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Article of the Now

Shoe0nhead bald.jpg

Shoe0nHead (AKA June Nicole La Porta or "Lapine" because it's French for bunny and she's so soft and cute uwu) is another 26 year old failed film student and S&M fetishist that still lives with her parents, after having dropped out and given up on filmmaking due to having zero talent, and is now unemployed and getting by on handouts from losers on youtube.

Prior to this, she spent nearly 8 years desperately trying to become internet famous by whoring for the attention of horny virgins online and posting nudes on 4chan, before stumbling onto a community of boxxy stalkers whose userbase worshiped at her feet, while she acted as their cum-rag by being a full-time boxxy's lookalike, until they stole her nudes and she left.

She then had another one of her orbiters create as a honeypot to obsessively stalk people who gossiped about her for over a year, then changed her entire personality again and disappeared for a year, reemerging during GamerGate to finally find "success" in the form of an audience of fedora-wearing MRAs that cream their pants at the idea of a cute-ish girl (they don't know she's bald) who hates feminism, even if she hasn't made a single intelligent argument in any of her videos (even by YT skeptic's standards).

Today June continues to waste her life, making 1 video every 2 months in the lowest possible quality, as she laughs at how pathetic her fanbase is, sells them out to a company that used them as practice targets for a self-teaching censorship bot, harasses mentally disabled people on twitter, blocks anyone who disagrees with her and plans to marry a 33 year old, morbidly obese, manchild divorcee and youtuber, who cheated on his wife with her (and like 10 other girls), and who she cheated on her boyfriend with, who now openly cheats on her as well, as her fans continue to jerk off while thinking about her and then pay her to cuck them with some other guy, that then cucks her in return.

What have I missed?
Armored Skeptic
2 days ago
Mo Brooks
4 days ago
6 days ago

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Thread of the Now

Lolgo.png Bad Webcomics Wiki

Euphoric atheist makes an article saying a website and its users are gay compared to ED. The site is run by an ED admin.

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