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Coolest Monkey in the Jungle (Powerword: Liam Mango) is a 5-year-old Kenyan child model living in Stockholm, Sweden, whose family became the latest victim of angry white libturds, SJW feminazis, Rachel Dolezal and the entire black population of South Africa after he modeled a kewl green hoodie with the text "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" for H&M clothing's online store in January of 2018.

Believing that black people look like monkeys, the usual upper-middle-class white liberal millennials in the social justice realm immediately realized that the hoodie was highly problematic and began bitching at H&M with their usual unintelligible babble about "racism" that didn't actually exist. Wanting to avoid being brutally lynched like a black man in the 1800s, H&M quickly caved into the demands of the social justice terrorists and removed the hoodie and the ad for it from their site. Unfortunately, when word finally reached South Africa via dial-up several days later, the local H&M store became the site for an epic reenactment of Planet of the Apes that replaced all of the intelligent monkeys with retarded black people.

Unfortunately for liberal whitey, a strong woman of colour would soon stand up to inform them that they are all fucking retarded. Enter Terry Mango, the mother of Liam Mango and the most uncucked and redpilled person in all of Sweden. Terry informed the buttmad SJW crybabies of the internet that she had let her son model the hoodie and that black children are allowed to like monkeys just like white children are allowed to like never getting laid, shooting up their school and getting owned by a little old lady with a fucking couch.

What have I missed?
2 days ago
4 days ago
Logan Paul
6 days ago

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Last week an 11-year-old girl alleged that a man attempted to cut off her hijab on her way to school. After a detailed investigation, Toronto Police have determined that the events described in the original news release did not happen.


This is what happens when children are taught to victimize themselves.

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