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They're making it too easy

Dickipedia was yet another attempt to create a moar "appropriate" and "work safe" satirical wiki by using the word dick instead of fag and nigger. Despite calling itself a wiki, there is actually no way to obtain a login, thus there is no way to edit articles, thus it is not actually a wiki. The reason they provide for this minor incongruity is they don't seem to think that regular ol' internet folk will "be good," because they are elitist jews that think only professional comedians can achieve lulz.

The site was run by Huffington Post Comedy, another shit site that is comprised of comedy blogs, gossip entirely unrelated to comedy, old spice commercials, and David Letterman. Why they would let basement dwelling 13 year old boys write blogs about their faggy opinions and not let anyone edit their really funny wiki about how celebrities are dicks is a mystery that is almost too retarded to care about. The good news is that 90% of the site was comprised of copypasta clips of well known television comedies, and absolutely no OC to be found. This is probably why they decided to create Dickipedia, a refreshingly original concept to make fun of people we dont like by means of exaggerating their least savory characteristics in such a way that we appear to be complimenting them when we are really pointing out what huge faggots they are. Does anyone know if these guys can triforce?

It was basically ED except for faggots who get uncomfortable and bothered when people use a curse word or derogatory remark, and about celebrities no one gives a fuck about. Imagine ED but everyone is afraid to piss anyone off or be mean. Scientists have even gone so far as to say that they would "prefer uncyclopedia to this supreme faggotry."

Article Structure

Every article began by describing the celebrity's profession and then adding "and a dick" to the end of the sentence. From this point on, every article follows the same exact structure as any other article on TOW, going through their personal life, professional careers, and of course, ending with some trivia, where they repeatedly fail at satire. Note how the page on Glenn Beck doesn't once mention how he raped and murdered a girl in 1990.

Every now and again you'll find a phrase such as:

Tyra made the list again in 1996, this time joined by Martha Stewart, Jenny McCarthy, and that self-important butt-wad who hosts "America’s Most Wanted." This begs the question: Who’s making these lists over there at 'People'?


—Dickipedia creating anti-lulz. It should also be noted that the next section contains the phrase "Boy howdy!"

Also to note: they put Tyra fucking Banks on their list instead of someone who people actually give a fuck about.

Suspicions of Faggotry

It is only natural that when someone creates a wiki about dicks, that is so riddled with mention of dick, that one would come to suspect that the author or authors of the site might in fact enjoy some dick. While it is entirely possibly that they may have missed the meeting where the world decided that political commentary + over 9000 dicks equaled faggot instead of lulz, but srsly, they clearly crave the cock.

A typical reader of Dickipedia. Make note of her highly stimulating and riveting speech.

Unfortunately, there is limited information on the wiki because they wont let anyone have a fucking login, and most of their links lead to blank pages.

List of Dicks without Articles

What we can determine from this is that the writers for Dickipedia love Canadians, thrash metal, genocides and mass famine, the Internet Hate Machine, terrorism, Jews, AnT and global warming. Even with all that, they still can't seem to write a lulzy fucking article.

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