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Jennifer Marie Baquing (a.k.a. Jee Jing, shelovesdresses, therealjennybeeee, secretbearclub, misandrybichon, Kim Jong Jew and Cha-Ching!) is a 30-year-old Azn-Americunt photographer, fashion designer, overpriced call girl, self-proclaimed "disabled emo queer" and modern-day Robin Hood who believes that capitalism should be replaced with a system where the evil white man is obliged to make monthly payments to "Women of Colour" and other "marginalized" individuals to help dismantle America's systems of Patriarchy and White Supremacy.

On August 11, 2017, following years of begging for money on the internet and pushing her extremely capitalist alternative to capitalism, Jennifer began claiming that a poor, white, leftist, reiki healer man had somehow managed to rape her so brutally that her muscles were covered in scar tissue and her bones were damaged. Rather than report this rape to the police, however, Jennifer instead decided to start a blog where she would whine about how she was in constant pain and then returned to begging people on the internet to donate money directly into her new crowdfunding campaign so she could afford to move into a new house, smoke lots of weed and wouldn't have to resort to killing herself.

Despite never offering any evidence to back up her claims, constantly harassing and insulting the very people who were actually giving her money, and repeatedly threatening that she would commit suicide if she didn't get enough money; Jenny still managed to raise over $30,000 by merely claiming to be a rape victim on the internets before her YouCaring campaign was abruptly shut down on March 14, 2018.

What have I missed?
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Count Dankula being found guilty by the UK government, #FreeDankula

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