able to reach an arrangement.

Afterwards, AllTheFallen updated their robots.txt so that search engines don't index the contents of forum threads.

In February–March 2016, the arrangement between junius and broke down, as ED sysops refused to keep the names off permanently and junius refused to delete an article he worked hard on.


This is now illegal in the Netherlands.

Some time in early July (or maybe late June) all of the ATF domains, including and, were rekt by Dutch law and trolls. The following is explained at their website[2]

What happened?

We lost our current hosting service. Trying to find a new one.
Due to a law change in the Netherlands where our server was hosted some internet trolls thought it were a good idea to report us to the Anti Child Porn Agency in the Netherlands who in turn got an influx of mails about ATF which in turn sent an email to our provider to take down ATF and all sites linked to it. Those in the Netherlands might not have heard but be careful, the law did indeed change and Loli/Shota is against the law and will be judged same as actual Child Porn.



You read that right, in the Netherlands some retarded faggot's drawings of The Simpsons characters are now considered to be as morally reprehensible as photographs or videos of actual children being abused. Since fictional drawings are considered to be as bad as real child pornography and their site got taken down the pedos also wrote on their web page that they have been trying to find a new hosting provider.

As of now their main domain is offline once again causing the updates and temporary placeholder to disappear.

VistarrrLast Tuesday at 22:33 The main site currently unavailable. Looking into it.

Vistarrr Yesterday at 03:10 Might take a while for the site to be back. We will probably have the new server before that? Now ain't that something.


This might lead us to believe the website will NOT be coming online anytime soon and that the paedophiles will be unable to access the website anytime soon. Although there are alternatives they have been Forced to hid in their private discord which may be used as projectile or deflection and a means for them to get off over cartoon kiddy porn

DDOS Attacks[edit]

Welp, it seems the paedophiles have been foiled again through means of DDOS attacks. Which leaves a whole lot of nervous and anxious angry pedos

VistarrrToday at 03:19

Yes, the new server is down.

VistarrrToday at 03:48 DDoS attack replies the host.


Curse those trolls and their means of justice.

At this moment the pedo apologist defence force are scurrying and panicking in a midst of panic in the means of the possibility of their host telling them to fuck off.


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