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In 2013, Rebecca Sugar abandoned Adventure Time to pander to the immense cesspit of basement-dwelling feminazis plaguing Tumblr with the anime ripoff that is Steven Universe.

Steven Universe is a very anime-inspired cartoon, which shouldn't be acceptable for a Western kids show since all anime is invariably pornographic. Like Adventure Time, Steven Universe has no actual over-arcing storyline, only the illusion of one.

Cartoon Network realized that since they were airing Johnny Test and never-ending Teen Titans Go! reruns two-thirds of the day (The other one-third going to Adult Swim), they REALLY needed something new, ANYTHING new. Rebecca Sugar caught onto the fact that CN now had two brain cells to rub together and suggested a fantasy 2DEEP4U show that attempted to trick otakus into thinking that Western cartoons are any match for anime.

For all its attempts at being anime no-one ever brings up the obvious. With all his training and running around the universe fighting evil, Steven has yet to lose a pound and remains a fat minded retard that obsesses about food. In Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, the main character Kenichi actually puts on muscle through the anime. If this were the lazy work of Steven Universe, Kenichi would have remained a skinny bitch in every episode. It's called character growth. Quit trying to sell a world to fatties where fatties are capable of walking up more than 2 stairs without having to take a candy break.

The only reason anyone should watch this dog shit of a cartoon is to see how NOT to write a "deep" kids show and interact/pander to a retard fanbase.

What have I missed?
Poppy Fascism
2 days ago
4 days ago
Horizon: Zero Dawn
6 days ago

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Lolgo.png i dont wanna go to prison

17 year old lolcow on the forum commits identity fraud. Forum users report him to the FBI to watch him freak out.

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—Ryan Cummings XXX, on being a degenerate faggotArchive today-ico.png (archive)

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