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Anita Sarkeesian, is a sexist feminazi bitch and "pop culture critic" with whore earrings who complains about shit nobody cares about on her site and on Jewtube with about how women in America are oppressed because video games sometimes don't stop you from killing female NPCs. She is most known for scamming $140,000 out of her predominately male audience for videos she was making for free anyway and then never making them, stealing art from other women and then telling them to fuck off when they demand money, and most recently, sending death threats to herself to combat her rapidly declining pageview count.

What have I missed?
Ramadan Van Man
2 days ago
Renee Bracey Sherman
4 days ago
6 days ago

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Someone has filed a lolsuit against ED. We need shekels to defend the motherland.

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Finally, he's dead. I heard the impact. Now the problem is gone, I must think what needs to be done to Futtaim. It will be slow so that they won't notice that am using my government position to destroy her family. Oh Futtaim if you had accepted my love! Argh... comfort!


Shaikh Doctor Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi.

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