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Pulse Nightclub Massacre

Pulse nightclub shooting omar mateen orlando bodies.jpg

After a stale year lacking any notable an heroes or rampage killers, 29-year-old Americunt badass Omar Mir Seddique, a.k.a Omar Mateen, rose to the occassion and went for the High Score. He did this by hastily buying himself two guns and teaching those filthy fucking faggots a lesson by turning the Pulse Gay Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, into a bloodbath where the fags catch bullets instead of AIDS. He trained for his upcoming massacre by playing Kill The Faggot for hours on end, because video games can help train you to kill. He proved once and for all to the fudge packers that safe spaces are a total facade. 49 dead poo-stabbing degenerate sinners later, and he has shot his way into the history books with the deadliest mass shooting in American history until the 2017 Las Vegas Shooting, and caused a Category 5 Shitstorm for the glory of Allah and for great justice. After a while, numerous investigations revealed that Omar had an extensive history of practicing homosexuality throughout his life.

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remember when the physically disabled trans woman who "worked" for you actually became homeless as a direct result of supporting you? and how it's been four years now, and she still hasn't fully recovered, and you couldn't be bothered to at least give her some lunch money?


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