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Waco (moar like Wacko, amirite?) was the largest and most famous Texas BBQ in recorded history. On February 28th, 1993, the small town of Waco, Texas was host to the Waco Siege, a BBQ of epic proportions, when the compound of the Christian Branch Davidian cult got utterly raped by a combined ATF/FBI raid, led by US Attorney General and part-time male impersonator Janet Reno. The raid was done to troll batshit insane leader David Koresh into giving up his guns and freedom, and according to some, purely for the lulz.

This epic troll move resulted in hours upon hours of quality TV entertainment and of such a spectacle (long before the true rise of the intertubes and when TV wasn't shit for the most part), and ended with the permaban of 4 raiding fedpigs, 87 true believers (including 25 children and 2 fetuses) and Koresh himself, after an epic 51-day raid.

Ironically, the 'official' pretext for the raid was to prevent another Jonestown where over 900 true believers would self pwnt themselves. The mission was a complete success. The FBI was successful in stopping anyone from committing suicide. By murdering them first. God bless the USA.

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Lolgo.png I'm about to be expelled from uni....Diaper Dumpster

Onideus hijacks Dropdatwat's thread, only for users to discover how much of a sick fuck pedo he was allowed to be under the protection of Zaiger. We are still cleaning his mess up.

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If there would not have been a Waco, I would have put down roots somewhere and not been so unsettled with the fact that my government … was a threat to me. Everything that Waco implies was on the forefront of my thoughts. That sort of guided my path for the next couple of years.


—Timothy McVeigh

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