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FLCL popularly known as First Love Counts Little, Fuck, Love, Cum, Leave or Foreplay leaves cunnies leaking is an animu that is currently popular with the rush to Taco Bell at 1:30 am for munchies trendy fucker crowd that worships and hails anything from that anything goes country of 🇯🇵Japan🇯🇵 where girls start waxing their privates, at the behest of their fathers, when he catches sight of their first pube, start wearing silky bras and lingerie at first site of nip and also demand that they start throwing up at the age of 12 so that they can never be called fat for being a size 2.

FLCL is meant to be a coming of age anime where Naoto loses his virginity to a much more experienced and older Haruko instead of of Mamimi who thinks getting off includes biting earlobes.

The story is one about Naoto, who is thrown into an adult relation. against his will, with Haruko because, penis Joke🤣, he gets a 12 inch erection squirting out of his head everytime Haruko hits him with her bass guitar.

Ignoring all the penis jokes, sex jokes and debauchery it is simply about Naoto accepting that he is as sexually desirable and wanted as his older brother, not because he's good at sports, like his brother, but because he has a porn sized cock that makes all the ladies noses bleed when they get a look at it.

In English literature, it is the au pair story where a younger boy is taught in the ways of sex, romance and heart break by his much older maid or servant that is living in their house.

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I just did it as a prank. I didn’t think he could possibly die from that.


Japan's crimewave of deadly air-compressor anal assaults continues

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