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Antifa (short for Autistiche "Arsecheek" Aktion) are a bunch of kike cocksuckers endemic to Germany and the surrounding areas, which quickly spread their autistic disease to wherever one can find over-reacting purple-haired leftists. Naturally they found a foothold within the George Soros-funded political groups inside of the United States of America, such as Black Lives Matter and By Any Means Necessary.

Antifags think it is their moral obligation to physically assault anyone who is not as far left on the political spectrum as Che Guevara or Joseph Stalin. Basically, they're longhaired faggots who use the constant battle against "fascism" as an excuse to indulge in their violent urges. They see themselves as the last bastion of humanity, fighting against so-called Nazi oppression and the pigs who won't let them spend all their days smoking weed in houses they have occupied for the people.

Their pastimes include the following wholesome activities: Throwing rocks, shit and their own urine at innocent bystanders, playing with infantile objects like "adult/stress-reliever" coloring books, being cucks, hating America, watching children's shows, while pretending it's the same thing as reading Marxist literature, attacking innocent civilians by punching random people, and generally being useless fucks.

What have I missed?
Zoe Quinn
2 days ago
4 days ago
6 days ago

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Lolgo.png Can we get rid of all of these new people?

The closure of a redboard results in a caravan of undocumented newfags wandering into EDF.

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I was reading more about ChrisChan. This has to be the most extensive and elaborate troll I have ever come across. Dang, I wish I had known about this board. Instead, I wasted my time going to college and getting a job.


Lolgo.png New EDF user after discovering Chris-chan

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