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Article of the Now
Gun control works3.jpg

Gun control (or guh control if you're a YouTube Favicon.png nigger) is the act of restricting guns to only one type of person. Such as in the instance of the Virginia Tech massacre, gun control is used as a scapegoat issue. If you own a gun, it will kill your children, even if you go to church. Keeping guns away from your family will solve all your problems.

Crackers on average have the best gun control skills. Azns, however are quickly catching up. Niggers and spics have virtually no gun control skills at all, because they hold the fucking gun sideways. They use the quantity not quality principle, expending copious amounts of ammunition while shooting down everyone but their intended target before finally just beating him to death. Pwning in Halo does not mean you have good gun control skillz, that's a tiny little joystick you're using for the game.

After an hero named Adam Lanza released all the RAAAAGGGGEEE he had inside by successfully causing a massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School and killing 20 puny little first-graders, 6 staff members, his mom and himself, it created a lulz-ticking bomb upon Americunt and made the entire nation BAWWWWW as well as making Black Jesus deciding to try establishing gun control as his butthurt reaction. Apparently, Black Jesus thought that making guns illegal would make crime stop and was too fucking brain-raped to remember the 2nd amendment. Then when many people brought it up he's still trying too hard to establish gun control by making guns only for the Jews. Before this ever happened, gun control was just a hole in your ass.

What have I missed?
2 days ago
Marjory Stoneman Douglas School Shooting
4 days ago
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