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Below are various ways you can donate to Encyclopedia Dramatica.


Hatreon is a Patreon alternative without the social justice. https://hatreon.us/ED/


Anonymous donating. Don't worry, your lulz addiction is safe with us.

Wesearchr is a crowdfunding platform that we are currently using to fund the lawsuit filed against us.


By Mail

Donations can be sent to our legal fund by mail at:

ED Defense fund
c/o Randazza Legal
4035 South El Capitan Way
Las Vegas, NV 89135


Send your Bitcoin donations to:

Any Other Way?

Yes, contact Mantequilla on the wiki or email contact@encyclopediadramatica.se for information on how to donate in other ways (Basically all other ways).

Any Other, Other Way?

If you can think of any different ways to donate (like Cigarettes, Food Stamps, Fan Fiction or anything else) please use the email below to contact us.

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