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Article of the Now
DCrisisBeta - Creepo Art - 05.jpg

Dcrisisbeta, aka Crisis, aka Fernando is a batshit insane "artist" who spends an inordinate amount of time drawing nothing but small children, very often naked and/or in situations involving the children being scared, humiliated, hurt, upset, terrorized and of course... kidnapped and mutilated.

Aside from the naked children with super high resolution genitals in ultra fine detail that Fernando enjoys drawing so much he also occasionally finds the time to churn out especially horrifying renditions of his "characters", or at least what we all hope are his "characters" and not like actual children he may have raped, murdered and mutilated.

Additionally disturbing is the comments he adds to these pictures, which very often convey a sense of underlying guilt that's continually nagging at him like a dead child's still beating heart stuffed into a sack and buried under his house.

What have I missed?
DeAndre Harris
2 days ago
Rick and Morty
4 days ago
Melinda Lyons-Marquez
6 days ago
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