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Article of the Now

Where do we even begin when trying to describe Jerry Peet? Would you find it hard to believe that a YouTuber who uploaded homebrew fan videos about bestiality and incest also invented an imaginary girlfriend - and thought it would endear his fake romance to his subscribers if he made that imaginary girlfriend a pedophile? If you found that hard to stomach, would you be surprised to learn that this individual also created vidja gayms featuring My Little Pony snuff porn in the hope of finding like-minded enthusiasts? And if that boggled your mind, would you experience any psychological discomfort if this person made homosexual overtures towards his BFF by performing a striptease on Skype, only to get rebuffed and then threaten to beat up that BFF's wife in retaliation? Well, if we told you all that, we still wouldn't have begun to try to describe this person. Fortunately, he proved that it was all true by trying to delete the article about him, bit-by-bit in the hopes that we wouldn't notice. Big mistake, Jerry!

What have I missed?
2 days ago
Valerie Plame
4 days ago
6 days ago
Thread of the Now

Lolgo.png Sleepykinq

Someone comes to EDF to try to get us to troll someone. Predictably, we prefer to troll him.

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Quote of the Now
I think AI will manifest first as thot bots. and its only natural since the internet was evolved from porn


—Weezus Christ, on Facebook spam bots