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Joss Whedon is a fat excuse for a director who, with a combination of plagiarism, woman-hating and pandering to pathetic nerds, was able to build a successful career in spite of multiple failures and no talent, before abruptly turning into a fedora wearing, propaganda spewing, subservient hyper-feminist who spends his time sucking up to irrelevant internet celebrities in hopes that they will let him forget the fact that everything he has ever produced contains half-dressed bitches and whores, and that his most favorite character that he ever created would threaten to punish women by raping them.

In fact, quite a lot of Whedon's productions contain rape. Besides the aforementioned character in Firefly, another one of his shows contains multiple rapes and, if you think this is all in his past, you should know that, even before the movie came out, the trailers for the recent Age of Ultron (which SJWs are already calling sexist) already contained a subtle rape joke. So it's safe to assume that Whedon's obsession with feminism is probably the result of guilt over having some kind of rape fetish.

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