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Imgur (pronounced "IMAGE-er", imgasp, imgag or Imfur) is a brown stain on the white sheets of earth created by the "Neckbearded Nickleback Fandom League" in order to store their ever-growing cache of dankmeme.jpegs, child porn, and pics of their Mountain Dew can towers.

Imgure meme1.jpg

The supposed post that started it all

Imgur Peter Griffin.gif

. They claim to be home of the most viral images on the Internet (meaning the most contaminated by AIDS), but in fact never in our wildest dreams we could have expected the internet to produce a failed cancer protuberance like these otakus attempting to do worse than Reddit and succeeding at it.

The idea of Imgur germinated in the diseased brain of some Redditors that complained they couldn't host enough of their CP or do it fast enough or anonymously on Reddit. Rumors are also that Imfur is just a shameful scheme designed to allow the child molesters at Reddit to double their Jewgold by secretly linking to an external website they would themselves own at the same time it would reach the Alexa top 100, thanks to their website visibility.

Under the innocent guise of being a straightforward drag-and-drop image hosting site, Imgur inadvertently became Tumblr 2.0. SJWs and dads everywhere finally have a website to show their shitty "FWD" memes and cry about overcoming "social injustices" for fake internet points.

No OC has ever, EVER come from this hell hole, and Dickbutt is the reigning shitlord of Imgur. (No joke, that's how shitty it is). It's also a furfag dumping ground for tons of their animal porn.

There's not much to do on the website, except going back and forth between your profile where you get to see how much USI you collected or the main page that processes a parade of cosplay pics, furfags art, attention whores being told tits or GTFO and cute pictures accompanied by comments such as, 'seriously I always upvote pictures of penguin, 'admin approved' or 'way to go tiger'.

Meme Maker

Imgur meme2.png
Imgur meme3.png

Being the great people they are, Imgur decided to allow a free meme maker program for anyone who is retarded enough to not know how to use photoshop.Its simply you just upload an image, ANY image, and then add text to the top and to the bottom (Which is probably bullshit but we will get to that later), and boom. You got your meme. That's what you get for being too Jewish to buy photoshop.

The Community

As Imgur is basically the next town to Reddit, many neckbeards will frolic here so they can get more upvotes and feel very accomplished about being popular on the internet. They call themselves "Imgurians" (so nobody can suspect they're Redditors) and they're attempting to separate themselves from Reddit as they don't want to be associated with Bronies and weeaboo fags.

How to piss off the community

The Imgur community are extremely biased towards certain works of art or ideologies and will try to defend them even if they have their flaws, so don't try to criticize with them unless you want to do it for the lulz.


When browsing through imgur the content you will find would be divided as follows:

  • 0.025% good pictures
  • 0.175% selfies
  • 0.5% cats
  • 0.3% pics of fat chicks
  • 1% pr0n
  • 98% Child Porn

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