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Andrew show

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All American Boy

File:Andrew port.jpg
Andrew Pendergraft

Meet adorable, speech-impaired Andrew Pendergraft, 15 - America's vehemently racist answer to Justin Bieber. Like many boys his age, Andrew enjoys hunting, fishing, music lessons, camping with his family, and hosting "The Andrew Show" on

Brief History in Kid-Friendly Style:
In the bible belt of Harrison, Arkansas, born and raised, at Klan rallies is where Andrew spent most of his days, chillin' out, maxing, relaxing all cool, and hosting a pro-white tv show after home-school. When a couple of blacks, who were up to no good, started marrying white folks in his neighbourhood.

With big sisters, Shelby (17), and Charity (19), and mom, Rachel, Andrew participates in a weekly, family produced TV show -- "The Andrew Show" -- aimed at an all white, youth audience. Being the youngest of the Pendergraft clan, and grandson of world renowned racist, Thomas Robb, America's national Klan leader, Andrew hosts a short segment geared towards informing white kids of the perils of darkie fucking. Unlike the race traitor pussies of the No Cussing Club, who blend multiculturalism with a straight, no-cussing message, Andrew deals with more important, youth related topics of importance like, "no race mixing" and "the eventual extinction of the white race because of America's aforementioned perilous activity." And unlike the No Cussing Club, Andrew really connects with today's kids by being relatable, spending time each segment to discuss relevant pop culture topics, with a blatant pro-white wash:

how many of you think Justin Beiber kissed a black girl before?


—dunno, but he's for sure sucked a black man's dick

anyways, you know the new movie - gi joe? they have a scene where there is a white woman and a black man; 'were kissing. it was... so wrong. so, pretty much, don't race mix.


—on Ripcord and Scarlett (see gallery below)

I thought the film Avatar showed white people as destroying the rainforest, which we don't do, and I like to talk about that.


—we've never

The Andrew Show

File:Andrew andrewshowbal.gif
From "Andrew would like to talk to kids for a few minutes each week. He is proud to be a white Christian boy in America, but he knows that because of his minority status, the odds might be stacked against his people. Kids will enjoy hearing a few comments from Andrew as he warns them of things to watch out for because he cares!"
File:Andrew pedopals.gif
The Andrew Show - a show for kids! (and also racist pedophiles)
File:Andrew andrewshow2obamabook.gif
"pretty much, Barack Obama.. he said he would do all those things - bring hope, and stuff, but he didn't bring hope to white people - AT ALL. Now, anyways, I'm gonna play a song on violin..."

Despite each segment of "The Andrew Show" only being a few minutes long, adoring fans have already begun to collect and make longer videos, posted to youtube, so that all the cool white kids of white only America can rate and share Andrew's message of bigotry and xenophobia. Also, being totally radical, Andrew "plays" the least niggardly of all instruments, the violin! Which he proudly massacres for the adoring fans of the Kool Kids Klub.

Hi! I'm Andrew, and this is a show for all the white kids out there!


Filmed each Sunday after church, Andrew talks about something he has seen during the week. Besides featuring Andrew, the show is occasionally co-hosted by ginger friend, Alex (and Pugsley, the pug), possibly a muppet Hal Turner, and guest appearances by the infamous Obama Book -- which kids can check out from the library, and read if they like to, even though Obama failed the white race because he is a Communist nigger, born outside America to terrorist parents WHO RACE MIXED.

Despite Andrew's many shortcomings, he earns a modicum of respect from intellectual kid-fiddlers, both on the political left and religious right, when he astutely sums up the success of Obama's book, aptly surmising, "of course, as we all know, it's jews who are doing it."

It's apparently New York Bed... - New York Best Time Seller


Barack Hussein Obama's America

kinda wheiurd


—ok, andrew!

Info Gallery

  • PO Box 2222 Harrison, AR 72601 USA
  • 870-427-341

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