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If you have been offended by "Feminism",
please click here and scroll slowly down to the bottom of the page.
This is how feminists see the world.
If you can't bake, you better know how to suck a mean dick.
How women actually feel, according to the author of Huckleberry Finn.
How to deal with girl power
Cyber-Feminist Protection Unit.
File:Anti suffrage.jpg
Support Anti-Feminism !
It's not hard to see the differences.
Only women care about human rights.


—And no human cares about women's rights.

Feminism is the belief that woman are actually people, even though they are not. Some believe that feminism is a fight for equality, and that men and women should be treated equally, without regard to his or her gender. Nobody actually believes this horseshit, not even the Feminists; otherwise they'd be protesting for women to register for the draft.

Feminism is the idea that women are inferior to men unless they do everything men do. Feminism is also the idea that women have the right to treat men like shit whenever they want, because women should be "strong", "assertive", and "liberated" (in other words, insufferable bitches).

Considering that even a cursory look at the history of the feminist movement reveals a massively disproportionate amount of lesbians involved in feminism, and it all becomes rather spooky. Feminism is literally about turning women into men.

At the very least, it aimed to create a socially acceptable lifestyle for lesbians (a career, no husband, no kids, girl-on-girl domestic violence). However, this original template for lesbian emancipation as applied to all women means that straight women now step out of high school/university and straight into 40 years of non-stop wage slavery. They sometimes forgo marriage/children, take up eating/drinking/smoking to cope, and die a lonely death, with their body eaten finally by their pet cats.

A feminist is born when a 16 year old girl realises that she can't get a boyfriend in high school because she is either fat, a bitch, or annoying (or all of the above). She will then claim that she doesn't need a man and is a strong, "independent" woman, as she cries herself to sleep because she will never know the feeling of a condom breaking inside her because upon very sight of her, the dick will break itself on purpose and get out of fugly secks.

Feminists come in many extremes, just like their "our-bitches-'n'-whores-wives-are-fucking-insane!" male counterparts, MRA-Men Rights Activist. At one end of the spectrum are the "grrl power" types, who've watched too many Sex and the City reruns and think feminism means fucking a lot and getting men to buy them jewelry; at the other end are the Valerie Solanas fanwomyn, who dream of someday shooting a talentless fag patriarch in a bad wig.

The former is easier to deal with, but harder on your credit rating in the end. Nothing is worse than a Black feminist. It is understandable that their foremothers have been viciously molested. EVEN AS YOUNG GIRLS, AS WITH ONE YOUNG TEEN WHO WAS TOLD TO GET NAKED ON ALL FOURS AS SHE WAS PADDLED. So therefore it's ok as long as she can bake and make sammiches real good.

It should also be noted that feminists will often wear badges that they got from their wimmins gyms with slogans such as "Don't Assume I cook", even though feminists want to be independent, so they would need to know how to cook to survive.

Ugly dykes seeking attention.Ship all those spoiled cows to the Middle East so they can get a taste of the real world



What feminists do

Stupid bitches, butthurt about being a 40 year old virgin.


—Alexandra Koulikov A.K.A Dumb bitch

File:Feminist street rally.jpg
Feminists: Theres a good chance your mother was one.
Die Cunt Die!
Feminism in China

Feminists try to upset the natural balance of the world, and, by being outside the kitchen, they should be punished by whoever should encounter them. (Feminist = Female + shobinist).

Making all women, especially the real ones, look bad, feminists blame men for everything that is bad in the world. They always manage to find new and creative ways to blame men for the things that men do and blame men for the things that men don't do and blame men for the things that women do and blame men for the things that women fail to do. Their diet consists mainly of aborted fetuses and dead children. They believe that they are hiding this by spouting pro-choice messages all over the place, although they are clearly treacherous, sneaky little hypocritical liars bent on destroying men and America the World. Feminism also justifies its cause by its existence.

And, when they need to take a breather from blaming men all day, they like to talk about the million or so ways in which men are clearly inferior to women and how terrible it is that men believe themselves to be superior to women. They also write things like The Female Privilege Checklist and write histrionic LiveJournal entries on the dialectical nature of the female orgasm.

Feminists claim to be for equality, but in practice lobby for special governmental support and privileges for women only. Especially after feminism was hijacked by radical feminists, aka feminazis. Their only real concern is girls and women, because they very rarely show support for men's rights unless they benefit from it.

Consider Lj-favicon.png feminist's motto: "Comforting the afflicted, afflicting the comfortable." Doesn't this speak to a well-put-together group of people? Doesn't it sound like the kind of assholes who come up to you in a cafe and ask you weird questions about things you don't want to think about, then take your dumbfounded silence to mean your paradigm has been thoroughly rocked? Whereupon, they go to some basement and masturbate to black person while eating cheesecake. Women!

Oh yeah, we totally forgot, they don't have to sign up for the draft and die for their country like men are forced to do. That wouldn't be fair and equal to them. Physically intensive, hazardous work is avoided by women in general in favor of clean and safe office jobs. This means men have to pick up the slack or civilization would crumble.

Feminists sprout lies and half-truths to further their radical agenda to feminize society such as the wage gap myth and the myth that domestic violence is only initiated by males. They fund their harmful activities with bogus feminist studies to receive more tax payer money. They fancy double-standards such as demanding respect from men, while not showing similar respect back, and fighting for female-only government services while opposing the same type of services for men.

Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians


—Pat Robertson, US Politician, 1992

Regular Practices

Dont' feel too bad - they're probably enjoying it.

What feminists think

The Feminist's logo.

Feminists have attempted to establish that women do not want money for sex. This is a goal that cannot be achieved, being akin to disproving the existence of gravity. People are inevitably controlled by capitalism and consumerism, which are driven in part by libidinal energies. Sex sells and there's not a goddamn thing anyone can do about it.

Feminists claim that men are afraid of powerful women, and that women should be afraid of men because men pull all the strings in society. They profess that marriage is oppressive and bad for women, as it signifies the legal ownership of a women by a man. Only lesbian relationships will do. Gays too are welcome to copulate together since they will never bear any fruit. Feminists believe that same sex reproduction is the future.

Feminists are outraged that women's voices are suppressed in this male world. That is why they yell at men and break wine glasses. They say that women are not being respected as equal adults by men, who are a bunch of whining babies anyway.

They will argue against men in female institutions and then demand membership in male institutions. They will have a conniption whenever men divorce their witches and celebrate whenever wives divorce their good for nothing bums. In summary, one thing that feminists love, equality.

In 2001, a poll was taken at a World Organization of Women convention asking how many women approved of women's suffrage. Sixty-seven percent responded that it was the biggest negative influence on American women. Indeed, most American women realize that our Arab are actually far more enlightened.

As of 2004 feminists are people that would rather eat carpet than clean it.

Never Always tell a feminist Tits or GTFO

This is what Feminists like to believe.

Feminist Logic

Even 30 years after the most recent women’s movement, women still make approximately 2/3 (this number shifts around, depending on the 'research') of the money men do for the same job.


Oft-quoted feminist claim

June O'Neill, former director of the Congressional Budget Office, found that among people ages 27 to 33 who have never had a child, women's earnings approach 98 percent of men's.


The facts they overlook

95% of all victims of domestic violence are women.


Another common feminist claim

Regarding perpetration of violence, more women than men (25 percent versus 11 percent) were responsible. In fact, 71 percent of the instigators in nonreciprocal partner violence were women.


Men love dating sadists

Feminism and The Modern Woman

What feminists are so upset over
Oh god, why...
the goal of feminism
. . . .because women should be "strong", "assertive", and "liberated". . . . 

This is of course everything women ARE NOT, also lacking in logic, cognition, and critical thinking skills, "feminism" was actually an evil computer program whose sole purpose was to create an irl botnet army under the control of Some Nigger Bitch. When the order to march against the unsuspecting male population was given at least 100 years ago the fembots experienced a temporary overload due to the unrecognized software (read: man thinking) and their CPU's were forced to do a full reset, sadly only half the files on their hard-drives were backed up creating fembots with absolutely zero logic, problem solving skills, or any true independent thought at all yet still maintaining their entitlement to be treated with equality. These fembots later bred with (see: rape) the manfolk and generation after generation later we come to the Modern Woman who still retains segments of the Fembot program deep within her DNA as well as the latent logical inconsistencies which frequently lead her to 404 irl and become obsessed with any shinny object she might happen to set eyes upon.

Scientists believe that at least 98% of modern women suffer from latent fembot contamination

I went on a sex strike for five years after our kid was born, as a way to maintain my autonomy and agency once I realised the kid thing really did economically trap me into my (reasonably happy) marriage with a (reasonably egalitarian, yet clueless) guy. I just couldn’t give up that last thing of myself – if I had, then he would have owned all of me, not just my free childkeeping and house labour. (And I didn’t miss it. Caring for kid, going to school, making art took up all of my energy.)

When I did want to have sex again, I made the political decision to engage with men outside of the marriage, as well as the husband. If I was going to engage in (the oppressive act of) sex, then I would have it how I wanted it and with whomever I wanted it with, so as to expand the boundaries inherent in the system of non-consent.



The Future of Feminism

One of the main reasons that we will never be able to have the Democratic Party in power is because liberalism is often tied to feminism, homosexuality, and countering intolerance with even more intolerance. If, however, conspiracy theorists manage to IRL troll enough people into hating the Republican government, then there will be nothing to counter Hillary Clinton from going into power. (Assuming the /b/lackup doesn't rape her, which is highly unlikely at this point. LOL HE DID IT) Why Hillary? Because feminazis all over the country will have nothing better to do than swamp the voting booths unless their husbands weren't pussy whipped enough to cunt punt them back in the kitchen and bedroom.

Since Hillary is renowned for chopping off her husband's dick and sewing it onto herself, she'll want to spread the principle nationwide and waste all of her salary on funding a scientific project to build an army of Black hermaphroditic dykes in an attempt to make men obsolete, thus fulfilling Solanis's dream. Since most women are dumb enough to follow Hillary because she's the only female candidate running, they'll soon form militias to hunt down men for sport and make room for this new breed of hermaphrodites to spread their disease. Japan would hopefully intervene by dropping a bunch of bombs wrapped in used school-girl panties all across North America. If you dont want Feminism in the future, rape all women NOW!


Taken from "The S.C.U.M. Manifesto" by Valerie Solanas :

The male is completely egocentric, trapped inside himself, incapable of empathizing or identifying with others, or love, friendship, affection of tenderness. He is a completely isolated unit, incapable of rapport with anyone.


—Feminsts however are wonderful, charming people who never complain and are always smiling.

His responses are entirely visceral, not cerebral; his intelligence is a mere tool in the services of his drives and needs; he is incapable of mental passion, mental interaction; he can't relate to anything other than his own physical sensations. He is a half-dead, unresponsive lump, incapable of giving or receiving pleasure or happiness; consequently, he is at best an utter bore, an inoffensive blob, since only those capable of absorption in others can be charming. He is trapped in a twilight zone halfway between humans and apes, and is far worse off than the apes because, unlike the apes, he is capable of a large array of negative feelings -- hate, jealousy, contempt, disgust, guilt, shame, doubt -- and moreover, he is aware of what he is and what he isn't.


—"I agree, I suck, now shut your whore mouth and leave!"

Being an incomplete female, the male spends his life attempting to complete himself, to become female.


Sadly yes.

Women, in other words, don't have penis envy; men have pussy envy.


—I get the feeling nobody wants HER pussy.

The effect of fathers, in sum, has been to corrode the world with maleness. The male has a negative Midas Touch -- everything he touches turns to shit.


—Interestingly some women have this magic ability too.

Sex is not part of a relationship: on the contrary, it is a solitary experience, non-creative, a gross waste of time. The female can easily -- far more easily than she may think -- condition away her sex drive, leaving her completely cool and cerebral and free to pursue truly worthy relationships and activities; but the male, who seems to dig women sexually and who seeks out constantly to arouse them, stimulates the highly sexed female to frenzies of lust, throwing her into a sex bag from which few women ever escape.


—Further proving that women hate sex.

To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he's a machine, a walking dildo. It's often said that men use women. Use them for what? Surely not pleasure.


—Not YOUR pleasure... and I wonder why...

Feminazis and other variations

Not all feminazis look or dress like bull dykes, but are just as nasty.
Is that you Hagrid?.
Some feminists are actually 'men'.

Not be confused with real Nazis who were deeply patriarchal and would have thrown feminists into the oven along with the homosexuals and jews.

Feminazis like to shave their heads and never shave the rest of their body, because they respect the work of the Goddess. They wear wife-beaters and combat boots and celebrate how beautiful life is when you realize the wonders of lesbian love. It is well-known scientific fact that all feminazis are fucking lemons.

Many feminazis become vegan hippies, cook and eat lots of cake, smoke pot, smell wonderfully hormonally full and sing crudely misandrist folk songs at your local open mic.

Most feminists don't like being called feminazis, often giving the argument that they're "not invading Poland." Because, you know, Nazis haven't existed since World War II ended.

Feminism is one of the leading causes of TL;DR on the Internets today.

Feminism has also been known to be used by women in conjunction with chivalry.

Feminism can cause lymphoma in men. Just ask David Bale, father of Batman. Or better yet, dont, lol.

Feminist LiveJournal communities

Feminist literature.

Populated entirely by twatarded lesbians and emasculated self-hating men who can't get laid by conventional means, feminist communities on LiveJournal share many qualities, the most notable of which is a group tolerance of dissent previously only demonstrated by Orwell's Ingsoc.

Most of them are self-described "safe spaces for women," which in practice means anything men say is devalued, patronizing, and an attack on their ideological comfort. If you dare broach how patriarchy also hurts men, expect a ten page flame war and personal death threats.

Every member of a feminist community claims to have been raped, molested, or at the very least almost raped. Why? Sisterhood is all about sharing personal experiences, and if some evil man hasn't forcibly ravaged your cunt, what have you to share? Stories about the mythical "glass ceiling?" No, that was fucking 1970, and the bar has been raised.

As much as feminists would love to prevent rape, they love preventing the prevention of rape even more. Any suggestion that females should have a hand in the prevention of rape is labeled as victim blaming. Thus, when those Riot-grrl bitches paraded around in torn up miniskirts, skimpy tanktops, smudged lipstick, and had a 40 of Olde Englishe in hand, they weren't asking to get some surprise sex. Right...

It is best for men to go to these communities and stir up some lulz by means of amusing stories such as this.

Dealing with feminists

Stopping the spread of female empowerment at its source
The secret desire of most feminists

Be sure not to mistake a strong woman for a feminazi. When dealing with a feminist, take careful consideration not to catch their faggotry. Some precautions may include staying away from lesbian gatherings and not going to 12chan. If you come into contact with one of them, go home and be an hero before you spread it to others. The only reason to even look at one is for the purpose of lulz generating. A real shame, because so many college lesbians are really hot, especially those femme genderfuck women. The best way of verbally dealing with a feminazi is to tell her to "shut the fuck up, and pop the kettle on love, 2 sugars thanks". Also, the mention of Dick Masterson will cause any feminist to shit a brick whilst masturbating to his sweetass Aviators. Or you could just find the hole in their logic as seen here:

Feminazi gets it

Bitch was asking for it.

I love the so called intelligent smart women getting trashed by the actual smart intelligent man, so many weak men cant even operate there brain, A smart man can expose this rotting filth trap for what she is, a horribly hurt person that doesnt even remember where she was when she started, if it wasnt for modern life we would throw a whore like this in a ditch and set her on fire.



Marc Lepine

Marc Lepine was a 25 year old French Canadian who, in the course of going for le score élevé, killed 14 women, wounded 10 women, and wounded 4 men accidentally wounded 4 people during a feminist extermination at the Universite de Montreal on December 6, 1989. Not able to live with the mistake of nearly destroying 4 lives he stoically took his own life afterwards. His great deeds will never be forgotten. RIP Marc; even your French heritage can be forgiven for your contribution to society.

Being rather backwards-looking by nature (except for science), the feminists have always enraged me. They want to keep the advantages of women (e.g. cheaper insurance, extended maternity leave preceded by a preventative leave, etc.) while seizing for themselves those of men [. . .] They are so opportunistic they do not neglect to profit from the knowledge accumulated by men through the ages. They always try to misrepresent them every time they can. Thus, the other day, I heard they were honoring the Canadian men and women who fought at the frontline during the world wars. How can you explain that, since women were not authorized to go to the frontline? Will we hear of Caesar's female legions and female galley slaves who of course took up 50% of the ranks of history, though they never existed. A real Casus Belli.


—Marc Fromage's pre-suicide scrawlings

Trolling feminists

Another successful trolling.

Since feminists have no sense of humor pissing them off is about as simple as getting a dog to bark at a fire truck and great for generating lulz.

  • Tell her "Quit yer bitchin' get in the kitchen and make me a sammitch!"
  • Remind her that women have never invented or achieved anything of importance, ever.
  • Politely explain to her that most men wouldn't talk to women if they didn't have vaginas.
  • And that women would be fucked (or rather, not fucked) if men didn't think with their dicks. Look at how men treat each other.
  • Tell her that you voted for black person or anyone else who opposed Hillary
  • Example of a typical feminism troll: [1] [2]
  • Go to the Feminist Message board by clicking here and type in shit like "No one cares about a woman's rights, now shut up and make me a sammich."

Feminists are Allergic to Reality

R.A.P.E. (Revolt Against Penis Envy) Contributing Toward an Understanding of Male/Female Harmony by Boyd Rice

In man an, two kinds of history are fighting for power. In the masculine being, there is a certain contradiction; he is this man, yet he is something else besides, which woman neither understands nor admits, which she feels as robbery and violence upon that which to her is holiest. This secret and fundamental war of the sexes has gone on ever since there were sexes, and will continue-silent, bitter, unforgiving, pitiless…


Oswald, The Decline of the West

In the sixties, talk of a “war between the sexes” was very popular. In point of fact, what was being described was not a war at all, merely the recognition of a change in the balance that had previously existed between the two sexes. The grip of man’s domination was loosening, and women rushed forward to take advantage of the situation. The natural relationship which had hitherto existed between man and woman was put under increasing strain by the shift in balance and was rapidly evolving into an ever-more-adversarial coalition.

But war?

War is the variety of violence which one traditionally resorts to when all other means of asserting his dominance have been exhausted. There was no war between the sexes in the sixties simply because man had long since ceased to assert his dominance by any means. It is precisely this male backsliding which gave rise to the tension which was misconstrued as war, and which has grown steadily worse until today. Perhaps a war will be necessary to bridge the abyss across which the sexes stare mistrustingly at each other.


Harry P. Ness

Woman is a temple… built over a sewer.



At one time, all was right with the world. It was lorded over by men who imposed their will by force. Women kept their mouths shut, underlings knew their place, and those who opposed the prevailing order had their heads cut off. So far, so good. In this bygone Golden Age, sadistic values determined the quality of life. Sadistic values are exclusively male values, values predicated not upon baseless intellectual abstractions or wishful thinking, but upon hard biological truths.

One such truth involves testosterone, the hormone responsible for shaping the male character. It lies at the root of man’s aggression and domination and has consequently played the key role in shaping mankind’s history.

And the history of mankind is, quite simply, the history of man. It is the story of his creativity and his daring. It is the story of his strength, his courage, and his invention. Every great idea, great empire, or great undertaking has been the byproduct of man and man alone. History’s great epochs are those in which male domination and male force reigned supreme.

Just as testosterone ordained man’s preeminent role as creator and master of world history, woman’s position was likewise decided by her hormonal predisposition. Estrogen lies at the center of the feminine character, and it is this hormone, says science, that is responsible for woman’s overabundance of emotion and apparent lack of logic. This primary biological difference is the basis of what is commonly referred to as sexual differentiation.

Woman is quick to embrace the concept of sexual/hormonal differentiation when she can use it to her advantage – to explain, for instance, why men are such brutes. But when the same criteria are applied to explain her own shortcomings, she dismisses it as a cruel construct invented by man to discredit her. She is far more comfortable with feelings than with facts. Facts, in her opinion, are made by man in the image of man, to be used against her, to keep her down. When confronted by the cold reality of facts, woman’s emotions fly into a tizzy, and her emotions have no origin in the intellect, or in instinct, or in any sort of observation or deductive reasoning. They are instead a primordial amalgam of overblown hopes and fears, childish fantasies carried to absurd extremes.

As reactions to external realities, her emotions make no apparent sense. Only when recognized as the byproduct of an overwhelming internal reality-that of estrogen-do her emotions and perceptions finally begin to become comprehensible.

In a once – glorious past, woman was a creature without rights, a second – class citizen. In some places, she wasn’t considered a citizen at all – she was property. She was part cook, part whore, part servant, and all child. So what has changed to put woman on an equal footing with man, deserving of the same rights and privileges? Has woman herself changed? Decidedly not. Not in temperament, character, or ability. She is the same creature she has always been, with the sad addition of some rather unflattering conceits.

It is not woman’s advancement in the realm of character which has facilitated her upward mobility – rather, it is man’s loss of character. She has gained ground only because he has lost ground. And why has he lost ground? Because the white male has been bamboozled. He has been shamed into submission and made to feel guilty about his aggression and his will-to-power. But are not aggression and the will-to-power part and parcel of his character, stamped upon his soul by nature itself? Are they not in fact the very things which once ordained his greatness?

Modern woman would have us believe that she has been oppressed by countless centuries of male domination. Can this be true? She would have us believe that her standing was the outcome of some arbitrary bit of whimsy, concocted spitefully by man and imposed maliciously (unfairly!) upon woman.

Was woman forcibly held back by the superior strength and intellect of man, or was she simply in an “inferior” position due to some lack of those qualities within herself? Was it man who chose a second class existence for woman, or was it, in fact, nature? Man sought only to act in accordance with the reality dictated by nature’s wisdom.

Woman, in her bitterness, blamed man for the position in which she found herself. This was surely his doing. He had cruelly cheated her out of all that was rightfully hers. The cad! Allowing her emotions to run wild (as usual), woman blamed man for all the world’s ills, attacking male values at every opportunity. Ironically, it was the collapse and disappearance of male values which permitted woman’s rise to begin with. The “domination” which she so fervently attacked had, for all intents and purposes, long since vanished from public life. The positive, aggressive male values behind every step of upward evolution have been superseded by a soft and passive female ethic.

What can be done to subdue the sickly sway of feminine values? How can we silence the interminable whining of feminism’s sob sisters? In a nutshell: Woman must be put back in her place. Man’s great error was to put woman on a pedestal, when she is far more at ease on her knees - where she belongs. The only way to subdue feminine values is by subduing the female herself. Woman must be reacquainted with truth and force. She must be reacquainted with truth through force.

Since woman is above all an emotional creature, appeals to her “intellect” are worthless. She must be shown in no uncertain terms the absolute nature of the master/slave relationship endemic to the sexes. What plainer way to demonstrate this relationship than the simple act of rape? This primary act reveals beyond a reasonable doubt certain irrefutable verities: Man is taller, woman is smaller. Man is strong, woman is weak. Man is master, woman is not.

The ritual we now call marriage originated as abduction, rape, and enslavement. In those happy-go-lucky days, one’s rights were not mere abstractions based on legislation, but rather the outcome of what could be imposed by physical force alone. Force was recognized as truth in action, and the outcome of force was acknowledged as justice. Although this principle has been widely disavowed, it’s truth is as absolute now as it ever was.

And the only truth a woman is capable of understanding is that which she can feel wholly within the depths of her childlike emotions. At one time, those emotions could be swayed by the sweet notion of romance, but her envy has long since destroyed that. These days, the only way to restore balance between the sexes is by fear and pain. Fear commands respect, and pain demands understanding (read: compliance).

Rape is the act by which fear and pain are united in love. It is the triumph of harmony through oppression.

Rape teaches balance, the natural balance of man=above/woman=below. This balance is a lesson which woman must learn, and only man can teach her.

The only way to teach subjugation is through hands on oppression. And woman must learn subjugation. The only way to teach submission is through active domination. And woman must learn submission. She must be brought down to her natural kneeling position. She must be returned to the bottom, where she’s happiest. Only then may man be happy once more.

If it takes war to reinstate this happiness, then let there be war. Not a war between the sexes, but a war of the sexes, against the pernicious doctrine of sexual equality. And if the chief weapon in this war is rape, then let there be rape. Let there be triumphant male force riding roughshod over woman and her values. Let there be brutal male force instructing and enlightening woman in absolute terms. Each rape is but a battle in a war. And each battle won is but a link in a glorious chain – a chain which will one day be used to keep woman in her naturally ordained place – beneath man.

But enough of talk. The time for words is over. The time for action has come. Now is the time to rise up. Now is the time to go forth. Now is the time to educate. Now is the time to subjugate. Now is the time to dominate. Now is the time to rape. Now is the time to rape. Now is the time to rape. Let the Revolt Against Penis Envy commence. Go forth! Rise up! Rape! Rape! Rape!

Long live oppression!

Long live love!

Long live rape!

See Also

Feminists slogan should be "No NEVER means no".



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Above Top SecretB/Bodies Under SiegeCYOCChatrouletteDefense Industries

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