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Steve Job's surrendering to the awesome computing power of the Voyager at WWDC 2008.

Killer, a suffix used mostly by douchebag technophiles and bloggers, is usually used to describe electronics and how they are going to "kill" the competition. This more than 92% of the time turns out to be the shittiest product with the largest hype imaginable. This means that the suffix "killer" is synonymous with crap.

Back in the day, killer was also used to describe apps. As in: "Dude, Telnet is a killer app."


File:IPhone Killer.png
RIP Nevar forget
  • The LG Voyager, a dumbphone that only runs on BREW (The poor man's JAVA) was dubbed the iPhone-killer before it's release, however it turned out to be the biggest piece of shit phone since the iPhone itself (Meaning that it was such a POS that it made the iPhone look good.). With no storage, a terrible browser, no multitouch screen and most importantly no App Store, Verizon really screwed the pooch on that one.
  • Facebook was supposed to be the MySpace killer, oh wait, guess they are in the 8%. MySpace sucks.
  • 'Google Plus is said to be the next Facebook killer, but Facebook updated their website when google+ launched thus canceling out anything google plus improved

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